Asylum review by Disturbed

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  • Released: Aug 31, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.2 (235 votes)
Disturbed: Asylum

Sound — 8
Many Disturbed fans were sceptical about this album, left wondering if the sound that made Disturbed so awesome would still remain...? It did thankfully! Asylum doesn't exactly stretch to newer broader horizons, but stands as more of an 'Indestructible' part 2, as it has a very similar feel to their previous album, which isn't a bad thing, it is after all what made Indestructible so good. David Draimen provided us with some information on the album before its release saying "It's still recognisably Disturbed, but the lyrics are more direct". He was correct. The style hasn't changed whatever, songs like The Animal have that trademark Disturbed electronic intro along with Remnants the albums opener. 01. Remnants: a great opener, not what Disturbed usually do, that being an instrumental lead guitar piece leading onto the title track, Asylum... 02. Asylum: a cracking track in all fairness, sounds like no other song they've ever done, with some cry baby effects added on the guitar. 03. Infection: not an amazing track, more of an album filler than an actual hit. 04. The next Indestructible! It sounds like Indestructible a lot in terms of guitar riffs but the lyrics and verse structure are completely different to it. An excellent tune! 05. Another Way To Die: their first pre-release song, sounds better along with the album than when I heard it as a pre-released song for some reason. Great solo and catchy verse! 06. Never Again: put it this way, I hope they never release a song like this ever again! (no pun intended) The only appalling song on the album. 07. The Animal: probably my favourite on the album, its opening is awesome and blasts into a great riff and overall song! 08. Crucified: probably another album filler nothing special about it. 09. Serpentine: fairly good, a bit more than an album filler, but not fantastic. 10. My Child: a strange and spooky 'heart beat' intro, leading to a pretty good song overall. 11. Sacrifice: another album filler, probably the best of a bad bunch. 12. Innocence: ends on a good note.

Lyrics — 7
Typical Disturbed lyrics: Spooky, haunting, evil, catchy and entertaining! Draimen's voice only falters on Never Again, in which he sounds like he's rapping rather than singing. Lyrics are more direct on this album rather than riddly. Best songs lyrically are probably: Warrior, My Child, and The Animal.

Overall Impression — 7
Indestructible was a hard album to follow, there's no doubting that! They've managed it, but ONLY managed it. I think the grass is still greener in the coming years for Disturbed, even though their success definatly peaked at Indestructible. I did notice on this album that there were less eerie electro intros like on Indestructible, Haunted and Inside the Fire (songs from Indestructible). This album culd've gone further, but simply didn't. However the album still has its fair share of good and very good songs, despite a bit of criticsm. Life long Disturbed fans will probably have mixed thoughts about it, but for it is just simply, a good album. If I lost it or it were stolen, I wouldn't rush to buy it again, but in time I probably would.

