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artist: Disturbed date: 10/13/2010 category: compact discs
Disturbed: Asylum
Released: August 31, 2010
Genre: Metal/Nu-Metal/Alternative Rock
Label: Reprise
Number Of Tracks: 12
Disturbed's Asylum isn't bad enough to cause the listener any permanent damage, but surely something needs to be done in the music industry to prevent bands from treading the line between tried and tested and just plain boring.
 Sound: 7.3
 Lyrics: 6.9
 Overall Impression: 7.1
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overall: 5.3
Asylum Reviewed by: UG Team, on september 03, 2010
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Sound: Other critics have been taken in by Disturbed's claims to a new sound, or at least something new, different, creative even. This is very much the case... for the first two or three tracks. One of those is an instrumental track, and that is hardly circumstantial. Is it the absence of frontman David Draiman's voice, or is Remnants merely an innocently misleading beginning to an album of mediocrity? The title track works well, reintroducing the listener to what sounds like a rejuvenated Disturbed, fresh and ready for the presentation of a new album. Indeed, the bass guitar riff which initiates the song is impressive; unfortunately, the song lasts for at least two minutes too long, and the music sounds like the backing track to just about any Disturbed song features on any of the last three albums. Infection begins with a rampant guitar riff, which threatens to gallop, or even make the transition to furious tremolo work. Instead, it resorts to a standard David Draiman chorus. Much of the promise here is found in traces, particularly in some of Donegan's guitar work. This is much in evidence in the chorus of Warrior, when Donegan manages to add a little extra to the tired and expected chorus. Much of Draiman's vocal work is tired, restricting the Donegan, Moyer, and Wengren to working towards his vocal talents. This is a natural thing for any band to do, but in Disturbed's case, the natural tendency to working to a vocalist's talents is unrelenting, excessive, and restricting. Dogging Disturbed are questions of the band's vitality, relevance and innovation. Aside from the slight redemption gained through The Animal, Disturbed has failed to answer these questions with any authority. In other news, Sacrifice almost threatens to be Disturbed's Walk, before cementing itself as a minor success on an album of such monotony. // 5

Lyrics: An undoubtedly talented vocalist, Draiman's delivery cannot be faulted if evaluated in a narrow sense. Sadly, he has long failed to push his own boundaries in what he does with his talents. He over-relies upon his critically acclaimed rhythmic voice, and even his distorted bellowing. In danger of becoming a one trick pony, Draiman needs to step it up in time for Disturbed's next effort. Lyrically, we're looking at a lot of the same material that Draiman has explored before. He draws upon a variety of personal feelings, most notably, the Holocaust (Never Again). It would be wrong to question Draiman's sincerity in writing the song, but it is always hazardous when contributing to an issue as well documented and contributed to as the Holocaust. In the event, perhaps it is refreshing to hear Draiman's direct approach to the topic. From the title of the songNever Againto the passion and fury as Draiman sings You dare to tell me that there never was a Holocaust, you think that history will leave the memory lost? It might not be subtle or smart, but Draiman gets his point across without the frills and skills of many of his contemporaries. It works well on Never Again, but perhaps Disturbed would benefit from someone with a little more poetry and lithe to their song-writing. // 6

Overall Impression: Disturbed has delivered another album whose songs could just as easily have made it onto any of the band's other albums. A tried and tested formula is all very well, but Disturbed needs to offer better next time round. There is a fine line between tried and tested and just plain boring. // 5

- Sam Agini (c) 2010

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overall: 8
Asylum Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 03, 2010
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Sound: Asylum is Disturbeds fifth album. Arguably their strongest album, yet it keeps that familiarity of Disturbed in it. Some songs seem to have that "I've heard it before" sound. Songs like Serpentine, crucified, and leave it alone are the major contributors to that factor. The guitar work is amazing, Donegan stepped up his game, and really brought it to the next level. The drums and bass really bonded together and provided an exceptional rhythm section. But even though the instrumental work is outstanding, Davids voice seemed to be the same throughout the album. // 8

Lyrics: Lyrically this album is outstanding. All the songs have this dark edge to them, that really show a maturation in the band. According to David, theyre alot more straightforward and not as cryptic as they used to be. My lyrical standouts are The Animal, Asylum, Sacifice, Innocent, My Child, and the Warrior. The Warrior is a Indestructible-esque type pf song lyrically. Another war based song, this one not as miliatary related, more based on the warrior inside. The sound of the vocals fit good with the music. But it seems like David really just kept to being his cryptic self for his vocals, not much new to the table vocally. // 8

Overall Impression: This album stands out compared to the other albums, not one song I didn't like. The most impressive songs are The Warrior, Innocent, The Infection, The Animal, and Asylum. I love the advancement instrumentally, and the lyrical amazingness. I don't like how there isnt much variation in Davids voice. I downloaded so it can get lost, so I'm willingly stuck with it. // 8

