Valley Of The Damned review by DragonForce

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  • Released: Feb 25, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (112 votes)
DragonForce: Valley Of The Damned

Sound — 10
Hello to all of you members and wedsite users this is Kimi01and I am proud to be writing my first review for the site and all its users feel free to contact me on anything you think I write that is wrong. My first ever review will be on my favourite band Dragonforce and their firt album Valley of the Damned. Dragonforce is a power metal band who pride themselves on writing and providing good quality music for their listeners. Their music is based on video game music. The power chords combined with Herman and Sam's guitar shredding solos creates a purfect mind blowing blend of melody abd rhythm. Straight from the start they jump into the role as England's biggest power metal group.

Lyrics — 9
Dragonforce's lyrics are based on a worrior theme. They are about standing for what you believe and riding too battle 'warrior with sword in hand/travells fast across the land/for freedom he rides' (track 2 Valley of the Damned line 5) I think this is good because people should fight for what they believe in. The music is tied well with the lyrics. The chords change pattern works hand in hand with the lyrics to get the feel and meaning behind what is said. ZP Theart is the lead singer. And can sing passionately with the lyrics. Whilst the rest of the band sing echoes and backing vocal giving a heroic surrounding sound.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall I love the CD. it's stage melting solos creats a work of musicl art. The best songs are innovation of apocalyptic evil combined with valley of the damned, Starfire, Heart of a Dragon and the all time classic Deciples of Babylon. This is a great CD and I have already recommended it to all of my friends. I would definetly buy it again if it were stolen.

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    ironmaidenrulz could be right about the harmonics. But I cand get a harmonic sound that high. I suppose you could with a locking tremolo and a natural harmonic, i dunno. Dont even bother trying to learn any dragonforce. Tabs cannot be trusted when there is skill involved, I usually learn songs by ear and I am not going 2 even attempt to play these friggin hard songs.
    ]\/[R. EM0
    I think it is a digi-tech wammy pedal. but anyway, i dont see why people freak out about dragon force? i like the guitar stuff, kinda, but i hate the singer, and the lyrics. all the lyrics sound like something my 8-year-old brother would write. i just don't like 'em.
    Herman and Sam are both amazing guitarists. And as to whether it is a WAH or WHAMMY....Herman and Sam use both WAH and WHAMMY pedals on their albums.....DRAGONFORCE is PURE ROCK ECSTASY....WOOOOO!!!!!
    LucasPonce wrote: Dragonforce is the best band I have seen live! They are incredible!
    I saw dragonforce live and they sucked ass! NO DIS ON THEM THOUGH!, they are a great band and this is my favorite album by them. BUt when i saw them and all of my friends who have seen them said they were just crap live. Theyre a good band though..this is not a dis
    Triviumfan54 wrote: They're amazing guitarists but i just don't buy into that cheesey rock stuff. Cut the keyboard and crap lyrics and you've got a good band.
    :facepalm: You can just find a band with "tah perfect lyrics (In Your Opinion)". DF is a good band with their own style, if you hate it, just GTFO!!!
    The lyrics are kinda dry and certain words and phrases are certainly overused "Fire, Flames, Wings, Freedom, Storm" The guitarists are incredible
    Maybe someday we'll get a review written by someone who knows the English language. Dragonforce eats balls, though.