How's Your Process? (Work) review by Dot Hacker

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  • Released: Jul 1, 2014
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (6 votes)
Dot Hacker: How's Your Process? (Work)

Sound — 10
I first heard of this band when the first album came out. Inhibition was refreshing for me, mainly because I expected something like RHCP. I was wrong, but that's a good thing. I liked the band ever since the first listen. It took me a while, but I grew fond of all the songs. Now for this album. 

"Aim" - The album starts with the song "Aim" has a cool bassline, it's not too slow nor too fast and the song builds itself gradually from beginning to the end. The outro is my favorite part of the song even though its short.

"First in Forever" - One of my favorites on the album. The songs has guitars that mix in well with the drums. Klinghoffer's voice on this track variates in his high pitches, which is great because he has a great voice especially for songs like this.

"Floating Up the Stairs" - A slow paced songs with a nice bridge that gets only better and better from there.

"Elevator" - Song that has a very reggae vibe to it, which is also why it's one of my favorite songs on the album. Another reason is the solo and the part after the solo, which is the highest vocal point of the song.

"Whatever You Want" - This song shows the "wild" side of the band. It has a fast tempo, and great guitar and drum performance. It has a kind of a weird solo and an awesome outro.

"Sermon of Sorts" - It's a slow song that suits well for the end of the album. Klinghoffer said that they wanted to make a church-like song and I've think they've succeeded.

Honorable mention: "Memory" - This is a b-side song of memory. It's a song that has mostly piano chord progressions, but it has an amazing twist at the end. Definitely recommend it for a listen.

So that's it. The music that they make is great and you should take a listen.

Lyrics — 8
As always Klinghoffer's singing is great, but it's sometimes hard to distinguish the lyrics. There are many lyrical highlights on the album, of which my favorite is on "Elevator" - "But if your eyes are open, your heart is open, your life is open wide. The world opened around, you fall guys around you, your life is open wide," and on "Floating Up the Stairs" - "Way beyond wildest imaginations, You can be, you can be, Way above the stars I'm wishing on, There's always higher, there's always higher."

Overall Impression — 10
This band is great and you should certainly take a listen to it. I recommend it if you want to hear something different. The second part of the album is coming out in October ("How's Your Process? (Play)") and I have pretty high expectations for it, mainly because this one definitely went so much above my former expectations. The one wish I have is to see them live, as I have heard that they build up a great atmosphere and have a lot of energy. They are all good musicians and if you have the chance to see them live, you should definitely go and see them.

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