Death Cult Armageddon Review

artist: Dimmu Borgir date: 05/23/2008 category: compact discs
Dimmu Borgir: Death Cult Armageddon
Released: Sep 9, 2003
Genre: Rock
Tones: Hostile, Bleak, Nihilistic, Intense
Styles: Death Metal/Black Metal
Number Of Tracks: 11
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 10
Death Cult Armageddon Reviewed by: norwegianleper, on february 20, 2006
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Sound: The sound of this album is very powerful and seems to have alot of meaning to it. The sound to Progenies of the Great Apocylpse screams power. The guitar to Lepers Among us is so awesome, just inexplainable. Vredesburg is a killer song espescially since the song is sung in Norwegian or something witch gives it a taste of culture or background. For the World to Dictate our Death is is amazing song when we're talking both drumming and lyrics. Blood Hunger Doctrine is an inspiring song, I beat the las level of game Project Gotham Racing, to this song which made me feel really super cool for a neat reason and awsome lyrics. Allehgians Dod I rike (foreign talk, I dont know how you spell it) is an amazing highlight to the albums style powerful Vortex sings a part which just adds to the intensity and the guitar is awsome and fast. Cataclism Children, I find this song not as interesting as the others. Eradication something somethin is another awsome song starting with Mustis on synthesizers for a long part in the beginning giving it a nice feal to the energy and mystery. Unorthadox Manifesto complete masterpiece, starting with sound effects of war and the guitar is awsome on the solo and nice and lengthy. and finaly Heavenly Perverse I find the "clean" intro very sweet awsome song overall, nice and heavy. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics fit the music style very nicely. The Album title explains what most of the lyrics are about, like the Apocalypse seems to cover the lyric style exept for a couple songs like Lepers Among Us and Cataclism Children. The singers skills are ubelievable, he plays like all of the instruments used to make this album and he sings and plays drums in the album For All Tid. // 10

Overall Impression: This album doesnt seem to resemble anything else I've ever heard. Very unique. Awesome buy. Every song is extremely impressive but my favorites are Allegrens Dod I Rike and Unorthadox Manifesto. If this album were either lost or stolen I have it saved onto my computer so I can still listen to it but if I didn't own a computer I'd buy it again. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Death Cult Armageddon Reviewed by: KillRoy Ver 3.0, on january 27, 2004
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Sound: On Dimmu Borgir's latest offering Death Cult Armageddon, they have really pushed the envelope for extreme Black Metal but are still be able to keep it tight and cohesive. With the open track Allegiance, they draw you in with a creepy percussive sample and then slowly build it with some great guitar and synthesizer overtones. Then almost instantaneously it kicks in full force into a fast and furious gallop led by Nicholas Barker's killer double bass drums. Right from this track the standard is set through the rest of the album as you go through the powerful Progenies of The Great Apocalypse (a standout track) with it's killer orchestral breakdown and the amazing buildup of Blood Hunger Doctrine with it's arppegiated guitar intro or the almost quirky upbeat beginnings of Eradication Instincts Defined. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics of this album were primarily written priamrily by guitarist Silenoz, and even though they tend to lean towards the Death/Black metal cliches of the apocalypse, satanism and war overall singer Shagrath does an excellent delivery of keeping them from sounding cheesy, in fact sometimes it can be down right scary. Also the use of bassist Vortex to deliver some very impressive clean passages really helps this album and band standout from the rest of the Black/Death metal genre. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall I would have to say that this is Dimmu Borgir's best album to date and definetly puts them at the head of the genre with such bands as Cradle of Filth and Children of Bodom. The orchestral overtones throughout the entire album really help to give it a melodic cohesiveness that is missing from alot the genre as a whole. It was definetely one of the best metal albums of 2003 or of the past few years and renews my faith and hope in the metal that is starting to come up through the underground scenes around the world. I am mostly definetely looking forward to their next effort and hope that I will be able to catch them on tour. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Death Cult Armageddon Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 10, 2005
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Sound: I've been listening to this band for about 3 months, when I found out about them, melodic metal very interesting. I've learned some of their songs already, it's a satanic band, but that really doesn't bother me because the sound was very catchy and attractive in some way, just listen to the majority of the songs, a black metal band and a philharmonic orchestra, it's a really cool fusion, nice job. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are not the usual English you hear in America, there are several words I had never seen before, track #7 must be some other language, definetly not english, this album is for open minded people okay? It's good to listen to something different every once in a while. Shagrath's poweful voice with vortex's clean chorus are impresing, don't forget Nick's assault and percusion, Galder and Silenoz's deadly guitar riffs and of course, Mustis' grand piano abilities. // 8

