Ten Thousand Fists review by Disturbed

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  • Released: Sep 20, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (389 votes)
Disturbed: Ten Thousand Fists

Sound — 9
I made a head on collision with the band Disturbed back in 03. My friend had loaned me a copy of the Queen Of The Damned CD. I remember reaching track 9 and the heavy screech/howl that the headphones emitted both terrified and excited me. The heavy bass was a headbanging thrill. And that Mantra "Get up, get down with the sickness," how could get that out of my head. The sound was beautiful and petrifying. And that's the point. Disturbed's sound can be best described a pleasurable, body-rocking, headbanging fright. Ten Thousand Fists has not departed from that tradition. It gets you rocking and singing aloud, screaming it when prompted.

Lyrics — 8
Disturbed rocks you not only with a heavy, alternative sound but their enchanting lyrics. How can you deny the genious of "That I am stricken and can't let you go. When the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know. That I am crippled by all that you've done. Into the abyss will I run." Aiding the lyrics is the lead singer's deep voice peeling out the words with much sastisfiable aggression. However after awhile, if you listen too much, the themes from each song seem repetitive of each other. Even then it doesn't matter. It's pure beautiful, bleeding of aggression and get this they rant with maturity and vocabulary. Disturbed has some big vocabulary. And their use of this makes even more appealing.

Overall Impression — 10
Let's do this one first. If it were stolen are lost, I'd buy it again and get an extra one to store in a safe somewhere. Disturbed cannot be compared to other artists. they are their ownselves and their own in aggressive uniqueness. I first heard the song "Guarded" from the album. Its good but not the best. Then I saw the video for "Stricken" next. A good song with wicked a Guitar solo Donegan but still not the best either. Normally, We expect bands to put out their best songs first to draw in the public. Not so with disturbed, they give a taste of icing. The best is yet to come. When you pick up a copy of thia album, then you truly realise, Woah!! This band rocks!!. You become hooked. My favourite songs: Overburdenned - I didn't listen to it at first, i was too pre-occupied with the heavier stuff. But then I finally decided to sit down and listen through the song. It then happened that I put the CD player on repeat for track 8 for the next 2 hours! I would have gone longer if the battery hadn't died. Decadence - first off I didn't even know the meaning of decadence. This was one of the first songs I immediately got hooked on. "If I scare you now, don't run from me." That line I simply could remove from my head. Then there was the heavy chorus. Beautiful, awe inspiring. Pain Redefined - I love this song. It's a s simple as that. Nothing can be said to express my obsession with this song. The intro with David D.'s trademark grunting was a fist pumper. I have sat through many hours hollering this song on top my lungs. I'm Alive - beautiful. Simply put. It's a Alternative Metal version of "Survivor" by Destiny's Child (not that you're going to hear a hip-hop beat, or funky, brash girl trio, please people no). I'm the lyrics are profound. It's a "I'm not going to give up for hell" song. Sometimes on a bad day, I put the CD in the stereo and blast this song continuously. Ten Thousand Fists - a street anthem. I really enjoy this alot. It's a perfect beginning for this album. Deify - I love this song however politically inclined. It's basically about the US and its current war situation.

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