Making Movies review by Dire Straits

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  • Released: Oct 17, 1980
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.8 (18 votes)
Dire Straits: Making Movies

Sound — 10
"Making Movies" is Dire Straits' 3rd album and appeared in 1980 on 17 October. Just to make a first impression, "Rolling Stone" classed it as the #54 album in the '80s. It contains 7 songs of an average 5:29 track length and total length of 38 minutes and 27 seconds. Personally Dire Straits is one of the best band of the gold era, the '70s, the '80s and the '90s and this album is the upcoming for the most famous record, "Brothers In Arms". Thou it hasn't met the fame of the other, this is certainly a great album an my favorite. It's mainly a love album, I'd say overlooking on "Love Over Gold", entitled as a love album, and songs like "Tunnel of Love", "Romeo and Juliet", "Hand in Hand" and "Expresso Love" will remain forever in our memory. The other tracks are also beautiful, covering faster tempos and faster licks as "Skateaway" and "Solid Rock" or just plainly old-school bar music,"Les Boys". Now I would like to list the songs and give a talk about them.

01. Tunnel Of Love - amazing song, just perfect. I first heard it on a Best Of Dire Straits compilation and played non-stop for about four days, it's going to make you think of nothing but love and love.It is one of the band's world hit and came out also with a video-clip.The intro is the only part which was not composed by the band, as it's an instrumental arrangement of a melody from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel, played on organ and piano. After the guitars bounce in, true rock'n'roll is released with lyrics about an ideal affair apparently in a fair: "She said you are the perfect stranger, she said baby let's keep it like this".The tempo break at the climax gives way for one of the most beautiful solo Knopfler realized, here I would state Alchemy's "Sultans Of Swing", Telegraph Road and Lady Writer.The song ends with a beautiful part of piano and guitar, fading out and leave you heartbroken.

02. Romeo And Juliet - famous for the intro played on a Dobro guitar, open G and capoed on 3rd fret, then going into a beautiful love song based on the all-time Romeo and Juliet story by W.Shakespeare. The lyrics are full of meanings, being one of Mark's specialties and I selected a quote: "Wel l you can fall for chains of silver, you can fall for chains of gold, You can fall for pretty strangers and the promises they hold", then at the chorus the whole bands plays making this song a beauty.It ends with a repeat of the first verse and a solo played on electric guitar with delay, very beautiful but it could be longer.

03. Skateaway - it's a nice song also featured by a video-clip I would rate this at 9/10 and the other song all 10/10 but I cannot disagree with Mark's genius on the guitar playing.It must be because it's shadowed by the rest of the songs.Song is about a roller girl blading and listening to her Walkman,"No fears alone at night she'd sailing through the crowd, In her ears the phones are tight and the musics playing loud". I recommend listening to this song on speakers not on headphones because of the drums in the intro which will make you very dizzy.

04. Expresso Love - another great song by Mark Knopfler, this man continues to amaze me with his both playing and writing talents. The song is about love and girls generally, but I give it a 11/10 for the lyrics.It would make any girl happy to hear:
"She gets the sun in the daytime Perfume in the dusk And she comes out in the night time With the honeysuckle musk Because she smells just like a rose And she tastes just like a peach She got me walking where the wildlife goes I'd do anything to reach her". I would write all the lyrics but you probably know them already. Song has also a nice solo played in harmony with another guitar I think also played by the same man and an outro I would consider funny "No I don't want no sugar in it."

05. Hand In Hand - the saddest song on the album, it is about a friendship gone wrong, estranged. "The sky is crying, the streets are full of tears, Rain come down wash away my fears". Full of sadness the song ends again with lyrics from the first verse and a slow down into "oh I can read between the lines."

06. Solid Rock - the most lifeful song on the record, makes me happy anytime I listen to it.A classic rock'n'roll song with fast tempo and classic Knopfler licks goes from the start with pretty weird lyrics and I'd say "When you point, your finger cos your plan fell through, You got three more fingers pointing back at you" should make your day. Absolutely beautiful, could play all day long.

07. Les Boys - ah, the last song! The funniest I would say but still a nice one, played on piano and guitar mainly it creates the old bar-like atmosphere in a song about cabaret and gay people, with none ofense to these minorities. "Les boys got leather straps, les boys got "SS" caps" it also refers to Germany but I can't figure out why.

Lyrics — 10
I've written some lyrics with the tracks above and I guess there's nothing else to say about Mark Knopfler's great talent at writing songs and creating music. He composed all the songs in the album except the intro of Tunnel of Love and they fit perfectly with the music. I have to recall about "Expresso Love" again as being the best love poem of the album and maybe in the whole Dire Straits history. Thou others wouldn't agree with me, I compare Mark's lyrics writing with Bob Dylan's ability to write about everything and I'm sorry Dire Straits didn't last enough to even the folk star's creation. Nevertheless, you can still hear Mark singing and composing as he's got a lot of solo albums.

Overall Impression — 10
I personally do not compare Dire Straits with other bands, they have created their own style, which is superior to their age, having raised music to a higher level. The best song of the album has to be "Tunnel of Love", a brilliant combination of lyrics, rhythm, music and a wonderful outro solo, just a bit higher than the other songs but my personal favorite. I love everything about it and I'd listen to it anytime, while the single part that annoys me is the intro of "Skateaway". If the album was stolen I'd immediately follow the thief and make him pay seriously. If I couldn't do that I'd drop by the first music store and buy it again. Have fun listening to this beautiful work of art!

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