American Apathy review by Dope

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  • Released: Jul 26, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (14 votes)
Dope: American Apathy

Sound — 10
Wow! All I have to say is this is probably the best Dope album I've heard. When I got the disc, I thought it would be like their previous album, Group Therapy, but I was blown away. With American Apathy, Dope show their dislike for president Bush, because they use sound clips of his voice, saying stuff like "The american flag stands for rape, etc." In my Opinion, the best songs on this album are "I'm Back," "No Way Out," "Always," "F--k Tha' Police 2005" and many more. It is way heavier than their previous albums. Although, for some of the songs, you can tell they used a kind of techno type feel, with the drums that is. Edsels voice is amazing on this album, and Virus comes out with heavier riffs than before. All in all, I love how it sounds, and I suggest picking this album up.

Lyrics — 10
Edsels voice just totally rocks in this album. And the lyrics go perfect with the album name, American Apathy. In most of the songs, they show their dislike for the idiot running this country. Sound clips of Bush's voice are used for some songs, saying stuff like "The american flag stands for rape, distrust, etc." and I think it sounds perfect with the album. They went back, and redid their classic cover of "F--k Tha' Police" and it is by far better than the old version. The lyrics seem more angry on this album. But I love the lyrics, puts me in the zone!

Overall Impression — 10
The best Dope album ever! The best song on this album has got to be "Always." I cannot stop listening to this album, its always in my cd player. The only bad part about this CD is... There is nothing bad! I know a lot of people dont like Dope, but at least give this album a try, especially if you disagree with that idiot running this country. And if it were to be stolen, I would cry, and run out to buy another copy, it's that good!

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