Epicloud review by Devin Townsend Project

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  • Released: Sep 18, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (55 votes)
Devin Townsend Project: Epicloud

Sound — 9
The blending and sound effects that Devy is famous for cuts no corners here. Anneke is on this album again, and once again, she doesn't take away from the album. It has a very upbeat (and almost spiritual) feeling to it. Devin said he wanted this album to be a commercial hit, and for him, I think he achieved it. It's pretty easy to the ears so newcomers can enjoy. But there's PLENTY of the original Devy here to satisfy long time listeners.

Lyrics — 9
If you know Devy then you know he's a pretty comical guy. Saying that, it's always in his music ("Ziltoid", "Deconstruction", etc.). Now there's not so much comedy, but overall it still has a positive vibe to it. His use of choirs mixed with his questionable lyrics make for a unique experience. He still shows his soft side in songs like "Where We Belong", "Lessons", "Save Our Now", and "Hold On". But at the same time he reminds you he's Devin Townsend in songs like "Kingdom" and "Grace".

Overall Impression — 10
Now if you're a Devin Townsend fan, then you already know what to expect. Now add more to your expectations. This is Devin's biggest hit yet. This commercial sounding album is bound to get him more followers. With the help of Anneke and the Choir, Devin achieves limits that you would have never thought possible for him. His awesome use of layering, track leaking (when he makes it sound like one continuous song), and psychedelic riffs and structures have you hitting rewind and going back to almost every song. From the hook in "Liberation", to the intro in "Grace", "Epicloud" will leave you with a boondoggled face while banging your head like a retarded tiger all the way through the album.

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    The album is great, but the bonus disc (Epiclouder) is definitely better.
    Personally I was a little disappointed with this album. lots of flashy production and nice performances by all the musicians, especially Devin, but I think his writing is a little boring here. I get that he was trying to be more conventional and simple in the name of RAWK!!! but he's at his best when he's being a little crazier. i feel like i've heard a lot of these riffs before, even if i haven't, because Epicloud as a whole sounds like a rehash of styles he's covered in the past. A couple of the songs drag significantly for me (especially the last two) and Lucky Animals is just a bit TOO cornball for my liking. i do really like More! and Liberation, though. the new Kingdom is nicely done as well, the new production does the song much better justice than physicist did. and the bonus disc of "demos" is awesome too! there are some comparatively bizarre songs on there, as well as some really catchy, memorable tunes.
    That recording of Kingdom blows the Physicist one out of the water. This entire record is justified just by that one song.
    Its epic and its loud, but actually not the best thing Devin's released. Most of the riffs he's already recorded from other songs and some of the songs dont quite work as they should do, the Kingdom re-record is excellent though and the production is, as always, fantastic.
    You probably need to listen to it more.. I hated Addicted! when it first came out, but nowadays it's probably the one i listen to the most.
    I actually thought the production on this album was the worst thing about this album by far. It's actually ruined the whole album for me because although one or two songs fall flat, most are blinders, but I just cant enjoy them because it all sounds so flat and that's really not like a devin album at all. His production level is normally so high, all I can think is something must have gone wrong in the mastering or something? Such a shame.
    The album is made by the second disc that comes with the deluxe edition, the album is great but it is nothing new really compared to stuff Devin had done before.
    Shor-T Zero
    This review sure did feature the word "commercial" a lot. It was a good album, though I find myself only listening to a few songs. The ones I do, though, are goddamn great. "Liberation", "Where We Belong", "Grace" (especially), "More!" and of course the re-done Kingdom. I kind of wish he had some some of the vocals in "Kingdom" like he did in the "By A Thread" live DVD. Go watch that, him belting the lyrics at about 53 seconds in is inspiring.
    I listened to a couple of songs but didn't like it at all. One was an over melodic club anthem sounding thing and another was a pretty awful wacky song about a monkey. I'll give the album a listen to though because I like Townsend.
    If you mean 'Lucky Animals' the line goes 'Animals, animals, am I lucky'.
    I honestly couldn't get into it like I could for Ghost or Deconstruction, but I'm glad people like it.
    His most accessible album. While it is not his "best" or brilliant album it is great for introducing people to Devin Townsend who would find Terria or Deconstruction to overwhelming. Great gateway album that has some really fun moments, even if it is not his most genius album.
    I picked this up on release day and was very pleased by it. Not as good as Addicted!, but that's just because I like that album soooo much. The gospel choir bit was ok, but I've never been too much of a fan of those. Anneke. Any album featuring Anneke Van Giersbergen becomes better for it. Her voice is just so... I don't know how to put it... Pure, expressive, unbound, BEAUTIFUL! Yes, Devin re-used a few riffs on this album. Listen to his other stuff, and you'll hear some of that. All in all, a very good album by dtP. A dozen listens later and I'm still digging it.