Inhuman Rampage review by DragonForce

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  • Released: Jan 9, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (202 votes)
DragonForce: Inhuman Rampage

Sound — 10
The first time I heard this, I didn't catch who played it. I was completely blown away and I was like who is this? Then I found it was Dragonforce. I couldn't believe it! They've changed so much. This CD is without the fastest, most blowing album you'll hear this year and maybe even years to come (until the next DF CD). The solos have seemed to gotten way, way faster and more technical and more over the top. The solo section in "Revolution Deathsquad" is one of the top best features of the whole cd. The keyboardist is used a lot more and he's more diverse now and it really brings how talented he is. They still keep the extreme power metal sound but their overall mood and feel is different.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are great as usual. The outro ballad "Trail Of Broken Hearts" is beautifually written and feature tear wrenching solos. ZP Thearts vocals are at an all time high I would say. Though every song is very power metal-ish lyircal-wise, they're still great.

Overall Impression — 10
This is my favorite CD of the year. The sear speed and talent that these guys have is amazing and this album speaks for itself, especially with the title of the album. The CD sounds "Inhuman"! Just like with "Valley" I have multiple copies of this CD including a special digipack version which I don't listen to (for collecting purposes only). Dragonforce have outdone themselves with this album and it makes me wonder what could they possibly do next.

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    i personaly do like dragonforce, but.. they arent as "new" as everyone seems to think. power metal was being played way before dragonforce, and id really like to see these guys try and pull off a good sounding slow acoustic, just to see if they could. im not being negative about them, as i am a fan, its just that all there songs really are far too similar for me.and mabi one or two songs with a diferent take on things would be a nice change. they are good performers and musicians, but as for composers of music... there lacking (in my opinion).
    opinions are a b!tch. lets be serious, we want everyone to like what we like and when they fail to do so, we start the bashing and b!tching session. I am not a fan of punk on any level what so ever. Cant stand it in fact. I could care less to hear a band like greenday, or soad complain about how george bush is f!@#ing them over in the long run. we elected the guy we have to pay the price til 2008. furthermore i wouldnt say the "force's" lyrics are cheesy. in fact not long ago before i heard of them i envisioned creating a band with similar lyrics and half the speed with which they play. To my surprise and delight i came upon dragonforce who totally took what i had in mind and bumped it up so many levels. I feel they are exactly what music needs today to once again inspire true solos, rather than playing 10-15 little notes and calling it a solo. As for the argument of "every song sounds the same" who gives 2 F---s? Godsmacks sh!t always sounds the same, i love them, hell ozzy even has similar sounding stuff. Its called a niche. People tend to work with what they feel most comfortable with and once they figure out a certain style they stick with it. I remember maiden once talking about how they resented punk because those guys would go up on stage and bang around on 3 chords with little or no feeling. Funny how maiden were considered punk for a while too. Ive also heard how herman plays just blindingly fast with no feeling just speed. has anyone heard dawn over a new world or trail of broken hearts? there is a perfect combo on both songs of hermans moderate speed with a ton of feeling. As well there was a comment about him being asian?!? What does that have to with anything? Jake E. Lee was asian and bark at the moon, shot in the dark, killer of giants and so many other of his songs totally kicked @ss. In short dragonforce kicks many so called bands today right in the teeth with each passing album. ZP has one hell of a voice, i feel his lyrics are a major mix between bon jovi and maiden and they create a sound i have been dying to see come back in music for far too long. Herman is amazing, given time i would put him up there with vai and satriani. Sam is amazing and i have heard he is the source behind the harmonies. You cannot have herman without sam. Vadim brings something new to the table with his amazing ability on keyboard. Not some conjured up old tune like the final countdown or van halens jump but actual melodies.
    I don't specially like their music (I'm a bit tired of the typical power metal nowadays :p), but I have to say Herman and Sam are REALLY good. Too long songs and solos, but well, they're interesting for a guitarist (I am xD). PS: I love Herman's playing, but I don't think he's the best guitarist "in a band". For example, Jani Liimatainen is even better than Li, and Chistian Mnzner is also better than him. So he's very talented, but please, take a look over there and you'll realizer he's a bit over-rated '