Overall Impression: The sound is similar to Cradle Of Filth, but I prefer Dimmu Borgir. The most impressive songs from this album are: Uredesbyrd, Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse, Lepers Among Us, Heavenly Perverse. I really like the musical fusion in this CD, orchestra and metal, it's genius. If this CD was stolen I would definetly buy another copy. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Death Cult Armageddon Reviewed by: liesofautumn, on february 08, 2006
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Sound: Dimmu in my mind is head and shoulders above their cookie-monster and keyboard toting contemporaries (i.e. Cradle Of Filth). The use of the Norwegian Philharmonic Orchestra (I believe thats correct) gives a strong sense of epicism and drama and atmosphere to the music. The guitars aren't too complicated but very effective and heavy. Lots of tremelo picking, palm muting, big power chords. To me, even as a guitarist, the standout member is Nicholas Barker. His drumming is virtuosic (i.e. "For The World To Dictate Our Death") but always seems to click with everything else perfectly. DCA is a black/death metal album, but it employs some classical elements such as the use of piano in "Blood Hunger Doctrine." The overall sound is heavily atmospheric, and dark. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics mostly are written in the realm of analysis/criticism of religion, Satan and dark powers that be, Apocalypse, evil fantasy, things of that nature. Silenoz and Shagrath are good songwriters but its nothing that hasn't been done before. However, their passion for the music shows through and breathes life into a cliched genre. In reference to their actual voices, Shagrath seems to be more in the higher range and he does his job very well. Silenoz is much lower in the register, and many times the two will sing in tandem making for a cool contrasting effect. Also, bassist Vortex adds some clean vocals which I personally think could've been left out because they take the epic level to cheesy at some point. // 8

Overall Impression: DCA is a very good album in many respects. The production is crystal clear, which is a stark contrast to the muddy recordings of Dimmu's fellow black/death metal bands. The dynamics and uses of the orchestra especially are superb. The percussion and drums are obviously amazing. Everybody knows their role and they play it well. Although overall I prefer their previous release, this has many shining moments and is not a CD or band to be ignored. // 8

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overall: 8.7
Death Cult Armageddon Reviewed by: Dimmu, on october 05, 2006
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Sound: Dimmu Borgir are my favourite band, as you can probably tell from my name, so I'll try and be as un-biased as possible. I really like this album, I personally think it is one of their best. Their sound really works on this album. The guitar are heavy and fast-paced, but of the cliched kind you so often hear these days. The bass is fairly good and the keyboard/piano is (as always) very good, a la Dimmu Borgir. One of the best parts of this album is the drumming. Nicholas Barker (ex-Cradle Of Filth/Old Mans Child) is an unbelievable black metal drummer. The drumming fits very well with the music, making it even more hard-hitting. However, the standout element of thsi album is the use of the Prague Philharmoinic Orchestra. True, you could probably get the same sound on a keyboard (as the do live) but the full orchestra adds another element of huge-scale musci to the album, just listen to "Progenies of The Great Apocalypse" and "Blood Hunger Doctrine" to hear what I'm talking about. 01. Alliegance - a good enough song. Nothing special. Drags on a bit, but just before the end there is one absolutely amzing bit of music, so if you're going to listen to it, listen all the way to the end. 02. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse - an amazing song, to put it simply. From the larger-than-life, floor shaking rhythmic opening, through Vortex' clean vocals (still good, but far from his best) to the awesome last notes, a killer. Absolute brilliance. 03. Lepers Among Us - one of the more guitar-driven pieces in the album, the intro reminds me vaguely of Deicide's "Scars of The Crucifix." Awesome guitar from both Galder (lead) and Silenoz (rhythm) make this a solid outing. 04. Vredesbyrd - my personal favourite. Possibly my favourite song of all time. I love everything about it, the fast, palm-muted guitar, the harsh vocals. Sheer perfection. 05. For The World To Dictate Our Death - another decent song. In my opinion one of the weakest on the album, though it is still good. There is just nothing in this song that gets me going. It's good enough I guess. 06. Blood Hunger Doctrine - another brilliant song. The use of the orchestra is most evident on this song. The intro is great, with the driving guitar line and the main part of the song is excellent. Top notch work. 07. Allehelgens Dod I Helveds Rike - another great song. Not alot to say about it really, apart from the awesome fast guitar and more of Vortex' clean vocals. His vocals on this song are some of his best IMO. 08. Cataclysm Children - mmmm, it's alright. Another weaker song. Nothing in here to get me excited. It's good enough I guess. 09. Eradication Instincts Defined - good orchestral parts, nice and heavy music, a fairly good song. 10. Unorthodox Manifesto - another great song. I love the opening. "Gentlemen. Destroy!" The lyrics stand out on this song, and it is overall one of the better songs on the album. 11. Heavenly Perverse - awesome acoustic opening, then suddenly explodes with heavy guitars. Pretty similar to other stuff on the album, especially "Cataclysm Children," but still good. // 9

