Enthrone Darkness Triumphant Review

artist: Dimmu Borgir date: 11/14/2007 category: compact discs
Dimmu Borgir: Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Released: May 27, 1997
Genre: Rock
Styles: Death Metal/Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Scandinavian Metal
Number Of Tracks: 11
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 6.5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.7
Enthrone Darkness Triumphant Reviewed by: TempleOfMonkeys, on november 14, 2007
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Sound: The sound on this album is amazing. The mixing and production is perfect. The guitarists used a Maxon OD808 tube overdrive pedal alongside a Mesa Dual Rectifier to get a deep, warm tone. They aren't the first to use this setup, but it lends itself perfectly to the music. The drumset was a Pearl Masters set, which has excellent tone and gives the music so much power. Double bass is used to add to the atmosphere, and blast beats are played, with awesome accents on the cymbals (5:03 in Mourning Palace for example). The keyboards are also very good on this album. Entrance has the cool sounding chords all the way through it, In Death's Embrace and Prudence's Fall have great piano parts and across most of the album choir voices are used. All of this comes together to create an unforgettable, incredibly powerful atmosphere. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are Satanic, yes. They definitely suit the music. Personally I like the lyrics for Entrance and Prudence's Fall the most. The lyrics for Spellbound are probably the weakest. Shagrath's unique sounding vocals are deeper on this album than they are on the Devil's Path EP. Effects are used in most of the songs to turn his voice into a deep growl. The screamed vocals are also really powerful sounding, especially in the parts where they have recorded two vocal tracks (2:03 in Mourning Palace, "Feel the gloom of restless spirits, hear the screams from the Mourning Palace"). I think this album is where Shagrath's vocals are at their best, his style changed a lot for Spiritual Black Dimensions and albums after that. I would have given them full marks, but the lyrics let the album down (only a very small amount). // 9

Overall Impression: This album isn't true Black Metal. Compare it to Mayhem, Emperor, etc. I wouldn't know what it is though. Genres are f--ked up anyway. On my iPod, all of the songs have 5 stars except for Spellbound, The Night Masquerade and A Succubus in Rapture (they have 4 stars or something). This is the best album I own. I've lost count of how many times I've listened to it since I found it just over a year ago. If it were stolen, I'd certainly replace it (though not with the Nuclear Blast deluxe edition because it has an ugly cover, buy the normal edition). Yes, even the album art is great. Enthrone Darkness Triumphant is one album I will definitely not get tired of listening to. // 10

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overall: 6
Enthrone Darkness Triumphant Reviewed by: Bubonic Chronic, on november 25, 2003
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Sound: Eh, decent for what it is. The keyboards rock! In my humble opinion, if it weren't for the keyboards this band would be crap. Not to say they don't have other virtues, for example the drums. Incredible to say the least. Black Metal (or whatever you call this stuff) does not lend itself to being recorded well, but they've done just about as good a job as can be done in that regard - which isn't that great. // 6

Lyrics: Don't know. Quite honestly I burned it so I don't even have the lyrics. Don't want them, either. I am not scared of Satan nor of anyone who professes to believe in or worship Satan. I simply don't care. Writing about Satan is an excuse to not think - and to make a living as an "artist" when in fact there is not a shred of creativity in the whole deal. // 4

Overall Impression: Overall, I have to say it is a good record, certainly their strongest effort. Stylistically, it is a bit out-dated in that I can clearly pinpoint all the ways Black Metal has improved since this was recorded; namely better guitar sounds, more clearly defined drums and bass and a merciful end to the cheesy women saying supposedly scary things in Finnish or whatever. This album has all sorts of that going on, but it's pretty good. Definitely one I will give a spin occasionally, and maybe even crank it in the best parts. By the way, I realize my obvious ignorance as to where in Europe this band comes from (somewhere cold, I think) and I must explain in advance that I simply do not care. Does it really matter? Their supposed "Satanism" tells me all I need to know about them already, where they're from is irrelevant. Still, they do rock. They get a 4. // 8

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