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artist: Dir en grey date: 05/31/2010 category: compact discs
Dir en grey: Missa
Released: Jul 25, 1997
Genre: Experimental rock
Label: Free-Will
Number Of Tracks: 6
This album is hard to explain because its nothing like any other album. Its a Jpop album.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7.3
Missa Reviewed by: disturbedh8, on may 31, 2010
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Sound: Well this is Dirus first album that was released in 1997. 13 years later here's my review. This album is hard to explain because it's nothing like any other album. It's a Jpop album. So I thought I'd break it down song by song: 01. Kiri to Mayu: this song automatically gave me kind of a creepy feeling with wind blowing and a thunderstorm. Then Kyo kind of whispers in Japanese. Then the song is off with an upbeat guitar beat. The guitar rhythm throughout the song seems like a frantic child running from something scary. Darting in all directions quickly. One of the things that stand out in this song is the guitar solo. It's nothing special, but if you were to listen to this album without knowledge of future albums it is pretty amazing. 02. [S]: this is personally my 2nd favorite song off the album. Right off the bat you have a simple bass drum line followed by a high hat. Then Kyo gives out this EY YANG YANG scream kicking off the song with weird sort of guitar rhythm that includes both guitar. Where they both continue the same notes but stray off into another pattern. Over all the song is very well constructed and has a very frantic sound. 03. Erode: this song is very impressive. Great bass line in the beginning and a guitar solo, I really can't call it a solo, more of a bridge if you will. The song changes its pace throughout the course of its 6 minute 29 second run time. Very impressive vocals in this song show why we all love Kyos voice. 04. Aoi Tsuki: this song has a weird distortion on it I believe. It starts off with drumming with some sort of Japanese instrument. It sounds like two pieces of wood clinking together. Then Kyo with some sort of demonic whisper. The vocal pattern on this song is quite interesting. Its kind of like Kyo went on some kind of drug and he sang like his body was thrown around left and right. This song does get repetitive real quick though. Basically repeating itself over and over again for 5 minutes. 05. Garden: ah garden. This song is my absolute favorite song off of Missa. Super up beat instruments and vocals. I say this song really shines in the chorus. His voice picks up upon saying garden and follows through with good speed and pitch. A very impressive part in the song is at 3 minutes 4 seconds. This crazy sounding complex guitar part washes over silence will the drums and bass pick up bringing you right back to the chorus. Awesome. 06. Byo Shin: this song is hard to follow chronologically. When you listen to it, it sounds like it fits on vulgar. The vocals are different along with the introduction to the double bass drum. The vocals got heavier and die kaoru and toshiya joined in singing backup vocals. It also appeared on six ugly. Besides that the song is very good. Heavier than the rest of the album, it ends strong. Sort of a what's to come. But just like Aoi Tsuki this song gets repetitive fast. It's a good song but you will be changing to a different song within 2 minutes. // 7

Lyrics: Now for the vocals it was a very harmony style of singing. Crazy pitches and shrieks make Kyo what he is today. Although it doesn't have the expansion of future albums, mainly because the future albums are future albumsit's a great start for kyo and the rest of the band. // 8

Overall Impression: My overall impression of this album, please don't hate me Diru fans, its kind of a punk album. It's when dir en grey looked like Japan X with the crazy poofy hair and the girly clothing. They sound better than they look. So in my opinion, it's a must have album for Diru fans. // 7

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