Internal Revolution Review

artist: Diecast date: 12/23/2006 category: compact discs
Diecast: Internal Revolution
Release Date: Sep 19, 2006
Label: Century Media
Genres: Alternative Metal
Number Of Tracks: 11
Where Internal Revolution is concerned, that path remains at least partly covered in shadow, with flashes of brilliance piercing through.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Internal Revolution Reviewed by: blood_r3ign, on december 23, 2006
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Sound: These guys never seem to stop amazing me. After their last album, Tearing Down Your Blue Skies, I thought that their peak and that they could not possibly get any better than that or that they can produce another great sounding album again. Guess I was wrong. Starting the album with the heavy song, Internal Revolution, and ending it with the somewhat power ballad, The Coldest Rain, they show their diversity in this album. Their riffs, guitar harmonics, bass lines and drum rudiments just amazed me. I thought that the departure of Jason that things would no longer be the same, but Dennis proved that he was well capable of writing complex and well driven grooves, playing a lot of 16th notes. Another thing that amazed me was how they retained their hardcore vibes even though clearly Jon and Kirk have added more progressive feels and harmonics to the riffs. Like I said before, Diecast never seems to let me down at all. // 10

Lyrics: I really don't know what's going on in Paul's life. I really don't know what would make him write lyrics like he did on this album. Actually quote lyrics from the album, the song Out Of Reach, "I'm sifting through the sands again to find the meaning/Why is it so hard to find the wisdom that eludes/I'm sifting through the sands again to find the meaning/Am I ever going to find the solution that escapes me." I'm sorry but I honestly didn't expect to hear that from Paul. I was more anticipating more lyrics like, "Fortify your confidence and your opponent will be living in failure, failure Failure, failure," that's from Rise and Oppose from their Tearing Down Your Blue Skies. But I'm not disappointed at all. Actually I quite enjoyed the lyrics. The lyrical content of majority of the songs were words I could relate to. This just goes to show Paul's diversity and skills. And trust me, he is very skilled. // 9

Overall Impression: To me, this album is not as heavy and hard as the last album, but it entailed a more progressive feel with more harmonics, riviting bassline complemented with a great voice and captivating lyrics. Impressive songs, that's easy, all the songs, but if I had to choose two favorites, it would have to be Out Of Reach and The Coldest Rain. These guys trash out hard, but maintain a certain vibe only they have and I hope they never lose that. I'll leave you with the chorus from the song Nothing I Could Say, "What's left to say? Except for you're the reason. The reason for me beating. You gave me strength. The strength to be something. To be something better." // 10

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