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    When bands stick to their own style, they become boring...When bands try new horizons,they become sell outs... Conclusion : The world is full of amazingly dumb retards
    Gary.Blizzard wrote: I actually think the first reviewer had it pretty right. Draiman reminds me of Dio, simply because everything he sings sounds the same.
    except Dio had ****loads of talent, and actually made music that was... you know, good.
    first review is spot on. this is an ok record, though it's hardly new or reinvented. it's, sad to say, much like their live show - metal by numbers.
    More of the same from david but Donegan's guitaring just keeps improving.
    I think that this album is great, possibly my favourite disturbed album. Gonna have to go against the tide on this.
    I didn't enjoy this album much. Just a couple of songs. Back to the days of their older stuff for me. I guess I'll always have Indestructible to love. The U2 cover is nice though.
    Burning Raths
    I don't think Asylum deserves much of the critique it has got after the release. I think it is a very good album.
    the album is growing on me. I can't give up on them just yet. I've loved all of their albums except for this one. I was expecting to be dissapointed, and i was. :\
    So far, I think the album has not much new to offer. If Disturbed want me to keep following them, they should bring on something new to the game. There are still some pretty good tunes on this one though.
    Ten Thousand Fists got me really hooked on Disturbed, and I enjoyed parts of Indestructable. I got the limited edition of Asylum on its release date, and man was I disappointed. Judging the entire disc and not each individual song, this album is not even worth getting in my opinion. Apart from the single the only decent song on this album is "The Animal".
    what the hell happend here? I bought this album and loved it, i come over here to UG, and people think its a new a7x album! GOD! Bring your hate where it belongs people!
    My expectations were met and honestly i'm NOT mad at all for this reason-- Indestructible was a tough act to follow. Like, that album had some of their best guitar solos. Lyrically I like it more than Ten Thousand Fists. On the other hand, this album has textures from both Indestructible and TTF (Asylum sounds like a sequel to Inside the Fire, especially if you've seen how the music video ends). The song which the lyrics caught my attention the most was Crucified and The Infection. Their cover of I still haven't foundwhat I'm looking For was pretty cool although weird.
    To be completely honest, i find Disturbed boring these days, it's always more of the same with those guys. I mean, i'm all for bands staying true to their sound, but bloody hell there does need to be SOME development.
    Disturbed has a lot of talent. They really do...but, im tired of every single one of the guitar riffs sounding the same or the songs being built like every other one. its so boring and unoriginal. i dont think it deserves a "Ten Years of Disturbed" for this I do like a few of their songs. But as i said, we've heard the same thing over and over. Its gotta change up somehow
    If a band releases the same album again and again, why would you buy the new one when you can just listen to the older ones? The only significant change in sound between albums disturbed has had was from the sickness and believe. After that, it was the same thing for the most part. Sure, Indestructible had a slightly darker tone to it, but thats about it. Changing sound is not selling out by the way. Selling out is producing the same album over and over to make money. You'd think artists would want to evolve, mature, and push boundaries.
    Shade7777 wrote: This album was a solid Disturbed album but, like stated above, nothing new. There isn't one song which makes you want to listen it over and over again.
    Well for me there is. The Infection is so good. Great riff, cool verse, awesome chorus and one wicked solo. How can you go wrong with a song like that?
    Another problem is that Dan refuses for some reason to go below Drop C tuning. I know blah blah blah you can write a billion songs in one tuning but it could change their sond a little bit. I heard the titled track and already thought it was more of the same. Minor changes would definitly help. Heck Fear Factory has done synchopated fast triplet or temolo riffs for almost 20 years and most of their stuff still interests me because they can make it different. Blah, random stuff.
    this album obviously isn't their best work but its still good, there are plenty of songs that i could listen to over and over again on this album. But people aren't taking into account the fact that indestructible came out just 2 years ago and asylum needed to be released at least next year in order for them to work out ALL of the kinks, however i still enjoyed the album
    i like another way to die. it's pretty good. i really miss the sickness and 10,000 fists.
    link no1
    meh, its more music from my favorite background music band seriously, i dont think ive ever truly loved a disturbed song...i wouldnt turn it off if it came on, but then again i wouldnt be the guy to put a song on in the first place the sound of any 'new' disturbed song suprises me as much as when a zakk wylde does a pinch harmonic
    Disturbed seemed to just have stalled out after 10,000 Fists, which was a great album. This is nothing special however.
    I agree with very little in these reviews and posts. I, personally, think the album is outstanding. The fact that so few people can appreciate the band for what they are and expect them to be something they're not is just astounding. I don't disagree that the music had room to be stronger, but I'm very happy with the album, as is.
    trigun09 wrote: is it just me or is scoring an album a 5.3 just a little odd? I mean at first I thought it was the average of the other reviews. But that's surely not the case. I really want to listen to an album that's rated 5.5 and see if I can tell the difference. This person must take their reviews SERIOUS. I mean I guess it will be useful for someone who's like "I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO AN ALBUM THAT RATED UNDER 5.21!"
