Sonic Firestorm review by DragonForce

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  • Released: May 11, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (81 votes)
DragonForce: Sonic Firestorm

Sound — 9
I first bought the Inhuman Rampage album and I had already heard the song My Spirit Will Go On so I figured I would start by listening to a song I hadn't yet heard. I chose Dawn Over A New World and boy was I impressed. I immediately thought of Trail of Broken Hearts but DOANW had it's own unique melodies and such. Then I listened to Soldiers of the Wasteland and I thought that was pretty awe-inspiring. However, I was a little disappointed with Fury of the Storm because everyone downloads it and crap and everyone likes it but I didn't really like the vocal melody of the chorus so that was a bit of a let down. The same rhythm was also repeated in some other tracks too but other than that it sounded just like Inhuman Rampage.

Lyrics — 10
Dragonforce doesn't have the most thought-provoking lyrics in the world but they sure make me want to go on an adventure. Their talk of climbing mountains and crossing vallies makes me want to go on a vacation to a remote part of Europe and traverse the land. ZP is one of the best vocalists in this day and age of music in my opinion because he has very good vocal range and can hit those really high notes whenevr he wants to.

Overall Impression — 8
I said earlier that I had listened to Inhuman Rampage first and after really liking that album Sonic Firestorm was a bit of a letdown. I don't think the vocal melodies were at their peaks and even though Herman and Sam were just wanking it out on the guitars there really wasn't anything that really stood out to e on this recording. The best songs are My Spirit Will Go On, Dawn Over A New World, and Soldiers of the Wasteland. I would rather listen to Inhuman Rampage than this personally but then my opinion may change over time.

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    Silas S Thompso
    I wish I could criticise this band, just a bit, to make this review look more proffesional but once you people have checked them out, you'll agree, it's a strugle to put a finger on anything negative. Ha ya right. How about cheep ass drums, cheap sounding guitars. Crappy singing. Solos with no phrasing.
    ^im pretty sure Herman Lis E-gen and Totmans Iceman have sicker tone than your guitar, and their probably more talented than you so you probably shouldnt be talkin trash. In my opinion, DragonForce peaked on this album, after starting out strong on Valley of the Damned, then kinda started slipping downhill. i wonder everyday what inhuman rampage and ultra beatdown could have achieved if these guys hadnt been on guitar hero, dont get me wrong, their great albums, i just think they could have been much better. i mean, guitar hero exposed their music, but im really gettin sick of kids who think their hardcore DragonForce fans when all they have is through the fire and flames on their ipods. And for all those complaining about "cheesy lyrics" this is what ALL power metal is like. in fact, its what makes it my and many others favorite musical genre. this is pretty much the only metal genre that isnt death, blood, doom and gloom, so if you dont like it, just dont listen to it! Also, for any who want to check em out live, they have REALLY cleaned up their act. much different (in a good way) than before!
    Is fantasy lyrics a problem? Then don't judge power-metal. DF knows thier stuff. I belive on that TtFatF is crap song, Probably the worst song they made IMO.
    s8n_buddy wrote: perkiset wrote: Herman Li, lead guitarist, shreds the hell out of his guitar in every solo. He is hands down one of the most talented guitarists alive. My Spirit Will Go On is likely his finest solo on the album. Herman Li IS great, but don't forget that Sam Totman shares pretty close to equal solo time with herman, so it should be dual praises. I don't know as I'd call herman the lead either, they both play lead parts, alot of times together to create sweet harmonies with the melody. rythem guitar is alot of times just added tracks on the recordings. totman is way better than li. its a fact.
    I think they're just different. Herman is the effects master and probably a faster player, but Sam does write the music, not Herman, he also focusses more on melody than speed, unlike Herman. It's rather like Iron Maiden, Adrian Smith does melody, dave murray does speed. Adrian smith is probably the better guitarist, and in this case Sam is better