Physicist Review

artist: Devin Townsend date: 11/29/2010 category: compact discs
Devin Townsend: Physicist
Released: Jun 26, 2000
Genre: Progressive metal
Label: HevyDevy Records
Number Of Tracks: 11
As his 3rd album, its unfortunate its not the best in the catalog, Devin also stated that this his worst album to date.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
Physicist Reviewed by: jg928, on november 29, 2010
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Sound: 2000 was a year that reinvented the music scene and the way of living. Many albums came out that became smash hits and had #1 Singles and had mega radio and video play, but of course there are albums that are so good and so bad they slip under the radar, and Devin Townsend's Physicist is no exception. As Devin's 3rd Solo album, Physicist has quite a story to it. Jason Newsted, from metal giant Metallica, collaborates on the demo tape for the project IR8, the group was gonna create an album that was "Heavier than Strapping Young Lad." But Due to Newsted's band mates finding out about the project, he was prevented from working with IR8. So Devin wrote the album himself and recruited members from Strapping Young Lad, including Gene Hoglan on Drums, Byron Stroud on Bass, and Jed Simon on guitar. I popped this in and sat and waited for the album to load, ideas swirled in my head if this was gonna sound like another Biomech, or Infinity, and within a snap, my thinking changed. The guitars sound heavy, the drums sound more powerful and the bass, is always Byron's bass, and Devin's Voice Sounds greater than ever. Devin's formula is present here as on any of his other albums, but the formula has been changed to meet more heavy and chaotic of Strapping Young Lad, but simple as a regular Devin Townsend record. // 9

Lyrics: Physicist has 11 tracks and every track is solid, some a little more than others. The most memorable tracks on this album have to be Namaste, and Kingdom, but there are the songs that satisfy every one's taste, Personally I think my favorite tracks have to be Namaste, Kingdom, Death. To start off the album, Namaste is a very lovely chaotic song that has everything a metal head needs to head bang, but the lyrics are pretty weak, a little deep meaning to it, but overall Namaste is a good song. Kingdom is a song that has a real awesome grove aspect to it. #1 memorable song on the album. Lyrics on this song are very catchy and will get you singing by the 2nd chorus rolls around. When devin plays this song live, he likes to call Kingdom a Love song, and it sure sounds like a great metal love song. Death is very, unexplainable metal song, Lyrics are hard to understand and kind of lead no where. Now what makes this song memorable is the level of aggression and brutality it gives, Gene Hoglan, throws one of the craziest drum tracks as Devin, Jed and Byron try to keep up with him, but there is no stopping the Atomic Clock. In honesty, the lyrics to the album are solid to very solid. Unfortunately, thats the best they can be, a good Devin Townsend album, but sadly not the best. // 8

Overall Impression: As his 3rd album, its unfortunate its not the best in the catalog, Devin also stated that this his worst album to date. The muddy production and the lyrics that lead no wear drive an album that had super potential just comes up short. I love this album for the music, the drums and guitars are brutal and provide instant headbanging for everyone willing to take this album in. The problem with this album is that this album a great listen, but if your worried about lyrics and stories in them, its not really gonna happen in this album. Hardcore Metalheads would enjoy it for its brutal drums and guitars, and the vocals are top notch like always. Devin Townsend fans would love its creativeness. All in all this album is a great addition to his catalog, but also the weakest. // 8

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