Indestructible review by Disturbed

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  • Released: Jun 3, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (473 votes)
Disturbed: Indestructible

Sound — 10
Some of the songs are new material compared to other disturbed albums. Especially the guitar; in almost every song, there is a guitar solo. On their other albums, the guitar is only featured on a couple of songs. The music was prepared much better than previously before. Although, some tracks from indestructible are very similar to the rest. But the rest are brand new, fresh disturbed songs. You can feel the power and adrenaline just listening.

Lyrics — 9
All of the songs have a deep meaning behind them. For example, 'Inside The Fire' was written after the singer, David Draiman, had dealt with someone who had committed suicide, and his thoughts afterward. Many of the songs are very powerful. In 'Indestructible', the lyrics show how confident someone is in war. It is also mentioned in 'Divide', that someone is a ruling person and at a level that towers other people. The powerful words are pure strength and confidence.

Overall Impression — 9
There are many songs that are incredible and beat the previous 'top Disturbed songs.' There is some repetitive rhythms, but a great job in preparing and delivering new sounds to the already amazing Disturbed library. Overall, very energetic and powerful material to jam out to. Go forth and bang your head.

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    i dont care wat anyone says, disturbed is the best band ever and this album rocks as well as there other 3!
    Ok, Ive been A Disturbed fan for a long time, Im familure with all 4 of their cd's. The Sickness- has that grabing sensation, that every song you hear from the cd makes you want to listen to the next. Beleive- While meaning full, they didnt have the they did 10 thousand fists- They did a sort of a come back, the songs were very good, yet didnt have the grabing feel to each and every one of them Indestructible- EVERY SINGLE SONG=AMAZING All the riffs...the lyrics, the general feel of the album not only makes you want to listen, but makes you want to listen to each and every song from the cd AGAIN AND AGAIN. Highlights for me. Deceiver Perfect Insanity The Curse Divide =)
    I've noticed a lot of people who say that the lyrics are bad, simple, juvenile, and rubbish, but i would like to know what the hell they listen to that has so much better lyrics, yet should still allow them to comment on this album
    AWSOME!!!! to me nothing like down w/the sickness but so far my second favorite from distubed!!definetly a must buy if you like any of their previous work
    this album is great for many reasons...for one they decided to think outside their power chords module. Dan really has some amazing songwriting skills and considering most metal bands now days have multiple guitarist Donegan is great. His work fits the songs, he doesnt do too much and ruin the song. I love how he reached for the whammy bar in "the curse", that to me was very impressive. and for David, he has never been the best vocalists in the world, but for Disturbed style, he fits very nicely, and i think the reason he sounds weak, is the mixing of the cd, the guitar is on top on this album it seems... but all in all, its their best outing yet. 9/10
    just to get the sense of the lyrics, you guys should look into the story of this guy's life. his girlfriend commit suicide and his apartment was burned down shortly after, hence the term "indestructible". his attitude of how he's gone through so much and saying "what more can you throw at me". i think just that alone makes the album worth listening to, it's all very powerful lyrics, he's not pulling this stuff out of his ass to please the public. and no i'm not emo, pissed off, or 13, so don't blame the fact that i slightly like the band on those things.