It's Only Time review by Drake Bell

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  • Released: Dec 5, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.6 (119 votes)
Drake Bell: It's Only Time

Sound — 7
The sound of most songs on It's Only Time is somewhat different to the sound that probably have developed an interest in Drake Bell. It contains lighter music than what would have developed your interest, and it is a lot less rocky and more like a pop album. I found this relatively disappointing. There is a significant use of piano (which is not objected in itself) that with the rest of the music end up with an over textured sound or just simple pop-rock. This is Drake Bell's 2nd album but his first one was released independently, containing his heavier music.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics on some songs are very creative and inspirational but in most of the songs they are very clich. When reading the lyrics I happened to realize that Drake Bell has a habit of embedding his song names into virtually every song. The compliance of the music and the lyrics is pretty good, actually, and has been intellectually done. I don't think that there are any occasions where there is not good compliance with lyrics and music, which probably the main factor that makes the album what it is. Regarding singer skills, Drake Bell keeps control of the notes, but never really seems to exercise his singing ability to the full, and I think that if he did, the album could be much better.

Overall Impression — 7
I think I could compare this album to a blend of Lenny Kravitz and Hoosiers kind of sound, but easily a bit worse than these. The most impressive songs from the album have to be Found A Way, Makes Me Happy, and Fool The World because these are the most creative songs and are more rapid and upbeat than the others on the album. The thing I love most about it is the bonus DVD that contains two guitar lessons, photo shoot outtakes, and acoustic performance and the official I know video. The thing I hate most about it is that the sound was very disappointing because I was hoping for a heavier CD. When I started to listen to the album I became disappointed and thought that it was not worth what I paid for it. It may not be so disappointing to others who purchase this CD, but if I lost my CD, I might buy it again, but only if it was cheaper.

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    At The End Of The Day He's Good At What He Does, He Can Sing, Play Guitar and piano and the whole point of this album was to write catchy upbeat pop songs because he was depressed after his car crash. Does it matter if he's known for his Tv show? No The Review is for the music not what he's best known for
    And if he read this i think he'd laugh at you from on top of the pile of money he's made from this album!
    metal Lover wrote: There's something I don't like about him.
    maybe cuz your username is mental lover?
    Drake is a decent musician. But i think he would be much better off being and entertainer in las vegas than trying to be a rock star. He's got a great voice, he can act decently, and he can play some music, im sure he could entice a crowd.
    im soory but, i have little sibblings who watch his shaow and it is pretty funny. as for his music iv only heard the ones they put on his show and theyre not exactly my style of music but he is tallented
    never underestimate DRAKE BELL, just because he's a pop singer doesn't mean that you have to bash him, I watched his videos on youtube, he can really do a SHREDDING GUITAR SOLO!!!!! Thanks to THE WHO guitarist for teaching him, how many of you here can do what Drake does??? I bet noone even though me the number 1 tabber here, i can't imitate what Drake does because he's amazing!!!! and yet he's far better guitarist than Justin Bieber or Kevin Jonas of Jonas Brothers. Drake Bell = underrated and one of the best oung guitarists in United States, like it or not, shut the f**k up!!!! Drake Bell can also play piano, Bass, Drums and write decent songs!!! This site Ultimate-Guitar isn't only for the close minded rockers, all genres are welcome here f you are a true musician!!!