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overall: 8.7
Asylum Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 03, 2010
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Sound: For this album the band came through with yet another mind blowing album, the sound was very well done and it was put together in a way that any Distubed fan would continue to know Distubed is never going to change. David continues to tear up the vocals while increasing the intense experience of Dans guitar skill. The singles released for this album did not do it justice. This is truly well put together album. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics of the songs are well written, but does not top the way the instruments sound. I am quite impressed none the less. I am very happy to see the band has not changed the lyric style as a lot of bands are starting too, they still are about real issues, or stuff people can relate too. They make you really think and if you can try and relate this can be a fantastic experience. // 8

Overall Impression: Disturbed really came through with an incredible album, instruments to me beat out almost everything, but Davids' voice almost acts as another instrument and really pulls it all together. I say for anyone who likes Disturbed this album will be more than you were expecting, it really is incredible. Top 3 choices of songs would have to be Warrior, Innocent, leave it alone. These songs as you will see each have a very different sound, but showcase the variety in Disturbed over the years. I would purchase this album as the deluxe edition because the live music featured (for anyone who has seen them live) will bring you back, and the people who haven't this will make you want to see them live. // 9

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overall: 7.3
Asylum Reviewed by: Smokinjoerules1, on september 03, 2010
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Sound: Many Disturbed fans were sceptical about this album, left wondering if the sound that made Disturbed so awesome would still remain...? It did thankfully! Asylum doesn't exactly stretch to newer broader horizons, but stands as more of an 'Indestructible' part 2, as it has a very similar feel to their previous album, which isn't a bad thing, it is after all what made Indestructible so good. David Draimen provided us with some information on the album before its release saying "It's still recognisably Disturbed, but the lyrics are more direct". He was correct. The style hasn't changed whatever, songs like The Animal have that trademark Disturbed electronic intro along with Remnants the albums opener. 01. Remnants: a great opener, not what Disturbed usually do, that being an instrumental lead guitar piece leading onto the title track, Asylum... 02. Asylum: a cracking track in all fairness, sounds like no other song they've ever done, with some cry baby effects added on the guitar. 03. Infection: not an amazing track, more of an album filler than an actual hit. 04. The next Indestructible! It sounds like Indestructible a lot in terms of guitar riffs but the lyrics and verse structure are completely different to it. An excellent tune! 05. Another Way To Die: their first pre-release song, sounds better along with the album than when I heard it as a pre-released song for some reason. Great solo and catchy verse! 06. Never Again: put it this way, I hope they never release a song like this ever again! (no pun intended) The only appalling song on the album. 07. The Animal: probably my favourite on the album, its opening is awesome and blasts into a great riff and overall song! 08. Crucified: probably another album filler nothing special about it. 09. Serpentine: fairly good, a bit more than an album filler, but not fantastic. 10. My Child: a strange and spooky 'heart beat' intro, leading to a pretty good song overall. 11. Sacrifice: another album filler, probably the best of a bad bunch. 12. Innocence: ends on a good note. // 8

Lyrics: Typical Disturbed lyrics: Spooky, haunting, evil, catchy and entertaining! Draimen's voice only falters on Never Again, in which he sounds like he's rapping rather than singing. Lyrics are more direct on this album rather than riddly. Best songs lyrically are probably: Warrior, My Child, and The Animal. // 7

Overall Impression: Indestructible was a hard album to follow, there's no doubting that! They've managed it, but ONLY managed it. I think the grass is still greener in the coming years for Disturbed, even though their success definatly peaked at Indestructible. I did notice on this album that there were less eerie electro intros like on Indestructible, Haunted and Inside the Fire (songs from Indestructible). This album culd've gone further, but simply didn't. However the album still has its fair share of good and very good songs, despite a bit of criticsm. Life long Disturbed fans will probably have mixed thoughts about it, but for it is just simply, a good album. If I lost it or it were stolen, I wouldn't rush to buy it again, but in time I probably would. // 7

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overall: 8
Asylum Reviewed by: mramazing818, on october 13, 2010
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Sound: Since the esteemed members of have delivered such scathing reviews of this album, I felt it was necessary to contribute an alternate point of view, after all, every accused needs a defense. Disturbed's Asylum was released in August of 2010, after 10 years together as a band. While not their masterpiece, this album is nothing to be ashamed of. The sound of this album is exactly what allows it to stand among Disturbed's other work without fading into the background. Certainly, it does not depart from style very far, but there is a degree of innovation here. Remnants sets the stage very well, and Asylum follows it with equal vigour. This is some of guitarist Dan Donegan's best work, in my opinion. He has mastered the art of multi-tracking himself on guitar, and his electronic additions well earn him the title of "The Dan Donegan Orchestra," as the band sometimes refers to him. "Serpentine" is a track I feel is particularly noteworthy in this regard. The Animal, Warrior, and the surprise U2 cover, "Ishwilf" are all songs showcasing Donegan's superb ear. 9 for remaining true to style while creating music with genuine impact. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics on this album are nothing special. Aside from a few tracks. I admit, other than a few tracks which I intend to point out, this is effectively standard fare Disturbed. Many songs tend to blend into a schmozzle of dark musings, but there is potential here. "The Animal" is a shining example of this. David Draiman's intensity is unrivaled, and the song paints a bloody, gothic, poetic picture. Sure, it's a werewolf song. Somehow, it still works. "Another Way To Die" is scary. Particularly when combined with the video, it is a disconcerting awakening to the consequences of our actions as an industrialized society. Mixing barked verses with an anthemic chorus, this song is an excellent lyrical contribution. Other songs I like in terms of the lyrics are The Infection, Warrior, and the bonus track, Leave it Alone. The album gets a 7 lyrically because as I said, aside from these few, the others are nothing new. However, David Draiman is nothing if not emphatic, and manages to keep the monotony in check. Mostly. I like him as a singer. // 7

