Ultra Beatdown review by DragonForce

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  • Released: Aug 26, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 6.4 (280 votes)
DragonForce: Ultra Beatdown

Sound — 8
Dragonforce has created one of their best albums yet. Still hanging with the hard rock and metal genres, all of the songs are great. Especially Heroes of Our Time and Heartbreak Armageddon. Although none of the songs compare to Through The Fire and Flames, their best song in my opinion, they all come in second to it.

Lyrics — 5
The lyrics were alright, but not the best I've ever heard. It seems to me that the only unique things about the songs is the guitar solos. All the lyrics seem to be about battle, death, or fire! I've heard that every day, so no thank you! All the lyrics seem to blend together into one huge song. Breaking Benjamin uses the same style of lyrics, but at least they're different in every song.

Overall Impression — 9
Ultra Beatdown, in comparison to Dragonforce's other albums, probably comes in second to what I've heard. The guitar solos rock your brains out, but they always do anyway with their rock and metal music. All the songs have nice intros and great music. My favorite song would have to be Heroes of Our Time, the first track. Then comes The Fire Still Burns. The only thing I don't like about it is that all the songs are ridiculously long, like at least 7 minutes each. If they had shortened them down a bit, then they could have fit more songs on the CD. If you have never heard Dragonforce before, this is not the CD for you. I recommend Inhuman Rampage, just for the fact that it has the band's most famous song, Through The Fire and Flames. If you're not used to heavy metal music, then you'll probably go through an adjustment period. The first time I heard the CD, I only liked one of the songs. But after a few days of listening, I like all of them! Go Dragonforce!

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    Their original osund make the songs soiund similar.... same problem as AC/DC and Nickleback have. Dragonforce are good at guitar... i like their first album, but since that theey've been messing up
    hmm what i dont like about dragonforce is that their songs are all similar... i hope they improve in this album, cause my brother's gonna buy it and we don't wanna get disapointed as with GnR
    Didn't they already release this album? I distincly remember the same drum beat, fast palm muting, and scales. I guess their moto is this "If at first you don't succeed, make the same album again"
    Yeah, they're NOT power metal. I hate it when they claim they are. This album is easily forgettable, just like their last two. VotD was good, but thats it.
    Up The Irons 94
    I hate Dragonforce there technical skills are amazing but there not power metal or speed or prog. there just fast
    Still not as good as Sonic Firestorm, but a great album none the less. I think that if they got a producer one of two things would happen: 1)They're ruined 2)They're given the push they need to metal greatness.
    you want to see live harmonies that sound GOOD?! look up old videos of racer x playing "scarified"... thats just a spit in herman and sam's faces. also in the ending solo to "mea culpa" by the human abstract. i'm sure there's much more but thats all i can think of off the top of my head.
    You know what would make them better? One slow song about the armageddon... If they were to try that and add PHRASING to their guitar solos, they would sound SOOOOO much better!
    @ Silas S Thompso: I have discovered a lot of band because of Guitar Hero... you make it sound like a bad thing, (which it's not)
    why do so many people respect their guitar playing? seriously, its speed up and it shouldn't have to be. my favorite thing is when some idiot thinks through the fire and flames is really complicated when its mostly done on one string.
    DRAGONFORCE SUCKS ON MY WIENER!!!!! but i didn't want to type in all all caps
    i've watched the status of this band change among the guitar hero posers (the ones who dont buy albums and jump the bandwagon on everything) and at first they were all saying how amazing dragonforce is because they play so fast, and yesterday this guy who was praising them as gods before said all their songs sound the same and their not "that" good (his favorite band is ac/dc, and he plays country music)
    dragonforce is band that has one trick and thinks that it's what everyone wants, It is shocking much like David Draiman's vocals but it's gets old at least disturbed mixed it up with believe.
    Did anyone notice how the line "So far away" is in like every song? My mom actually bought this one XD Herman Ree ftl
    Dragonforce just does NOT impress me. It's just like "I CAN PLAY REAL FAST; SEE? WATCH!" Maybe if they'd spend more time on helping out with those lame ass lyrics, they'd be DECENT, though.
    To the first reviewer who called Dragonforce metal gods: Listen to some real metal you ****ing tool.