Asylum review by Disturbed

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  • Released: Aug 31, 2010
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 4.7 Poor
  • Users' score: 7.2 (235 votes)
Disturbed: Asylum

Sound — 5
Disturbed are a band with a huge amount of experience, and a pretty good back catalogue... So why have they started writing boring, unenthusiastic music? Especially as Asylum was hyped up so much as being better than anything else they had done... Frankly I think they have not pushed anything, and have created a most uninspiring album, in all areas. I have been a fairly stable fan of disturbed over the years, but have never taken them particularly seriously, and even so I can't say anything really good about this album! Of course, if your a massive disturbed fanboy, this is probably the best album to date, but add some perspective, and you get what is essentially boredom...

Lyrics — 4
The lyrics and songwriting have not changed... I think its good that the band have got their working formula, if bands didn't have one, they wouldn't have any direction, but Disturbed have crossed the line, and turned a unique sound into a boring one. The lyrical themes are the same, not much to say about that, but the way David delivers them, feels like he's tried way to hard, which makes him sound tired and lazy... And is it me, but I swear he used to be a pretty good singer? There isnt much of that to be found on this album (the occasional parts of course, but they are lost in the mediocrity). The instruments are guess what... ? The same as always, nothing special, and I know the band can do a lot better! I like the breakdown bit (until the vocals come in) at the end of innocence, but nothing else really stands out...

Overall Impression — 5
The album only compares to the others in the way that every song could easily be the last filler track for each album, the one that everyone skips... It seems like I've ripped the band apart on this review, so I will say that being disturbed, they are still a good band, they just have really let their reputation down with this album. I really can't find much positive about it... If it were stolen I would not buy it again, but go and buy a copy of Ten thousand fists... Oh, and did they accidentally put a U2 cover on the end of the album, what is that?

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    Woah woah woah! Wot the HELL is wrong with all you people!!? Yes 10000 fists was very good, but Indestructible sounded NOTHING like it and was even more awesome!! Asylum also sounds NOTHING like fists. The song Asylum sounds like no other song theyve written, wot about the animal, my child, warrior, innocence ther all good songs. I thought Disturbed fans wud have mixed reviews on this album but this takes the piss!! Are you all so narrow minded that u want to compare it to ttf constantly!? And to the guy who wrote the UG review, have you listened to the album past track 6 at all?? It's like reading summat in kerrang mag, they said this was ther best material then gave it 3 stars :S, ****ing idiots! I'm sorry but Disturbed are still delivering, yes it the same sound, but its the sound that made them as awesome as they are. Peace.
    Caboose911 wrote: not their best album, but i really like it, just another dose of disturbed
    Sum1 whos got sense thank god
    Pike777 wrote: freighttrain wrote: I like this album, they are one of the bands that are great the way they are, but then again I don't see a need for all my favourite bands to keep changing style drastically. I can see how they have evolved over their back catalogue and how there skills increase but in the end if I want to listen to another style of metal I will listen to a different band, if I want to listen to Disturbed I'll listen to them. So all in all I think it's a decent album You're the only one with any sense man. people argue and complain that a band sounds the same..well its their style of music. when Megadeth made Risk look what happened. Not many people liked it (although I did because I enjoy acoustic guitar). And if disturbed suddenly went all acoustic or changed to rock instead of metal people wouldnt be happy like they say, instead they'd make reviews and complain of how they've lost their sound. If you want a band to change its style then you obviously can't like the band much. As long as they keep delivering awesome riffs like they do, I'll always like disturbed, and all their albums. Every1 else can **** off and go listen to a7x. they change style for every ****ing song.
    Thank you! you and freighttrain are the only ones here that ive noticed that seem to have any sense!
    just read your comment Smokinjoerules1 and i gotta say thank you. it seems you to understand why there are different bands and genres of music.
    happygoth wrote: just read your comment Smokinjoerules1 and i gotta say thank you. it seems you to understand why there are different bands and genres of music.
    I do try and make a difference