Inhuman Rampage review by DragonForce

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  • Released: Jan 9, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (202 votes)
DragonForce: Inhuman Rampage

Sound — 8
When I first heard Dragonforce, I was surprised at the speed, and the fit and finish of the bands songs. The first time I heard them was from a friend, he showed my one of Herman Li's solo's, from that point on, I knew that I would have to listen to more. I mostly listen to metal and the sub-categories, but I beleive that they have earned a spot next to the rest of my cds.

Lyrics — 8
Throughout the CD, I noticed that there was in more than a couple songs, certain sentences were used more often than I would have used them. "Through The Fire And The Flames" was used in at least three songs. It wasn't a drawback, because he delivered the lyrics in each song in different ways, and tones/speeds.

Overall Impression — 9
Like Herman has stated in an interview, that they are unlike any other band, not that they are better, just different sounding. The most impressive song off the album is Cry For Eternity, it is the longest song, and the lyrics are just incredible. I really love all the solo's and interludes, and on the other hand I really only hate the last song, only because it is too slow. I beleive that this CD is for anyone that loves great instrument and lyrical work, do pick this CD up.

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    I'm normaly into extreme death, grind, tech, black. I like it fast as **** and technical as hell. Power wasn't my biggest intrest, until a friend of mine showed me through the fire and flames. I was hooked, and now I'm back into power metal. It's also nice for once not having growling and lyrics about killing/raping/decapitating/eating women. It's feel good metal, which is nearly a paradox. Cheesy? OFCOURSE! It's power metal, what the **** do you expect you idiotic twats. This is metal, lyrics aren't the biggest thing, it's more about musical skill. The lyrics were ment to be like that, after an afternoon of listening to dragonforce I wana charge a battle line, remove the head of a fallen foe and raise it high to the pagan gods. Rock on dragonforce, you've joined my top 10 list with maiden, cryptopsy, nile, krisuin, slayer, vader, morbid angel, blind guardian, and death! \m/
    kid jesus
    XxWoRdSoFsOrRoW...calm down, retard. you can not like dragonforce if you don't want to. that doesn't mean you have to just sit around and bitch about them. if you hate them so much, why waste your time posting on a review of them? or read the review in the first place? don't you have better things to do, like sit down and discuss metal with your little sister (who, apparently, knows more about it than herman li...whatever that means), or learn to use punctuation? why should anyone listen to a guy who doesn't know how to insert a period at the end of his sentences anyway? no one forces you to listen to dragonforce. why does it piss you off that they get so much publicity? like, how does that affect your life? if you hate them, then you shouldn't worry about it. and why do you keep pointing out the fact that herman li is what does that have to do with anything? besides, i'd say herman li AND sam totman have plenty of musical talent. when was the last time you made an insanely fast solo that still actually had a melody that you could clearly make out? they're both fantastic guitar players AND they know how to come up with a good melody. i'd say they have plenty of musical talent. p.s. it's "y'all" as in the contracted form of "you all." not "yoll." that said, i'm starting to like this band a lot, mostly for the aforementioned super-fast guitar stuff that still has clear melody to it. the keyboards are pretty cool too. i can't hear the bass that well, but that and the drums provide a good wall of sound to back up the guitar and vocals. and speaking of vocals, i don't really like zp theart's voice, and, yes, the lyrics are pretty cheesy, but they're supposed to be. there are some good vocal melodies though, and i appreciate the lyrics and vocals for what they are. i like dueling guitars, i like harmonizing, and i especially like melody, and that's why i like herman li and sam totman. the speed with which they can play their guitars is pretty crazy, and i do like it, but i'm more interested in melody. so, dragonforce, overrated? maybe a little bit. but they're pretty awesome, and i like them.
    i just bought this okay, lyrics sucks, but I really don't listen to lyrics. Everything else boggles the laws of physics.
    DRAGONFORCE ROCKS!! I read an article about them in Guitar One, so I decided to check them out. I go on their MySpace page, and about 5 seconds into the song "Through The Fire And The Flames" I am instantly a fan!! The next day, I buy this CD and I'm already looking for friends to go with me to their concert in September! The guitar work is truly amazing, as is the fast drumming and the insane keyboard parts!!! I love how they cite video game music as one of their influences, lol. It really shows, especially in the keyboards. As for the lyrics being cheesy, they sure are a hell of a lot better than Yngwie's lyrics (lmao)! This music is perfect for getting you pumped up. I'm a runner, and this is perfect music to run to. The style is like shred/80's metal/techno/hard rock! DragonForce is my favorite new band, and I normally say new music sucks! I give 'em 9.99/10!!
    in responce to the first review. the lyrics do mean something. they have an under lying message, and its not just emo that writes about something. sure, they are fantsatical, but they basicaly say keep your chin up, itll get better. if yo uliek these listen to cellador.
    Ur rite ther dude, its plain battle metal lyrics bt they do have some meanin....not that ne1 cares wen the geetars are this good!
    This is a great album, and all the band members know their instruments well. Especially Herman Li, but I dont think Sam Totman gets enough credit. Keyboards, drums, and vocals sound great!
    King ofKumbucha wrote: My friends and I dont use the word skill when talking about guitar anymore...we call it Dragonforce
    hahaha thats awesome, I'm going to have to talk to my friends about changing the word skill to Dragonforce too.
    to all you haters, who cares how cheesy their lyrics are, just listen to them play. they're incredible! and since when are the lyrics the most important part of a song? at least it doesnt sound like every other metal band now days where you can't understand a single word their saying. other metal bands could learn something from them, get a lead singer who doesnt just scream.
    metal4me, u are the only person who agrees with me. Me and my friends say dragonforce it too. live on, live long, dragonforce.
    I agree with adyingwish, Dragonforce is heavily being over rated, if they could hear all of you bickering about how they are the best in the world, they would quickly get annoyed and leave or laugh at your foolish, pointless arguing. They are a great bunch of musicians but theres always someone better, and always will be. Peace out, Rock n' Fucking Roll \m/
    Man awsome cd glad i bought it. Amazingly i never really heard much about these guys. Wish i heard of em sooner though Herman's pretty fast one of the best guitarists out there too. Although after listening to "through the fire and the flames" a few times i realized wait a minuit this guys fast but not as fast as i thought. Only solo that truely impressed me (and one of the few i can't even play close to his speed) was the one in "storming the burning fields" man THAT is fast, one of the fastest solo's ever. And all you people obsessed with this band, i guess its ok they're a good band but there are better ones. I pretty only much bought this cd so i could take a shot at some of their solo's hehe.
    They do a bunch of great soloing and harmonizing but the songs on this CD all sound prtty similar besides THrough the Fire and the Flames.
    who cares how similar the songs are, not all the songs on a cd will song entirely different, Sam and Herman are two of the sickest guitar players i've ever seen, DF is definitely one of the best bands of today