Indestructible review by Disturbed

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  • Released: Jun 3, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (473 votes)
Disturbed: Indestructible

Sound — 10
Hard rock group Disturbed is back with their latest release, Indestructible. Indestructible is Disturbed's third consecutive #1 debut on the Billboard 200, and it remained in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 for five consecutive weeks. Only six other rock bands have accomplished three consecutive #1 debuts, including Dave Matthews Band, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Staind, U2, and Van Halen. As a huge Disturbed fan it is hard to be objective but even as a big fan of them, the album is good. Before the album was released, singer David Draiman claimed the album would be darker, and more fast paced. They definitely deliver in that aspect. Indestructible is a heavier record than their last 2, Ten Thousand Fists and Believe, and it's a solid album. One thing I noticed while listening to this album is that the drumming has improved. Mike Wengren stepped it up a bit, and on Indestructible the drums are much more complex and faster than anything they've done before. The drumming on the intro to "Enough" is very catchy, reminds me of their famous intro "Down With The Sickness" just a little bit. The music meshes very well together too, as if it is just one powerful wall of sound, like when the guitars in "Haunted" kick in for example. Dan Donegan has really evolved as a guitarist, probably the best in hard rock today, and he can really shred. He writes extremely heavy guitar riffs. It's amazing how in Drop #C he can write such heavy riffs that actually have a sense of melody as well. Their promise of more solo's on this record definitely did ring true. Dan added some new tricks on this album as far as solo's go, such as: finger tapping, some arpeggios, and some whammy bar tricks. Songs like "The Curse" have some cool whammy bar tricks, "Perfect Insanity" has a very fast tapping solo, and the solo on "The Night" is amazing, and has a little bit of everything, alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping, you name it, something for everyone! There's a bunch more songs with solid solo's. Overall the songs are very catchy, these guys can write some pretty amazing hooks. There are some very heavy parts too, reminiscient of their first album, The Sickness. Such as the pre-chorus to "Inside The Fire", and the intro and bridge to "Deciever". John Mayer has some cool lines too, like the thudding bass line in the verses to "Indestructible", and the groovy bass line in "Facade". Every song offers a little something different.

Lyrics — 8
Draiman can write some pretty good lyrics. Not great, but not bad either. There are some cliched topics, like war, the troops, relationship problems, etc, things that aren't that out of the ordinary. Although with Disturbed, it is often not the lyrics themselves that can touch you, it is what's behind the words, as a few songs are extremely deep and unique. "Inside The Fire" for example deals with the true story of how vocalist David Draiman once had a girlfriend that committed suicide, when he was about 16. It's about a vision he had, of him standing over his dead girlfriend's body, with the devil behind him, whispering in his ear for him to kill himself and join her. Hence the lyrics "Release your life, take your place inside the fire with her". The closing track "Facade" covers an interesting topic, as it is about a woman who is being physically abused, and can't stand it any longer, as she wants to kill her abuser. "The Curse" deals with some bad luck Draiman has had over the last few years, such as a motorcycle accident, his garage burning down, bad relationships, etc. There are some powerful lyrics on this record. "The Night", one of the stand out tracks on the album, and in my opinion one of the best songs they've ever done, has some great lyrics. Especially the very empowering chorus, "In a world beyond controlling, are you going to deny the savior, in front of your eyes? Stare into the night. Power beyond containing, are you going to remain a slave for the rest of your life? Give into the night." Overall, some cliched lyrics, yet some powerful, unique ones to make up for it. Draiman delivers the lyrics very well, however. He can scream, like in the intro and bridge to "Deceiver", and he does some cool chanting/screaming in the bridge to "Enough." Of course, he is very versatile and can sing very melodically. During "Enough", the chorus is very melodic, and the vocals are outstanding as Draiman hits some high notes, same for the chorus to "The Night". "Torn" also has some amazing vocal work. Of course, his trademark staccato vocal delivery is still there, along with his signature "wah ah ah" still, such as in the intros to "The Curse" and "Criminal," although it is not something he decides to do as much as he used to. Draiman has a very unique voice, and he is very versatile, whether singing, chanting, or screaming, and anything in-between. His vocals really shine on this record, and make up for some of the songs with weaker lyrics.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, this record was very good. Probably their best work to date. Retains some elements from all 3 previous albums, and a little bit of new stuff. David still pulls off some amazing vocals, Dan really stepped up his soling and overall playing, Mike pulled off his best work, and John, although you can't hear him that much, has a few cool bass lines. Not perfect, I don't like some of the lyrics, and some of the songs sound like stuff they have done before (like "Torn"). Overall, a heavier, more aggressive album than their previous 2, and definitely darker and deeper. It has elements from all of their previous work. If it were lost/stolen, I'd kill the person that took it and force them to listen to some Britney Spears! I kid, I kid. But I love this album and I'd get another one for sure. Disturbed is back, better than ever. Can't wait until their next one.

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    i love how many people are complaining that Disturbed only seems to have one sound or this album sounds just like all their others... wake up. You are the people that whine when bands try and please stupid fickle fans like you. Example- Metallica. Everyone loved them untill the Black Album, then guess what? They changed their sound and people said it sucked. DON'T BASH A GOOD THING! Disturbed is Disturbed. Don't try and make them into something else. This album is a great example of progression- they keep a trademarked sound while refining almost every aspect of their music.
    to whoever wrote this review, obviously dan and david provided most of the melody of the album. there's only two other people in the band and they're the bassist and drummer.
    I listened to the album. I;m not sure if I just wasn't really paying attention, or it sounded kind of repetitive. The only song thatstood out for me was inside the fire. I wasn't impressed by this album. I guess its because of dan's over use of the chugging and that over all feel.
    Has no one heard their first album? I mean, it pummels anything they've done after. Everything else they've put out is overly chuggy, repetitive, and David's lyrical abilities have been deteriorating in a steady and swift way. Not to mention his vocal melodies are weak and meager compared to what he did on The Sickness. Wake up, people. They're making music that is friendly to the music industry. It's a perfect example of a good band bowing out for more money. Which is sad, because they didn't have to. The Sickness was a top seller. I'm not saying they should have repackaged the album and put out the same thing, but making such an obviously harsh gear change from fairly marketable hard rock/almost metal to radio-darling pop-metal is sad and offensive to many original fans like me.
    Also, does no one know that Perfect Insanity was written before they got a record deal? That song is almost ten years old. No kidding it stands out on this album. It's the only thing that comes close to what Disturbed was before they became rubbish. I don't blame Fuzz for bailing out when he did.
    i think im probably one of the only ppl that seems to love the song 'Enough'. its just brilliant. i like a bit of hardcore metal or whatever its called. but im more into hard rock. such bands as breaking benjamin and trustcompany. but the song 'enough' is amazing. the chorus is the highlight. its a bit slower paced and has a draw about it. every word is just as important as the one preceeding it and after it. it has a hard rock feel.