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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
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Dot Legacy: Dot Legacy

Sound — 9
Dot Legacy is a great band with a great sound, their music sounds like a loud rock with loud guitar riffs and a groovy rythm similar to an alternative agressive rocky sound that makes you dance. Dot Legacy is a French band with 4 teenagers very well inspired, Their music is not compatible with their ages and it proves that Dot Legacy is a mix of four genious and also that they have such a great future in music if they keep it this way.

Lyrics — 9
Well, Lyrics are pretty mysterious and very expressive at the same time and it depends on the mood of the song. Dot Legacy deals with one subject in their songs, so it sounds organized. There's an harmonic complance of the lyrics with the music, the singing sounds smooth and it makes a perfect combination with the music. Their vocalist have a good voice perfectly matched with the energy of their music and he's the bassist so his music concentration is splitted in two despite he plays like a god and sings like a god.

Overall Impression — 9
Their record is very polyvalent, some times their jams reminds me Them Crooked Vultures and the groovy side of Muse. The E.P. is all perfect it starts with: 1-"White Light": A Funky Rocky Bluesy Song with a great rythm, Guitar riff and effects matched with a perfect vocal line. 2-"iWar": This song is surprising, a calm intro, clean guitar, clear voice, then a brutal changement to a violent mood, and it's perfecly finished by a great guitar solo. 3-"Like A Doll": a Grunge lovely song easy to like and polyvalent too, the ending guitar riff is the same as "Ashamed" of Muse... And that makes it PERFECT. 4-"Spaceshit": This song is gorgeous a modern rock song, a great piano intro this song is my favourite. It's easy to hate things about something perfect!

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