Group Therapy Review

artist: Dope date: 03/15/2006 category: compact discs
Dope: Group Therapy
Release Date: Oct 21, 2003
Label: Recon/Artemis
Genres: Rap-Metal, Industrial Metal, Alternative Metal
Number Of Tracks: 13
Dope has focused its fiery attack on Group Therapy, and that should at least get the pit roiling at shows.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Group Therapy Reviewed by: fade2black2004, on december 08, 2005
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Sound: If you didn't like Dopes last 2 albums "Life" and "Felons And Revolutionaries" then you more then likley will not like this one either. This CD is pretty much the first 2 mashed into one. It has dark, heavy, goth metal type songs like the first album, and then it has soft, melodic, hard rock songs like most of the second album. If you buy the enhanced cd version of this album it has a really nice feature which is it has a video for every single song on there. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album aren't too special or diffrent from the last two albums but they are still great in any case. Edsel's voice still kicks ass and he can still do a variety of diffrent voices from the goth metal crunch voice, to the hard rock melodic voice. And just like the last two albums the music and vocals go perfect together. // 10

Overall Impression: Ok now if your wanting group therapy just for the heavy metal, that's all good but, this CD has so much more. This album is my personal favorite of all the dope albums. "I Am" a really nice catchy song that is easier to sing along to is great, "Another Day Goes By" a nice soft half acoustic song is great, and then you have a song like "Bitch" which has nice melodic verses that we all love from the second album, but then it also has a crunchy metal chorus that we all loved from the first album. I love this CD, it's a great CD that no Dope fan should be without. I couldn't even imagine what I would do if it were stolen. // 10

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overall: 9.7
Group Therapy Reviewed by: dopearmy, on march 15, 2006
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Sound: The sound on this album, is loud. It is very greative, the way they change the guitaring around during choruses to verses etc. It's rather hard on how to explain it, but it changes volumes and effects, but fits perfectly and sounds great. Dope is made out to be a live band, a band where if you don't really like them, you can go to their show and see the best live show you've ever seen. We'll, on this album there isn't a whole lot of headbanging mosh songs, but they are still there. Burn, and Paranoia are the best for those, but most of the songs will get you going anyway. There is a huge range of sound on this album, from headbangers metal, to semi acoustic mellow, do calm "groovy" blues rock. Although, on this album Virus is capable of much more skill, and tech, the guitaring fit for the songs. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album, are all quite differnt, and fit the music perfectly. Edsels rythem with the vocals has amazing flow with the music. The lyrics all sound different, no song has the same rythem, same beat, same meaning behind the lyrics. Edsel's vocals in this song have a smaller range than in the previous album, Life, or their newer one American Apathy. His hard metal singing voice has a point where it doesnt get any rougher, but again it fits the music. // 9

Overall Impression: I love the album, not my favourite album, but it does have a lot of my favourite songs on it. It's innovative, and loud, and differnt from the previous albums. Unlike many other musicians with a similar genre, all Dope's albums sound different, and feel different, and attacks a new crowd of people each time. If you didnt like dope before, give all the songs on this album a chance, as something there might be your style. It's hard to pick out a most impressive song on this album, because they all have different skill levels. My personal favourite is Falling Away, because its rythmic and my style. Although, the hit single on this song was Bitch, and it is a great song. I love the innovation and creativity, and the fact it comes with videos for all the songs on the album, and theres nothing I really dont like. If it were lost, stolen, eaten, I would buy it again. I might even buy it again just for the sake of it. // 10

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