    It's the average of all the parts of the review.
    is it just me or is scoring an album a 5.3 just a little odd? I mean at first I thought it was the average of the other reviews. But that's surely not the case. I really want to listen to an album that's rated 5.5 and see if I can tell the difference. This person must take their reviews SERIOUS. I mean I guess it will be useful for someone who's like "I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO AN ALBUM THAT RATED UNDER 5.21!"
    C. BRUCE
    wow why did this album get such a low score? i thought the album was amazing; but yea there were a few songs that could've been better (like Never Again, and Sacrifice). there was quite a few incredible songs tho. idk, just my opinion tho
    Gary.Blizzard wrote: I actually think the first reviewer had it pretty right. Draiman reminds me of Dio, simply because everything he sings sounds the same.
    Disturbed needs to think a bit more out of the box... strong album, if you haven't heard the others before....
    Having seen both A7X and Disturbed, I will vouch that both bands sound great live.. Disturbed has been and will most likely always be my favorite band, they were my first concert back in '06, on the Music as a Weapon III Tour. I happen to absolutely love this album, it reminds me of Believe in a lot of elements, and that is by far a very good thing. Believe was my favorite album, but I think Asylum may just take it's place.. I think Never Again is the best song on the album, it has a lot of energy (In my opinion) and just keeps it going the whole song.
    formulaic band is formulaic... which is a shame because if they varied what they do a bit they could be very good, instead of just "yeah.. they're alright"
    5MinutesAlone wrote: When bands stick to their own style, they become boring...When bands try new horizons,they become sell outs... Conclusion : The world is full of amazingly dumb retards
    How can a band like Disturbed possibly sell out? They're already the epitome of radio-friendly hard rock.
    Ya know, I don't consider Disturbed (or Avenged Sevenfold since someone brought them up) especially talented. They're really not terribly innovative. However, since the UG Team usually has such terrible reviews, I'm tempted to go out and buy this album just to show how much I disagree with UG reviews.
    JSmith38 wrote: iRockOnline wrote: Avenged Sevenfold slaughters these guys... Disturbed is nice once in a while, but 1 run through the playlist and I'm sick of them.. I could truly listen to Avenged all day... because they're ****ing talented and interesting.. just my opinion though.. and I'm not taking disturbing drugs.. A7X's new stuff is far worse than anything off of this album. To be honest, they have never held a candle to Donegan or Draiman. Shadows can't sing, Synister Gates is over rated. Sorry to burst your happy bubble.
    I can't stand Avenged Sevenfold one bit. I used to LOVE Disturbed back with the Sickness and Believe. But seriously Donegan is nothing special Synister Gates is alot better and yet he doesn't strike me as impressive... Sorry to burst YOUR happy bubble.
    Really boring album, they should have put it out as B-sides album to Indistructible. They definitely need to do something, even if it will be selling out. I prefer going a bit softer, like on Believe. In my opinion, everything clicked on that album, and I consider it my favorite Disturbed album.
    I don't want Disturbed to not sound like Disturbed but you've still got to progress... which Disturbed haven't since 10000 Fists... which I love. Since then they've put out two Albums that only have one good track on. In the case of Asylum is "Another Way To Die" for me, but I'm still not going to waste 8 on one track.
    This album is blah! They need to take their time next time around for the next album. It seems like they're getting complaicent. Just spitting out an album, then touring, touring, then spitting out an album...etc, etc.
    freighttrain wrote: I like this album, they are one of the bands that are great the way they are, but then again I don't see a need for all my favourite bands to keep changing style drastically. I can see how they have evolved over their back catalogue and how there skills increase but in the end if I want to listen to another style of metal I will listen to a different band, if I want to listen to Disturbed I'll listen to them. So all in all I think it's a decent album
    You're the only one with any sense man. people argue and complain that a band sounds the same..well its their style of music. when Megadeth made Risk look what happened. Not many people liked it (although I did because I enjoy acoustic guitar). And if disturbed suddenly went all acoustic or changed to rock instead of metal people wouldnt be happy like they say, instead they'd make reviews and complain of how they've lost their sound. If you want a band to change its style then you obviously can't like the band much. As long as they keep delivering awesome riffs like they do, I'll always like disturbed, and all their albums. Every1 else can **** off and go listen to a7x. they change style for every ****ing song.
    so what the majority is saying is that bands like metallica are genius for creating load/reload? and not "stickinh to the same" haha i swear no band can win when morons are saying this kind of s**t
    man i wish i had that soundbyte for my decks at the start of "conflict", so damn funny... e-e-e-eee-eee-e-e-eeee-enemy!
    Who ever reviewed this post was high. I'm so to say but a lot of the users are too. You guys, it's still Disturbed! Nothing changed! And music dosen't have to change to be good! This sounds just like their old stuff, just more mature. I think the UG Review is a little one sided also. I give the album a 9.5 for everything that Disturbed trys to keep in music today. BTW LadyGaGa sucks...
    I like it. It's as much the same as Slayer's albums are to each other, and Slayer is worshiped on UG. Which is weird, because Disturbed is a much better band.
    Pike777 wrote: i don't think they'll ever make an album to match Indestructible
    Actually, that's the problem. They matched Indestructible TOO MUCH. Hahaha.
    Unit 731
    Has anybody been to the Uproar Tour? These guys were pretty damn good! A7X was better, but still...