The Last Kind Words review by DevilDriver

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  • Released: Jun 18, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (46 votes)
DevilDriver: The Last Kind Words

Sound — 9
DevilDriver has always been a favorite metal band of mine since they debuted, and each album they always seem to mature (in a good way) and grow musically. The Last Kind Words is no exception to this. This is a great album, and by far their most well thought out, artistic album they've ever put out. The story behind the album is the struggle of being human. Above beast, but below higher beings. Life is pain, and this album really helps illustrate it. DevilDriver matured a lot on this record, even more than their sophomore effort. Guitar solos are more plentiful and more complex and the guitars and drums are even more powerful than the other albums if that's even possible. It's hard for some artists to stay angry album after album, but Dez and his bandmates have plenty to yell and scream about without sounding boring or stale. Lots of melody in this album also, with some lighter pieces found in the intros and outros of some songs.

Lyrics — 7
Despite the power of the music itself, the lyrics actually manage to impress compared to some of their earlier songs. I've never known Dez to be amazing with his lyrics, but along with the music, his writings talens have grown and developed. It gets a 7 for being better than the last two albums.

Overall Impression — 9
So far my favorite song on the album is Head On To Heartache (Let Them Rot). It's very powerful in every sense of the word and reminds me of their older material in a way. Every song on the album is great, and were it not for the silences in between each song, the album could easily be one big song. So far not too many riffs have really "caught me" like in the past couple albums, although I've only listened to it one and a half times through. I do love the album, and I think it's going to take a few spins before I find all of my favorite songs. But until I find them, there's more than enough to keep me interested. This CD completes my DevilDriver collection and if I ever lost it, I'd immediately get another copy. This is DevilDriver were talking about. They haven't made a bad album yet and I don't expect them to.

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    It's an amazing Album. I can't that guy gave them a 7 for Lyrics, because they're really good for a Death Metal band. They actually have meaning besides chopping someone up and eating their soul, which isn't bad though.
    holy **** what an a blues guy now primarily..but honestly..album rips...
    Am I the only one here who doesn't really like this? The production is way overdone, they sound too smooth instead of that raw and crunchy sound they had on the last album. Also, way too many harmonies and melody. I really like their older stuff, but this album reminds me of Misery Signals if they stopped caring. Just my opinion I guess, I'll give it a few more listens.
    one of the best metal albums this year please come to aus!