Adultery review by Dog Fashion Disco

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  • Released: Apr 4, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (13 votes)
Dog Fashion Disco: Adultery

Sound — 10
A friend told me of this band a while ago, saying they were great and that I should check these guys out. I went out and bought the cd, not expecting anything great. Yet I was wrong, oh so very wrong. The scope of this band is amazing, covering everything from pounding metal to Johnny Cash styled country. And with a slick detective story to go along with, it's quite the package. The whole CD has the feel of a noir story, filled with intrigue and the like. In case you don't like concept albums? Then this album is still worth listening to. The lyrics are broad enough so that the story is not that overwelming. This CD is so complex that I have no other choice but to look at it track by track. 01. The Uninvited Guest - the intro to the CD. Nothing special, just a soft, short piano intro with really cool whispered voices in the background. Rather effective at setting the mood. 02. The Sacrifice Of Miss Rose Covinton - a great metal styled song. Fast, upbeat with a catchy guitar riff and a great drum part. Rather anthem-like during certain parts with the chant of "The power of Christ compells you!" Definatly one of my favorites. 03. Silent Fun - another song that starts off metallish. Keeps things interesting by adding a jazz solo, many good things happening here. 04. Sweet Insanity - another metal song, yet here the lead singer really shows his skills at singing without screaming. The cry of "My sweet insanity!" is damn catchy. 05. Desert Grave - definatly a song you won't forget. Most of the CD so far has been almost entirly metal, yet DFD suddenly decided they wanted to write a country song. A rather impressive one at that, with a nice mandolin part in the background. 06. Moonlight City Drive - from here on out DFD branch away from metal, with this song with seems to have elements of every genre. With everything from jazz, blues, funk, metal, and many more. There's even a trumpet part!7.Privete Eye-I laughed during this "song". Starting of with a slow bass lead and soft guitar and a singing part strait out of a detective movie. There is even the classic narration in a gruff tone by the main "character" The song culminates in a sex scene between him and a prostitute. It ends with a gun. 08. The Darkest Days - here they revert back to their metal roots. A great metal song with a soft sung verse and a fast chorus with some screaming thrown in. Nice song. 09. Dead Virgins Don't Sing - a rather unusual song. A spoken part spoken by many people with a great background part provided by the band. A weird Political speech in the end, sounds like something from V for Vendetta. 10. The Hitchhiker - definately the most impressive song on the CD. Within this song the band covers about twenty different genres, flat out amazing. 11. A 100 Suicides - metal song with a soft verse and fast chorus, pretty plain, until the awesome solo part played by a full jazz band complete with trumpet, saxaphone, etc. great song. 12. Adultery - the title track and definately one of the most unusual on the CD. Rather funky at times and all in all fun to listen to. 13. Mature Audiences Only - the finale to the CD, filled with nice violin parts and a great closer.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics excell in their descriptiveness. The singer Todd Smith has a talent for writting lyrics that put you right in the action. The only area he seems to slip up in is showing emotion through his words. A singer he is quite impressive, able to move from a soft low verse to full out screaming in a matter of seconds is quite impressive. A very compentent singer\songwriter. Has a great voice for country as well, and I don't even like country!

Overall Impression — 10
All in all Adultry is a amazing siren song to a band that did not last as long as it could have. Filled with amazing twists and turns throughout, you'll be finding new things with every listen. The most impressive songs would have to be The Sacrifice Of Miss Rose Covington, Desert Grave, Silent Fun, and The Hitchhiker. All the songs are amazing and the only thing I hate about this CD is it's their last. If it were stolen or lost I'd be on my way to the store as soon as I found out. I recomend this CD to anyone who likes their metal a little more expansive.

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    thats not what my copy says...weird. The damn thing messed up too, crap
    They're amazing and easily one of the best bands to come out of Maryland. Yes, they even beat out Good Charlotte. What a great cd.
    man, these guys are freakin amazing, its really a shame they are so under appreciated.
    Lord Of Donkeys
    i love this band! anybody know where i can buy thier cd's other than online, i can't seem to find them