Down III: Over The Under review by Down

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  • Released: Sep 24, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (71 votes)
Down: Down III: Over The Under

Sound — 10
So I was at this bash this weekend and someone from that party handed me a CD that said Down III "Over The Under" and told me to take it home and listen to it but bring it back. In shock, I look at them and ask "Are you f--king serious?" only because it does not come out until the 25th of the month. In any case, I do so. Opening track "3 Stars and 1 Sun" starts with some feed back but starts off with the classic down sound, sounding simalar to "Lifer" from there first CD, "Nola". From the gate Phil Anselmo's vocals are very solid and seems to have a softer approach, for the lack of a better discription, but still meet Down fan's standards. Track 8, "Beneath The Tides" is the longest song on the CD pushing 9 minutes and is probably the lightest song on the CD and probably the best all around. It is extremely apparent that the guitar work is nothing short of incredible, going from calm to aggressive without Phil screaming but singing. The instrumental parts in the song are intricate but go right back to the hard chops Pepper and Kirk are notorious for. Tracks 9, "His Majesty The Desert" and 10, "Pillamyd" bleed into each other. "His Majesty The Desert" starts off sorta like "Jail" from NOLA and then fades into "Pillamyd" and when that finally kicks in it is like a hammer to your face. Aggressive to the bone and unrelentless. Overall, the sound is classic Down. Any fan of Down will love this CD.

Lyrics — 10
Phil comes through unbelievebly. His sound as I said previously are very solid but have a softer approach, cutting out a lot of the classic screaming and replacing it with harmonizing with the brutallity behind his voice. It is very apparent that they are more then pissed off about hurricane Katrina, Dimebag and this whole war. "And when we walk away there will be no coming home," Beneath The Tides. There are solid statements made in every song and I believe this is probably there best work vocally.

Overall Impression — 10
Comapring this to other Down albums is a grave mistake. All 3 albums are different in there own way but still have one thing in common and that is the sound that Down produces. I love the guitar work on just about every song on the album and Rex Brown can still strum a bass like the best of them. I don't particularly hate anything on this album, I just wish there was a little bit more diversity among some of the songs, as on previous albums where they had strictly acoustic songs where as on "Over The Under" the closest to anything like that is "Beneath The Tides" and "His Majesty The Desert". The CD was not worth copying or burning but it sure as f--k is worth buying on the 25th when it is released. This is one band where pirating there music is almost considerd a death sentence so regaurdless if I have gotten my hands on it already I am still going to the store on the 25th of this month and buying it.

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    Well apparently i'm a complete dumass cause i just heard about these guys like a week ago for the first time. and let me say, i don't know how the **** i lived without them, these songs are incredible.
    I love this album. I uselly listens to alot of Slayer, Pantera and Satyricon. And to listen to one of my biggest idols doing something different than Trash Metal and doing it with the same amount, if not greater, skills that he put in on Pantera, is just awesome. It's a good change to listen to this.
    Just saw them in AC. Great show. Phil sounded great, the whole band sounded great. BTW you're not the only one who would like to hear Pepper singing on the record. Of course I'm also a huge fan of AIC as well so that would explain this but nevertheless Over the Under is CD of the year.
    love the album and i love down, seen them twice but am I the only one who wishes pepper keenan would sing more on the album kinda like what lane and Jerry did in alice in chains?
    pillmyd is f*ckin insane sounds alot like sabbath goddamn the whole f*ckin album is off the hook it might not be there best album but its diffently their rawest and most soulfull
    i heard down way back in 95 and was amazed loved it better than pantera or coc i thought it was a one and done thing but then down 2 came out and it was like whoa now i cant belive they put a album out in the same decade hopefully this wont be the last
    shenanigans wrote: The reviewer got a bad cd, because he got the track names mixed up. It happened in my torrent too and I had to listen to each song and find out the lyrics to get the song name. Beneath the Tides is NOT the longest song, the longest song that sounds cool and slow is actually "Nothing in Return(Walk Away)", and is the last song.
    maybe you should actually.....wait for the cd
    AND the real "Beneath the Tides" starts with feedback, and is track 8, not the opening track. The opening track is actually the one of the best on the album and starts with awesome drumming and buildup to an awesome riff. Its 5:43 min long.
    ive been a long time down fan and i love the new cd. i love it in on march the saints when it kicks in pepper and kirks tone is un-****ing-believable. i would have to say though that my favorite song on this cd is "nothing in return" that is probably one of the best songs i have ever heard BURY ME IN SMOKE
    i loves me a bit of down like. gettin the album today. and i'm mos def gunna get tickets to see them live
    Lee Mc
    DOWN RULE i got their album on the 24th tho :/ and the bounus song on the limited eddition CD is totally awesome everyone should go out and buy all of Down's ablums
    :haha:. Down is fvcking awesome, saw them live once... Would have twice except 19+ clubs r teh lame.. Haven't gotten this album yet, although I should some time this week.
    shenanigans wrote: .....I read your sorry post right after I put mine...(damn UG)
    Right, I tried to edit it but it was too late. I hate not being able to edit comments
    You calling me a F*cking Idiot? Ok buddy, the reviewer obviously has a torrented burned cd. The torrents got the tracks mixed up. Buy the cd..and compare it with the reviewers descriptions of the opening songs and "Beneath the Tides". Haha even in his description of "Beneath the Tides" he puts a line from the song "And when we walk away there will be no coming home,"...that is OBVIOUSLY "Nothing in Return(Walk Away).... Now if you weren't talking to me then sorry.
    sorry shenanigans, didn't mean to point to your comment. My comment was referring to this.
    snuggleblade wrote: I traded my Down CD for a Gwar Cd.
    ^ f*cking idiot. Anyway, it's been a long time coming for this CD. I think it'll be a rebirth for Phil Anselmo and the band itself.
    The reviewer got a bad cd, because he got the track names mixed up. It happened in my torrent too and I had to listen to each song and find out the lyrics to get the song name. Beneath the Tides is NOT the longest song, the longest song that sounds cool and slow is actually "Nothing in Return(Walk Away)", and is the last song.