Money For Nothing Review

artist: Dire Straits date: 11/12/2010 category: compact discs
Dire Straits: Money For Nothing
Release Date: Oct 1988
Label: Warner Bros.
Genres: Rock & Roll, Pop/Rock, Album Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
Released in late 1988, as everyone was waiting for the follow-up for Brothers In Arms, the 12-track Money For Nothing does an adequate job of summarizing hits and highlights from Dire Straits.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Money For Nothing Reviewed by: TheJam, on august 03, 2006
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Sound: 'Money For Nothing' was released on 29 October 1988 and it reached #1 in the UK album charts. This 12-track album stayed in the charts for 64 weeks. It was sort of a greatest hits album, because 8 of the 12 tracks were released. It includes some of their legendary hits such as 'Sultans Of Swing,' 'Romeo And Juliet,' 'Walk Of Life' and 'Money For Nothing.' Other songs are either more Dire Straits' hits, unreleased songs and live performances. It is a great compilation of some of Dire Straits' material, because Dire Straits were probably one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands of all time and their music was of the highest quality. Also, guitarist Mark Knopfler is a great guitarist. The tracks featured on this album are: 01. Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits one of two greatest songs on this album. It was about a band named that song and the lyrics were amazing as well as the music. Starts off this album superbly as it is one of the greatest opening songs of all time. It reached #8 in the UK charts. 02. Down To The Waterline - one of two unreleased songs on this album. Sounded similar to 'Sultans Of Swing' in a way, but it isn't as good as 'Sultans Of Swing', but it's still a good track. 03. Portobello Belle [live] - one of two live performances on this album. Dire Straits are amazing especially when playing live, which makes this performance great. Contained some orchestral backing, but also great guitars. 04. Twisting By The Pool [remix] - I think this song was influenced by Buddy Holly, because Mark Knopfler tries to sound like him and the music sounds similar to Buddy Holly's 'That'll Be The Day.' Another great song though. The original version reached #14 in the UK charts. 05. Tunnel Of Love - a very long hit for Dire Straits, but it is a superb song with more amazing guitar and drums. It reached #54 in the UK charts. 06. Romeo And Juliet - a beautiful ballad about the most famous couple ever. It contained superb acoustic guitar at the beginning. It reached #8 in the UK charts. 07. Where Do You Think You're Going - not a bad song, but it is quite dull compared to the other songs on this album. It didn't get released. 08. Walk Of Life - despite the organ sound throughout the song, it was a massive hit for Dire Straits and an enjoyable track to listen to. It was unlucky to not reach #1 in the charts, but it is probably the greatest #2 ever. 09. Private Investigations - another #2 hit for Dire Straits, but not as good as 'Walk Of Life'. However, it does contain some great guitar and bass, but it was another dull track. 10. Telegraph Road [live, remix] - although it was 12 minutes long, it was probably Dire Straits' greatest live performance ever. 11. Money For Nothing - one of two greatest songs by Dire Straits. Although it starts of boring with the high voices, it contains fierce guitars and the lyrics are, again, amazing. It reached #4 in the UK charts. 12. Brothers In Arms - after Dire Straits released the album 'Brothers In Arms', this song was the highlight of this album, so Dire Straits released the single 'Brothers In Arms' and it was superb. It reached #16 in the UK charts and it ends this superb album well. Overall, the sound of this album is great. The average of all of my ratings above is 8.6, so I'll give the sound a 9. // 9

Lyrics: All songs have been composed by Mark Knopfler. No wonder why Dire Straits are an amazing band. The lyrics and the music are phenomenal. The best songs he wrote are 'Sultans Of Swing' and 'Money For Nothing'. His singing skills are great as well, because his voice suits his music well. // 10

Overall Impression: Despite all of the positive comments about this album, it is not Dire Straits' best album, because they have released a proper greatest hits one named 'Sultans Of Swing - The Very Best Of Dire Straits' and it is much better despite it only reached #6 in the album charts. Choosing the most impressive song on this album is difficult, but I'll have to go with 'Sultans Of Swing' because it is pure genius. What I love about it is that unlike a majority of albums, every song on this album are great. If this album got stolen, I would probably buy 'Sultans Of Swing - The Very Best Of Dire Straits' instead, because it contains more excellent songs. This is definitely a 'must buy' album. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Money For Nothing Reviewed by: Nirvanafan60, on november 12, 2010
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Sound: Money For Nothing was released on 29 October 1988 and it was incredibly well received by the U.K and the world. Mark Knopfler is a absolute musical genius not just because of his insane riffs but that it is mostly done by finger picking. Dire Straits are a unique sound and blew up my mind when I listened to this album every single track is awesome especially sultans of swing and brothers in arms. This is an incredible album and is one of their best albums, Totally worth buying. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are very powerful and meaningful and so true I can really relate to the songs sultans of swing and Money For Nothing because it is exactly how I feel. Mark Knopfler is an incredible singer and as always never the perfect voice but it suits the style or more like he made it suit the style. The lyrics suit the style because rock 'n' roll is suppose to be rebellious and different, that is why there is always some one trying to knock down bands like the Dire Straits entrepreneurs of their generation. // 9

Overall Impression: This album blew my mind apart and fixed it up with the fantastic guitaring and powerful lyrics this worth every cent it costs, you've just got to love the Dire Straits for their inventive talents and music history changing ideas. My three favourite songs are sultans of swing, brothers in arms and Money For Nothing. If it was stolen I would first hunt down the person who stole it and I would by a one if I didn't get it back. Overall these guys are absolutely kick @$$ and should be recognized by every rock fan out there seeing they are one of the foundation bands of rock 'n' roll. // 10

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