Ten Thousand Fists review by Disturbed

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  • Released: Sep 20, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (388 votes)
Disturbed: Ten Thousand Fists

Sound — 9
When I saw the reviews of this album, I was confused. I love Disturbed, and both of their albums, and as far as I saw, music media agreed. But what horrors I saw when I bought my copy of Kerrang! to see a 1 out of 5, 8th of a page review of 10,000 Fists, claiming David Draiman is turning into Phil Collins. What a load of shit. Just cause he's bald, and Disturbed covered a Genesis song doesn't in any way mean the singer is anything like Phil Collins. I normally trust Kerrang in my album buys, but after reading another 6 out of 10 review in another magazine, I knew I had to buy it to see what was going on. I bought it, put it on, listened to Ten Thousand Fists and almost decided never to listen to Kerrang again, although Kerrang did say the first, title track was great, they underestimated it. It is the best Disturbed song ever, and a defining song of its genre. The album as a whole isnt as great as that track, but it is still damn good. F--k Kerrang! Heavy guitar riffs with muscle, and an edge to them. David's animal noises are present too, scattered in very random places, not used so much to introduce riffs (as done in previous albums) but in verses and all over the place.

Lyrics — 8
I've never been a huge fan of Disturbed's lyrics, but these are a big improvement. Lyrics in songs such as Ten Thousand Fists and Guarded are great. David is a unique singer, and not just because of his grunts and howls either. Listen to the chorus of Just Stop, and you know its Disturbed, and that is down to his voice. Words like redemtion are used too much, and that is one downer.

Overall Impression — 7
01. Ten Thousand Fists - what would you expect to hear after the drums leading into the riff? "Wahahaha" would be most fans guess, but instead Draiman makes a statement which lasts throughout the song, in shouting "Survival!", you insantly think of the great artwork, and also a scene in the 2nd matrix movie, where Morpheous addresses Zion, it is instantly a rebel anthem. Absolutely stunning 10/10. 02. Just Stop - 2nd out of 2 songs to start with a techno-tinged intro, this song goes into a less powerful riff though. Which shows that in this album, Disturbed won't be sticking to rebel-rousing and fist-raising. Completely singable chorus, which might bring some emo kids into Disturbed's fanbase. Great song in general 10/10. 03. Guarded - rushed verse and riff slowing down and quietening down significantly to another one, then making an exciting speed riff, then slowing down again for the chorus, quickly rushing back into the verse. More tempo changes than a System Of A Down song would normally bring. I see why the released this online, weeks before the first single was released. They have definitely brought in some fans with this song. But it doesn't have a massive hook, which is what makes a good Disturbed song a great one 9/10. 04. Deify - very cool pre-chorus, but the rest of the song is a bit boring. The verse does have a menacing feel to it, which would go perfectly in The Sickness 8/10. 05. Stricken - first single, and a good one too. Good riff, but a typical Beleive-era Disturbed song. This album unites Beleive and The Sickness well, which is shown in Ten Thousand Fists, but it is always good to have songs which stick to one. This is one of them 10/10. 06. I'm Alive - the verse has a soft hook to it, and the chorus has a swing. The song as a whole reminds me of some kind of pirate sing-songm but with heavy guitars. Interesting song 8/10. 07. Sons Of Plunder - Liberate-like song, but with less of an anthemic chorus. But not many Disturbed songs have a chorus that big. This kind of song is what I call a "good filler," it isn't anything special, but it is a good song, but average isnt the right word either 9/10. 08. Overburdened - starts like a System Of A Down song, with a Thin Lizzy-like guitar plays in the background. It then goes into the main part, and it sounds like a bloody HIM song. Not Good. You just have to hope it has a strong chorus, and it does. That is all that stops it from being absolute rubbish 7/10. 09. Decadence - a typical use of the Draiman-grunt, with a typical use of a frantic riff. A typical emotion-riddled chorus, and a typical Disturbed song. Although this isnt necesarily a bad thing, this is a filler 5/10. 10. Forgiven - good way to recover from Decadence, with a hooky vocal, and a very good riff. Another good filler 8/10. 11. Land Of Confusion - this is what every review I have seen of this album has been criticizing. I do wonder why they chose to cover a song like this, but it is very well performed, and I think it is a great song. Draiman sounds right for the song, and the guitar especially is exectued brilliantly 10/10. 12. Sacred Lie - from now I expect all the songs to be pretty bad, because not many albums with more than 12 tracks have no bad songs. And I have been proved right here, this song isnt much good really, stick it at the front half of the album, and it's good, but I've already heard this song 7/10. 13. Pain Redefined - the intro is astonishing, how does a heavy metal band make themselves sound like The Prodigy? This song is actually very good, with the biggest change from The Sickness Disturbed have made. It does remind you of Beleive, but it has something else, which Disturbed could and should build on when they start writing a 4th album 9/10. 14. Avarice - the only song under 3 minutes. This song reminds me of Metallica St. Anger album, but with cleaner guitars, and of course James Hetfield and David Draiman sound nothing like eachother. This is a good song though 8/10. Overall, this is a good mix of Beleive and The Sickness, with songs mixing the two, and pairs of songs going back to respective albums. The thing they havent done is made much new. The cover of Land Of Confusion is inspirded, and Pain Redefined has something to work on, but without those two songs, this would signal the end of Disturbeds success.

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