Overall Impression: Now, the overall impression. In my humble opinion, this album is more than worthy of a full playthrough or five. I've listened to it a great deal since it came out. Disturbed have carved themselves a niche in the genre of metal, and they have proven themselves capable once again. In fact, I actually listen to Disturbed more than Ozzy! There! I said it! Despite this album's somewhat lackluster filler tracks, it's still a decent piece of work. My favorite songs on the album are as follows: Leave It Alone, The Infection, Another Way to Die, and Warrior. I would buy it again if I found myself out of possession, and I recommend it to any and all fans of Disturbed. My overall mark for this album is an 8. Let the flamers come. // 8

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overall: 4.7
Asylum Reviewed by: opeth714, on september 07, 2010
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Sound: Disturbed are a band with a huge amount of experience, and a pretty good back catalogue... So why have they started writing boring, unenthusiastic music? Especially as Asylum was hyped up so much as being better than anything else they had done... Frankly I think they have not pushed anything, and have created a most uninspiring album, in all areas. I have been a fairly stable fan of disturbed over the years, but have never taken them particularly seriously, and even so I can't say anything really good about this album! Of course, if your a massive disturbed fanboy, this is probably the best album to date, but add some perspective, and you get what is essentially boredom... // 5

Lyrics: The lyrics and songwriting have not changed... I think its good that the band have got their working formula, if bands didn't have one, they wouldn't have any direction, but Disturbed have crossed the line, and turned a unique sound into a boring one. The lyrical themes are the same, not much to say about that, but the way David delivers them, feels like he's tried way to hard, which makes him sound tired and lazy... And is it me, but I swear he used to be a pretty good singer? There isnt much of that to be found on this album (the occasional parts of course, but they are lost in the mediocrity). The instruments are guess what... ? The same as always, nothing special, and I know the band can do a lot better! I like the breakdown bit (until the vocals come in) at the end of innocence, but nothing else really stands out... // 4

Overall Impression: The album only compares to the others in the way that every song could easily be the last filler track for each album, the one that everyone skips... It seems like I've ripped the band apart on this review, so I will say that being disturbed, they are still a good band, they just have really let their reputation down with this album. I really can't find much positive about it... If it were stolen I would not buy it again, but go and buy a copy of Ten thousand fists... Oh, and did they accidentally put a U2 cover on the end of the album, what is that? // 5

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overall: 7.7
Asylum Reviewed by: Jailbreaker, on september 13, 2010
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Sound: Disturbed... That band can't be compared to some other bands like they do in today's music. This band is really different. They have their own style and they force it through years. Their riffs are so simple, but the thing a lot of fans like all over the world is The Voice Line. Just think about some song from "Indestructible", "Facade", "Indestructible", "Divide"... They all have great voice lines. The sound of the new album is pretty much the same like in the "Indestructible".Maybe this album should be called "Indestructible 2", because a lot of thing is attached to last album (there is even a song called "Warrior" that is with lyrics and riff really similar to "Indestructible" song). The material they gave us at the end is really good, but because I, with the rest of the fans, watched You Tube videos about band's "Greatest album ever" I expected a lot more than just the same album wit a couple of changes... // 7

Lyrics: As I said, voice lines in all their song are magnificent. But as years goes by the voice is becoming "something" that is not needed in metal. I was listening to this album over and over again, but I just can't feel the power of Draiman's vocals that was there before. The lyrics are good, best are in "Another Way To Die" and "The Animal" but the thing I like the most is when Draiman says: "Are You Ready?" in "Warrior", that is the only moment when I feel that he wants to take me to his dark world but... Draiman, you can do it better. // 8

Overall Impression: Disturbed is the band I'll always listen. When I just want to do headbanging or walking dark streets of the city, I put some of their song on my MP3 player, you can feel their desire to make you feeling awesome. "Asylum", "Another Way To Die", "Never Again", "The Animal"... They are all great songs but it's just like they didn't want to go any further. They just need to stop promoting new albums and just record them the best way they can and I will be satisfied. // 8

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