Inhuman Rampage review by DragonForce

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  • Released: Jan 9, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (202 votes)
DragonForce: Inhuman Rampage

Sound — 7
DragonForce are an extreme power metal band which is basically high pitched but not whiney vocals (similar to that of Iron Maiden on songs such as Run To The Hills) and very fast instruments normally at least 200bpm. Each song lasts for about seven minutes and they are all pretty much the same structure verse chorus verse chorus 3 minute solo chorus solo end. There is a lot of shredding and if that's not your kind of thing then I wouldn't really go for this album. However if you do you'll probably like this album. There aren't actually many riffs on this album it is mainly just shredding which I must say I'm not particularly a fan of. However if you like shredding, good vocals which change both tempo (there's a dodgy ballad at the end of the album) and pitch then this is probably your thing. Overall a 7. As the album seems to get tiring after about four listens. My favourite song is either Through the Fire and the Flames or Revolution Deathsquad.

Lyrics — 9
Well what can you say about a band like DragonForce their main lyrics seem to be to do with battles and war "In flames of this eternity we ride towards the fight." "Fighting hard fighting unforseen enemies." The vocals match the songs well and when the guitars aren't alone shredding they match the bass, drums and vocals perfectly and your carried away on some kind of crazy musical journey. The choruses are brilliant good to sing along to and built upto well and the vocals seem to be just right.

Overall Impression — 8
This was my first album by DragonForce and I am quite happy with it although it gets boring after around four listens. I really like the way the solos are often duets with both guitars harmonising as it sounds phenomenal and at the speed is just insane. I do not like how repetitive the song structure is and there could do to be some more variety. I find the songs to be better as background music while your doing something else rather than being there for you to concentrate on and listen intensely to. If this album got stolen I wouldn't buy again as I've already got the songs on my computer and there all a bit repetitive anyway.

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    great album!(every dragonforce album is great!) although i prefer sonic firestorm! through the fire and flames!
    DRAGONFORCE KICK ASS, I shook hermans hand when i saw them and played pretty much every air instrument. Sweet.
    Herman Li is a beast and i'm going to see DF this Friday in Cleveland and it's going to be amazing!!!
    lol when I saw that you said you were going to see DF for a second I thought you meant dying fetus and I got all excited. Dragonforce is really impressive, but I do agree that it loses its impact after listening to it a lot. and if you dont like cheesy metal then avoid it altogether (not that there's anything wrong with cheesy metal (all hail manowar))