Indestructible review by Disturbed

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  • Released: Jun 3, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.8 (473 votes)
Disturbed: Indestructible

Sound — 7
This album is pretty much the stereotypical Disturbed sound. I mean, it's good, and enjoyable, but not necessarily amazing. It's a bit less of their older style, from "The Sickness" but it is obviously Disturbed, by David Draiman's voice, and the guitar work of Dan Donegan. I was pretty excited for this album to come out, but I think it fell a bit short.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics themselves, are decent at best. I mean, there is a lot more focus on relationships gone wrong on this album than on "Ten Thousand Fists" or even "The Sickness." Which isn't necessarily a problem, it's just a bit different from the regular Disturbed lyric vault. As always, David Draiman's delivery of the lyrics is extremely impressive. It is still strong, and powerful, but skillfully, it's not much a stretch or progression from what he has already done. Not that I expected too much expansion, but I was left wanting more after listening.

Overall Impression — 6
Overall, this album fell short of my expectations. It was enjoyable, but it feels like a lot of the songs are just fillers between the few good stand-out songs. Too much filler. Some notable songs are: "Indestructible" "Inside the Fire" "Deceiver" and "Perfect Insanity." I love the Disturbed sound, and everything about it, but I do wish there was more of a stretch, more of a progression about the music on this album. If it were stolen, I'd more than likely buy it again.

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    it was a great album but sometimes the lyrics seemed to just be a bit to boring and what i mean is there kinda bland and this is my favorite band so im not bashing them and people that ar should not even be on this review if you dont like them go somwhere else.
    parkway drive<3
    probably their best album! i picked it up saturday and havent stopped listening to it! the night, inside the fire, indestructible, deceiver and facade are prolly the best songs on the album. everything else is good to except for haunted just didnt like that :/ and about the lyrics indestructibles lyrics werent to great but davids voice is just so immense it makes up for it and dans riffs are just freaking epic! if u dont like this album then there is something wrong with u haha
    King afed
    decayingdave wrote: Spirit_Crusher wrote: more pseudo-metal for pissed off thirteen year olds. can't wait to not hear it. Damn' right, it's generic, un-original and required no talent to compose... Just like chav music. Another way to back up my statement is this - Has anyone here who is over the age of 15 been SOBER and enjoyed disturbed? I think not...
    Shut the **** up, how stupid can you both get. I'm over 15 and sober and I like disturbed. Most people I know that like metal and rock but hate nu metal, still like disturbed. I will always be a nu metal fan despite what idiots like you two say.
    Wow no one mentioned the Torn solo, thats hellasick. The albums a culmination of everything they do, I still like the melodic vocals and guitar lines from the Believe album, but this really is their best work to date. The album grows on you, Disturbed have always had good 'driving' songs and this is an awesome 'working out' album. I mean you guys do know what exercise is? you dont just sit with your beer belly and noodle arms on this forum all day right?