Terria review by Devin Townsend

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  • Released: Nov 6, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (23 votes)
Devin Townsend: Terria

Sound — 10
Devin Townsend albums are notorious for their aggressive power, extreme emotion, deep intricate metaphors and timeless beautiful songs. I've found that of the three Devin Townsend albums I own (I also own 'Accelerated Evolution' and 'Biomech') Terria is truly a triumph for him. Listening to songs like 'Earth Day' and 'Canada' let you truly feel what he felt when writing the songs, and experience what mental images and messages he wanted to put across. The songs really paint the picture, and convey the emotion and atmosphere fantastically. Production-wise, the sound is nothing short of powerful. Devin has the rare ability to write songs that are 'simple' on a technical basis (except for 'Deep Peace') and have the vocal, synth and guitar layers making the song what it is. The drums sound awesome too, and everything else is crisp and clear.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics as I mentioned above, have many, many complicated layers of metaphors just by using very simple phrasing (and it's also entertaining for the lyric reader who doesn't search for hidden meanings and poetic technique). An example is the opening song 'Olives': "Come in/Right this way/Sit down/Martini?/stir your drink?/Olive?" That's all there is to the song for lyrics. I'm not certain that Devin meant to hide all these different levels of meaning, but I see it as: the contradiction between somebody telling them what to do half the time, and then asking them what to do for the other half; how people in a new age hierarchy wait upon other people and live to serve them; (literal term) welcoming the listener to the rest of the album. These can go on. Devin's singing is excellent. He can do any voice he wants to. His vocal harmonies in 'Earth Day', 'Mountain' and 'Deep Peace' are phenomenal. You really have to hear it to know what I mean.

Overall Impression — 10
While writing this review, I'm advised to be critical, not to give superficial, glowing reviews. To be honest, there is absolutely nothing I can say about this album negatively. It is progressive metal, so a few mainstream listeners may find it a bit farfetched and weird, but this is exactly how I want my music done, as creative and in-depth as possible, beside being very catchy yet simple, and carrying true emotion throughout (without the whingey, screamy emo method). If you are looking for innovative, creative metal, and have money to buy an album, this should be it. If you don't have money to buy the album, Devin Townsend has a Myspace page where you can listen to 'Canada' and hear what I mean. The only thing I hate about this album, is that I can't write stuff like this.

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    BEST. ALBUM. EVER. "Earth Day" is my new birthday song (March 21, also International Earth Day)