Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence review by Dream Theater

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  • Released: Jan 29, 2002
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (76 votes)
Dream Theater: Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

Sound — 9
The sound, overall, is prog metal. It does lighten up in some of the parts of the epic title track (Goodnight Kiss, Solitary Shell), but for the most part the album is heavy, heavy heavy. This is proven by "The Glass Prison" on the first disc, an amazing metal song that will blow your mind up. And the title track switches from classical, Pantera-esque metal, acoustic rock, and pop all in one song. It's brilliant.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics here as a whole are the darkest of any DT album. We have alcoholism (The Glass Prison), abandonment and emptiness (Misunderstood), stem cell research (The Great Debate), and an epic take on all kinds of mental diseases and insanity (The Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.) All of the lyrics are very well performed by the guys and are a definite highlight of this album.

Overall Impression — 9
01. The Glass Prison - DT's second best song, next to "Octavarium." Brilliant, the best metal song I have heard in my life. 02. Blind Faith - the lyrics are troubling, but the music is good and the drums are amazing. the instrumental break at 5:00 is one of their best. 03. Misunderstood - probably the second best song on the album, brilliant lyrics, catchy chorus, brilliant music. Great song. 04. The Great Debate - hot topic issue: stem cell. It is well delivered; it shows arguments on both the democratic and republican side of things. A lot of metaphorical lyrics, very well delivered. 05. Disappear - boring, a horrible song. 06. The Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence - love the title, the song itself is a bit of a letdown. The Overture is ok, About to Crash isn't really good, The War Inside My Head is a great, war-bashing hard song, The Test that Stumped Them All is great Pantera-esque metal, Goodnight Kiss is boring, Solitary Shell is brilliant, and the Finale is ok. Overall, it's an upsen downs sort of song. But it's DT, so it's brilliant. Overall, it's DT's third best album in my opinion. I thought it was an interesting and hard rocking album. Buy this one for "The Glass Prison" alone.

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    I think CaptainSBDA doesn't appreciate slower songs. Goodnight Kiss and Disappear are two of my fav. DT songs.
    I appreciate slower songs.....but Goodnight Kiss could have used some INSTRUMENTATION and Disappear, which I would agree with most is a sequel to "Space-Dye Vest," and it doesn't pull it off. "Space-Dye Vest" cannot be sequelized or remade, it's one of DT's masterpieces. And just to let you know, I was one of the few who loved "The Answer Lies Within" on Octavarium.