Sonic Firestorm review by DragonForce

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  • Released: May 11, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (81 votes)
DragonForce: Sonic Firestorm

Sound — 10
These guys are crazy. I've been hearing about Dragonforce for quite a while now, but I didn't buy Sonic Firestorm until Inhuman Rampage had come up. I wasn't disappointed in the least. It's a thrill to listen to such incredible musicianship. The sound of Dragonforce is really like no other. They are most definately a metal band, yet there are elements of eighties hard rock, classical music, and even video game music.

Lyrics — 7
ZP Theart is an amazing vocalist, if only he was singing better lyrics. The one thing that I cannot stand about Dragonforce is they're undeniable, for lack of better word, nerdiness. I mean, they're called Dragonforce, for christ's sake! With song titles like Soldiers of the Wasteland, Prepare For War, and Fields Of Despair, you get the distinct impression that these guys play Dungeons and Dragons regularly. The one good thing that I can say for the lyrics is that they are decidedly positive, such as the chorus to "Fury Of The Storm": "Into the fires of forever, we will fly through the heavens, with the power of the universe we stand strong together!" Most metal lyrics out there are all gloom and doom, and then comes dragonforce singing about "standing strong together!"

Overall Impression — 9
Dragonforce, hands down, is one of the most talented bands out there. Herman Li and Sam Totman are reminiscent of a double dose of Yngwie, while ZP Theart kicks anyone in the metal genre's ass except perhaps Bruce Dickinson and a few others. Dave Mackintosh must be in excellent shape, because I get exhausted just listening to his constant double bass and lightning-fast fills. The best songs on the album, for me, are Fury Of The Storm and Once In A Lifetime. I love their excellent musicianship and incredible speed. If this were stolen or lost I would go and buy inhuman rampage, because this is on my iPod.

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    perkiset wrote: Herman Li, lead guitarist, shreds the hell out of his guitar in every solo. He is hands down one of the most talented guitarists alive. My Spirit Will Go On is likely his finest solo on the album. Herman Li IS great, but don't forget that Sam Totman shares pretty close to equal solo time with herman, so it should be dual praises. I don't know as I'd call herman the lead either, they both play lead parts, alot of times together to create sweet harmonies with the melody. rythem guitar is alot of times just added tracks on the recordings.
    totman is way better than li. its a fact.
    Ah, but Im sure neither of them argue on which one of them was better, they are both just guitarists who are good at what they do, they are not Gods, or what some of the loafing idiots on this site put them to be (no personal offence to any one here) when u think of them as musicians who earned their skill through practice and time, you will forget their listeners proclamation of them being Gods.
    con job
    li is a better guitarist than totman, but hav a look at what totman does for the albums.he writes all the solos, the harmonies,most of the lyrics, and the vocal melodies.this guy is a god, amusical genius, and not a lot of people giv him credit for what he gets more solo time,but im pretty sure totman could do as well as li if he was given a chance
    All there stuff sounds the same, don't get me wrong, there talented, but there stuff sounds crappy and the same.