Waterloo To Anywhere review by Dirty Pretty Things

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  • Released: May 8, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (90 votes)
Dirty Pretty Things: Waterloo To Anywhere

Sound — 9
Since the Libertines last show in december 2004 the 4 members have gone their seperate ways. The acclaimed pete doherty has ditched the guitar and formed Babyshambles, John Hassel with Yeti. Gary Powel and Carl Barat however have recently been busy on polishing thier new band 'Dirty Pretty Things'. Carl's cliche sound is very much imprinted into this band. For me, it sounds like libertines songs such as tomblands and campaign of hate. Dirty Pretty Things have a more meaty sound than Libertines without the more delicate riffs and lyrics put forward my his co-frontman Pete. Enough about the Libertines then. The guitar work is creative and has an original sound to it, Anthony, a truelly unique guitarist with a matching personality and personna brings an edge to the songs.

Lyrics — 8
Carl has proved to everyone that Pete was the only member of the Libertines with the ability to write a meaningful song. Aldoubt the lyrics are simple in parts. Such as 'You F--king Love It' these are made up for by the energetic guitaring that accompanies them. Simple lyrics such as "I really like you, but I'm nothing like you" echo sincerity and are easily related to for the listener. The only criticism I have of the lyrics as they dont touch me the way that others do, however they fit the sound very neatly and carl, although not a musically great singer, sings with real intent and is perfect for the style he portrays.

Overall Impression — 9
The overall impression was very good, it could of been improved in some senses but it's not all about perfection in music, its about creativity, and this album oozes it. My personnel favourite songs are the two I've tabbed out on this website, Deadwood and Gin & Milk, however after listening to them on repeat whilst putting music to paper this favouritism wore off. Unlike most albums I enjoy listening to every song on it and each has a varied sound which shows versatility and is a good trate to have. I really rate this album, and although I have the promo version I will be buying the real one on release. Only one or two albums spring to mind which I would rather listen to, one being either Cribs album and the others being either Libertines.

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    Even the barats guitar work has gone down a level since the libertines.
    I'm sorry but I have to take fault with that; Carl is certainly playing punkier stuff but you've worded that like he's become a worse guitarist than he was in the Libs. Music wise, if anything DPT sound like The Libertines if they'd carried on with the raw Up The Bracket sound, especially on Deadwood and You Fucking Love It. True Carls lyrics are less poetic than Petes but frankly Pete lost my respect when Down In Albion came out; it was lacklustre at best with perhaps a handful of good tracks and a terrible rehash of albion. Even Killamangiro was different to the released version.
    how can you say that alex turners voice doesnt fit in with the Arctic Monkeys? his voice makes them unique. at least he doesnt put on an accent so that the americans will like him more
    Everything that has needed to be said about this has been said. The romance of the libertines is unfortunately dissolved following the Batat/Doherty split. Doherty isn't getting the same amount of support from his leech bandmates as Carl could offer. Carl's had enough and is washing his hands of Doherty 'Deadwood, Bang Bang...' DPT offer a much more Raw sound as opposed to the lyrically orientated Babyshambles. Personally i think DPT P*ss all over Babyshambles but that's because i prefer the refined music, and a personal hatred of Pete Doherty. I'll be the first to admit that this album's not perfect. But it's a bloody good effort. And it's got me hooked. See you all at Reading 06! Pel
    taqkes me back tot he genious of the libertines. I now see that carl barat was the one who gave the libertines there fantastic flow with the lyrics. Babyshambles lyrics just lacked meaning. Whereas DPT's are fan-****ing-tastic
    How can you say 'shables lyrics lack meaning? Look at 'F--K Forever', 'Albion' or 'Gang of Gin' for a few examples. WTA is a good album, i was dissapointed at first but its grown on me, however i do think the lyrics are lacking, certainly in comparison with the two Libs albums. Nevertheless, on a more positive note, i kinda guess they suit the music - simple & harsh.
    taqkes me back tot he genious of the libertines. I now see that carl barat was the one who gave the libertines there fantastic flow with the lyrics. Babyshambles lyrics just lacked meaning. Whereas DPT's are fan-****ing-tastic. Still doherty and barat were one of the best song writing teams of all time, without a doubt. Anyways, this album is fantastic, ive noticed the guitar riffs are so simple showing you dont need to be the best guitarist to make good music. I saw DPT last sunay at Cambridge and they were ****ing awesome, amazing. Brilliant album,. 10/10.
    absolutely amazing! just listen to it and itl make you remember why you like rock music! very well produced with an awesome sound and some really sweet tunes.... i love them all!
    If pete doherty was not stupid enough taken drugs,we would be seeing the libertines still going.
    You do reaize that Carl was taking drugs and shagging his way through their fanbase as well for about half the UTB days? But then, he got out of it, and Pete kept on going. The mans a ****ing train wreck, as much as I hate to admit it. Waterloo To Anywhere is the best album of the year so far. Carl's a ****ing genius, and Didz is beyond words.
    I think he has a very good voice. My favourite is gin and milk because the one part (No one gives a **** about the values I would die for Not the faceless civil servants The rudimentary crack *****...and so on) sounds so fu--in' great. As he was with the libertines i liked him more than Pete "crackhead" Doherty. Amazing Album! BUY IT!!!
    i think the new album ROCKS !!!.I have to disagree with of you guys, i think the libertines were better.If pete doherty was not stupid enough taken drugs,we would be seeing the libertines still going.But no pete has his own band " babyshambles" and carl barratt has his own band "dirty pretty things"
    I thought the opposite that carl proved it wasn't all pete. Carl wrote the riffs in libs btw, pete's not a great riff writer. Songs like bang bang, and deadwood are very well lyrically crafted. Theres maybe less romantisicism but the tracks are pointient and meanful as any babyshambles track.
    Waterloo To Anywhere is definatly a good album, I could safly say its not as perfect as the old libertine sound but, its got just what they had, In some respects its just how they started out with the libertines, Their sound which is different and their hit and miss attitude, The album has the tunes to do well, and maybe the lyrical techniques arnt as perfect as they have been but i feel it fits perfect with the Raw guitar lines, And is a cleverly performed album, although carl looks lonely without pete
    Hmm, Libertines we're far better - UTB probably one of the best, if not the best album since possibly Definately Maybe in terms of poety and harmony... and thats a bold statement.
    I have an admiration for bands like DTP, the artic monkeys Franz ferdinand and a host of other new bands for singign in thier own accents unlike bands like lost prophets.
    Best album of 2006 so far. Better than Babyshambles. Also, Carl's guitar work has just gone back to the basics. When they've stemmed from The Libertines, you just know that nothing is ever going to be as good as that band. The influences are different, and it feels like more of a group than The Libs, who are generally thought of as the Pete and Carl show. The addition of Didz Hammond from the Cooper Temple Clause is a bonus too, he's an excellent bassist. I'll give it a 9.
    ArcherTheVMan wrote: your an idiot.
    Oh! the irony. This album was great, but obviously not as good as The Libertines albums were. Carl lacks Pete's romanticism and lyrics; Pete lacks Carl's thrasing guitars and energy. Not to say that both Babyshambles and DPT are good enough to be great bands in their own rights. The only reason people criticise them is because they know how good Pete & Carl were together.