Lyrics: You never get a Dimmu Borgir album without at least one Norwegian song, and this one is no different, with Allehelgens Dod I Helveds Rike (a very good song by the way) and Vredesbyrd (and even better song). As usual, the lyrics are dark. As dark as midnight in the middle of winter in frosty Norway. Although they have stepped down the Satanic content of their songs, apart from the digipak bonus track, a cover of Bathory's "Satan My Master," it's still not exactly hard to tell what religion they follow. Vocalist Shagrath does a very, very good job with teh vocals. If it were done by a lesser vocalist, teh lyrics might end up wounding cliched, cheesy even, since lots of bands write about Satanism and other dark ideals in this day and age. Shagrath is good, but it's something about the way the lyrics are written than means you can tell Shagrath, Silenoz, Galder, Vortex, Mustis and Nick somehow mean it, and aren't another faux-dark band. Not as good as previous outing maybe, but Shagrath and Silenoz still have it when writing songs. // 8

Overall Impression: I'd say this is one of Dimmu Borgir's best albums to be honest. Each layer of the band seems to find something else here. Whether it is Mustis' keyboard work, Vortex' amazing clean vocals, Nick Barker's great drumming or Galder and Silenoz' fast pace, brutal guitar work, it all seems to work here. Add to this a dash of good songwriting and a whole Czech orchestra and you have a very, very good album! If this was stolen I would first die, then kill myself, then go out and buy it again! Standout tracks are Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse, Vredesbyrd, Blood Hunger Doctrine. // 9

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overall: 10
Death Cult Armageddon Reviewed by: Ulalume, on may 23, 2008
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Sound: It is about time I reviewed this cd. Why? Cause I've practically listened to it on repeat since I bought it several months ago. Growing up in a Christian home (yet I myself am not so much that anymore) I was semi-weary about picking this up because of the standard "Satanist" symbol on the front, and concidering the fact that I tend to watch out for little kids who will be around me (and more importantly my car). To my surprise, this album is really good. Concidering the "satanic" themes they are really not too bad at all, to say the least. Sure, it's a different perspective; but there's nothing wrong with that right? Anyways, Dimmu's sound on this album is awesome. it's perfect actually. The keyboards and orchestration are beautifully arranges, as well as the guitars and drums (double bass at times! ). Shagrath has amazingly interesting vocals that go between screeching, squealing, yelling, etc. He sounds kind of like he's inhaled and is trying to talk without breathing. it's cool. I enjoy how their arrangements are very heavy metal, but they also have classical components. It makes the band more interesting than your average band. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are pretty good. Prognies of the Great Apocolypse has the best lyrics, as they seem to coincide more with real satanism. At times the lyrics are kind of corny, but the corniness doesn't really prevail ever on this album. Shagraths growling coincides great with the lyrics, and Vortex (the bassist/operaic singer) provides amazing singing sections when he is involved (though this is rare on this album). His voice is stunning to say the least and counteracts Shagraths screaming very well. // 10

Overall Impression: When I think of Dimmu Borgir I like to think of their music like this: Even if they have a mediocre song here or there, those mediocre songs are still more amazing than your average pop-rock song. What I am getting at is that, even bad Dimmu Borgir is still pretty good. However; this album is great. I love the whole album, everything about it. I would probably buy it again eventually if I lost it. // 10

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