Ten Thousand Fists review by Disturbed

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  • Released: Sep 20, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (388 votes)
Disturbed: Ten Thousand Fists

Sound — 10
Well, I've been listening to Disturbed for more than a year now and am highly 'educated' about their previous music. We've seen The Sickness and its hard hitting sound and we've seen Believe's melodic structure; Disturbed frontman David Draiman has claimed a fusion of both the styles on the latest album Ten Thousand Fists, and I see that the album definitely does have elements from their past life as well as new ground that has been covered. 01. 10,000 Fists - is a strong, amazing composition to give you 'typical Disturbed music'. It starts of with a teasing sitar type sound and soon changes to a smashing riff that carries this song through. Theres nothing that stands out about this song, its just a really good song. 02. Just Stop - is very nelodic song and a good follow up to the starter. 03. Guarded - was the first track that I heard and probably the first one that I stopped listening to. To put it in simple words, its not one of those songs I can listen to as much as I do the rest of the album. Its good, but I didn't click with it. 04. Diefy - is an extremely cool song. Draimans powerful vocals and the heavy riffs make this song stand out alot. 05. Stricken - Disturbed first single off Ten Thousand Fists. Does it deserve it? Ofcourse it does, I mean, the song just shows how matured Disturbed have come to be. Every member of the band are really belting out their signature sound, with also an amazing solo from Donegan. One of the most amazing songs on the album. 06. I'm Alive - what can I say, it's a brilliant concept and amazing song. None knows why, but this is easily one of the best songs on the album. May even be my favourite at the moment and hence, the best on the album, at the moment. 07. Son Of A Plunder - despite the name being confusing as hell, this song is a real heavy rocker. Its one of the jumpy kick ass songs on the album, really reminds you of Intoxication, Believe. 08. Overburdened - is a slow heart felt song with good lyrics, a nice wah-wah driven solo acompanies the whole sadness, very atmospheric and a great listen. One of the best. 09. Decadence - has an amaing groove to it, a very unconventional verse accompanied with one of those signature power chorus' Disturbed seem to excel at. 10. Forgiven - is a catchy song but a little lyrically exhausted. A lot of repitition makes this one a wee bit bugging with many listens. 11. Land Of Confusion - Genisis cover, an awesome song. It's kinda funny the way it starts out, but after that its realy good stuff. I havent heard the original but I think this song by itself is really well done. 12. Sacred Life - a good song, didn't very much stand out to me but I still listen to it. A theme about the war not being over and people dying for no reason. 13. Pain Redifined - very cool. It's got the same characteristics of Decadence. I love the vocal part through the chorus. The only thing is that the "Memories don't lie" part is not very inspiring. 14. Avarice - the album closure is a very heavy song(probably the heaviest on the album). Though it isn't one of the highlights, its just enough to give this album a mediocre ending. Lets just say, I'm glad its the shortest song.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are good, not the least bit bad, but not extraordiary. I would rate Believe highest in this field, but Ten Thousand Fists is a decent follow up. 'Ten Thousand Fists in the air'. Not much of a theme if you ask me. Fortunately, most of the songs on this album have a more meaningful message. There's no questioning Draiman's abilities, he IS an amazing vocalist who can sweep right from the scariest growls to the most soothing singing. His abily to change the mood of the song, make it more aggressive or light, makes the whole album more tasteful. There is some repetition that gets bugging in some songs. For example in the song Pain Redifined, who would say 'memories dont lie' so many damn times. I mean we heard it the first few times! But as a whole the lyrical concepts and general vocals are very good indeed.

Overall Impression — 9
Disturbed are a band that I really have to rate among my top 5 bands (there's Dream Theater in there, so that's saying alot), because they never cease to improve on themselves as musicians. Each member of the band wishes to develope their style and push their boundaries-its admirable. On this album, David Draiman (vocals) and Dan Donegan (guitar) really seem to shine out to me. Draiman had started the whole 'singing' thing with Believe, I don't think a couple of monkey calls and some diseased screaming count as singing, it was cool at one point in The Sickness, they moved out of it. Draiman has added a great voice to this album, there is some of the screaming, but he manages to control himself. The only thing that bugs me is that he repeats too many things too many times which gives the impression that they hadn't written enough lyrics and were compensating for it. As for guitarist, Dan Donegan, he has developed from a couple of cool riffs and harmonics (The Sickness) to really catchy melodies and prgressions that blend full with the lyrics (Believe) and now has come to an all new level. On Ten Thousand Fists we can see some of his soloing ability and very heavy riffing. I don't think he's reached his full creative capacity but this was a good start. The start of the album is very absorbing and makes you want to listen to the whole thing; unfortunately, the ending track 'Avarive' is terribly weak(even though its got so much damn bass). The album makes you want to know what happens after. After all this, where will Distured take their music?? Its something I really wanna see, them take there brand of music to higher levels. All things considered, I would rate this album higher than its predecessors because of its high quality definition of who Disturbed are now. This is definetely one of my favourite albums and I really love haveing it. If its lost, its worth buying again. The album is amazing and I do recommend getting it, its just mind-blowing. Another mark of real artistic brilliance Disturbed leave with this album. Ten Thousand Fists. Amazing performance by all four members of the band. Hope the review was of help, I was trying to be as unbiased as I could be!

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