The Marrow Of A Bone review by Dir en grey

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  • Released: Feb 20, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (121 votes)
Dir en grey: The Marrow Of A Bone

Sound — 9
Dir En Grey's album, is probably there darkest and most emotional to date. With the opening track, "Conceived Sorrow" starting off with a mellow piano intro, then the song kicks-in with some loverly vocals by Kyo. The silence is soon broken, though with probably my favourite song on the album: "Lie Buried with a Vengeance"; really heavy, but also has a great rhythm to it, and is very cathy from start to finish. The next track is "The Fatal Believer": another high energy track, with some really great sounding guitar work. The next track is "Agitated Screams of Maggots": probably the angriest track on the album. The next track, "Grief" uses abit of the English language in it -admitingly he only says fu*k-you, but at least he's trying to give another language ago :P. Again, very cathy threw-out and is another great song. "Ryoujoku no ame" is a brilliant song vocally, great musically also, but Kyo's voice really shines in this song. "Disabled Complexes" starts of as a slow burner, with a rather odd sounding riff -then kicks you in the face with a hell of a force as it gets half way threw it. Quite an effective song -while not my favourite song, it is pretty good. "Rotting Root" is probably the weakest track on the album I think. It doesn't really go anywhere, but it's not to say it's a bad song -just that it isn't the best on the album. "Namamekashiki ansoku, tamerai ni hohoemi" is my favourite song next to track 2, for different reasons. Very mellow with some amazing guitar work. Kyo is a supurb singer, and sings this song beautifully, with a great bit added at the end of the song. "The Pledge" is a nice easy song to listen too. "Repetition of Hatred" diving back into the world of heavy again, this is also once again very cathy, and the back up vocals adds more to the song. "The Deeper Vileness" kicking off the song with a great bit of drumming, then diving more into more darkness. "Clever Sleazoid" ending the album on abit of a low-note for me -as I can't quite get into the song. Overall it's a great album with some amazing songs.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrically I can't really rate it, because I don't understand Japanese. What I can rate though, is Kyo's amazing voice. He is a very talented man and can do almost anything with his voice. He does alot of screaming, yes, but when he does decide to sing it is brilliant stuff.

Overall Impression — 9
Simply amazing overall. There is a couple of tracks on the album that could have been better, but you can forgive this, as the rest of the album is just sublime. I find it funny, because this album tends to get abit of stick from the rest of the albums they have made; I actually think it's there best work -next to Vulgar. Nearly all the tracks are catchy and can be quickly recognized. Highlights tracks of the album: .Lie Buried with a Vengeance .Grief ."Ryoujoku no ame .Namamekashiki ansoku, tamerai ni hohoemi .Repetition of Hatred All-in-all, it's a well made album, and I think if you looking into the band this is probably the place to start.

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