Holy Diver Live [DVD] review by Dio

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  • Released: May 30, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 9
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (6 votes)
Dio: Holy Diver Live [DVD]

Sound — 9
This DVD is from the 2006 "Holy Diver" concert in London by Dio. Dio is a heavy metal band much like "Ozzy Osbourne" in sound but with "Ronnie James Dio" as the singer. Dio is an amazing singer with an extremely strong and huge vocal range. Dio is best known for his work as singer for Ritchie Blackmores "Rainbow" and replacing Ozzy Osbourne in "Black Sabbath." The concert was put on for the fans, not for the members of the band, this is what makes it so great to watch. Songs from Ronnie James Dio's other bands such as Black Sabbath and Rainbow. This adds to making this concert more interesting. The band as a whole has a monsterous sound. Extremely headbanging heavy rock.

Content — 9
This is a live concert. As the DVD was put on for the fans it has various hits the fans asked for. Tracks include: 01. Tarot Woman 02. Sign Of The Southern Cross 03. One Night In The City 04. Stand Up And Shout 05. Holy Diver 06. Gypsy 07. Caught In The Middle 08. Don't Talk To Strangers 09. Straight Through The Heart 10. Invisible 11. Rainbow In The Dark 12. Shame On The Night 13. Gates Of Babylon 14. Heaven And Hell 15. Man On The Silver Mountain 16. Long Live Rock And Roll 17. We Rock As you see the concert has a long setlist, but all the songs rock. Extremely satisfying. Highlights include "Holy Diver," "Don't Talk To Strangers," "Rainbow In The Dark," "Heaven And Hell" and "We Rock." All in all great setlist!

Production Quality — 10
The production of this DVD is great as you would expect as this DVD was released this year (2006). The sound quality is great as with the picture quality which follows suit. The cameras are positioned so that you get a feeling what it would be like in the crowd or on the stage, which is one thing which makes a great DVD in my opinion. Production as a whole great!

Overall Impression — 9
This DVD is great, I love the way that they just don't play songs from "Dio", instead they include a whole bunch of songs from Ronnie James Dio's illustrious career. The sound of this DVD is monsterous and really makes you feel involved in the concert which is a great thing. Favorite song from the DVD would be "Holy Diver" or "Heaven And Hell". I would definatly buy this DVD again as it has great atmosphere and monsterous skill and sound, which is what Dio is famous for!

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    OMG i seen Dio on the tour that this was recorded and man he is superb!
    A true Hall of Fame singer.Such a powerful voice from a little man, I'm jealous.