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artist: Do Me Bad Things date: 05/10/2005 category: compact discs
Do Me Bad Things: Yes!
Released: Apr 11, 2005
Genre: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 14
Exciting and uplifting whilst also somber and listenable, it is perfect driving album. If you enjoy mixed genre albums with lots of fun stuff going on then this is an album you cannot afford to miss.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Yes! Reviewed by: The Darkling!, on may 10, 2005
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Sound: I think this bands sound is fantastic. Their musical style varys from genre to genre making them impossible to label. Some of the styles on this album features rock/pop/soul/metal/blues, thats how varied this album is. It so varied that at least one song would appeal to the smallest of minded music fans (NME). This band of nine people in total could have got their inspiration from anywhere, but the last description I heard was 'A Bizarre collision between The Commitments and IronMaiden, jamming in a fancy dress shop'. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics most of the time are a bit random but the song 'The Song Rides' is about the music industry taking control. The band have up to 7 singers but three of them the main singers. Each singer matches the musical style perfectly, such as chanatal brown singing all the more 'pop' songs Mark Woods singing all the heavier stuff and Nickoli prowse singing the ones that are sort of in between the heavy and the 'pop'. Sometimes the main singers can share the song like the song 'The Daily Grind' where Mark starts of with his growly voice with an amazing guitar riff and then it dies down and nickoli starts to sing. // 8

Overall Impression: Does it compare to other albums? No-way, you probably wont find another album out as individual as this one until the second Do Me Bad Things album comes out. Songs I thought were most impressive are 'Off The hook', 'The Daily Grind', 'The Song rides', and amazing album opener 'Time For Deliverence.' I love the fact that this album is so different to other things, it is a breath of fresh air hearing this it gives me a break from all the 'alternitive' indie bands at the moment. There is some amazing riffs and solos in this album that no guitar player should overlook. Buy this album if you are wanting something new and just utterly class. The thing that I hate is that there only is 10 songs but there is a speacial edition CD that has four exta songs on it. If this album was stolen Id buy three more copies (the other two in reserve for back up just in case the other one got lost). // 10

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