The Warrior's Code Review

artist: Dropkick Murphys date: 09/10/2005 category: compact discs
Dropkick Murphys: The Warrior's Code
Released: Jun 21, 2005
Label: Hellcat
Genre: Rock
Styles: Punk Revival
Number Of Tracks: 14
With "The Warrior's Code", the Dropkicks combine their driving punk energy with a newfound sense of majesty and melody to create anthems for troubled times.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
The Warrior's Code Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 09, 2005
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Sound: As a fan of the Murphys ever since the pre-Al Barr days of "Do Or Die" and "The Gangs All Here," I was very impressed with "Blackout" and simply couldnt wait until Warrior came out. The sound is pure, vintage Dropkick. Awesome bag-pipe work done by new piper Scruffy Wallace (Spicy was was more technical though), Al's vocals have such a better range as they did in previous albums, Ken Casey is getting better and is in his prime with his signature "long-drawn-out-not taking a breath" style. The duo of, The Kid and James Lynch remains the same, nothing out of the ordinary but still impressive none-the-less and still solid drumming from Matt Kelly. The additio of tin wistle, mandolin and accordian of Tim Brennan completes the Murphys and I'm hoping for plenty more ass kicking music to come! // 10

Lyrics: I woulndt expect anything else from these guys. Mostly traditional Irish folk songs that have been what I like to call "Dropkicked." If your looking for songs about breakups and sad shit of that nature, you've come to the wrong place junior! Here, your gonna find songs about the working class (Citizen CIA), what it takes to be a champion (The Warrior's Code), what happens when you cheat on a guy's women (Captain Kelly's Kitchen), what it takes to show your sensative side (Wicked Sensative Crew) and what a night of drinking does to a man (Sunshine Highway), plus many many more kick ass tunes. As said before, Al has improved and seems to flow alot more with the band and Ken is at the top of his game with no signs of slowing donw! // 10

Overall Impression: Another sucessful album, from the hard working boys from Boston, with plenty more to come I hope. The stand-out tracks on the album are, The Warrior's Code (a song about Boston boxing legend Micky Ward, on what it takes to be a champion), The Auld Triangle (what it was like to in prison in the Old Country), The Green Fields of France (a very very moving song, taking about war, and the good it never brings) and Last Letter Home (the lyrics of this song are actual letters written back and forth from a family to their son, Andrew Farrar, who was a fan of Dropkick and stationed in Irap, he sadly lost his life). This is by far my favorite Dropkick album and if someone stole it, I've still got 5 copies (serious). Can't wait for more. Lets go Murphys! // 10

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overall: 10
The Warrior's Code Reviewed by: The Leader, on september 10, 2005
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Sound: The Murphy's music has been a faithful companion to me ever since I first came to America. Personally, I think of them as a young Flogging Molly; Mainly Punk, a little regular rock, with a splash of Irish pride. This year's follow up to 'Blackout' did not leave me disappointed, as this album is just as good, if not a little better. It's a few songs of their own, but Dropkick Murphy's always put modern updates of old Irish folk songs. Think punk instrumentation, coupled with add-ons like mandolin, violin, bagpipes, I think I even heard a banjo once or twice. Absolutely beautiful. // 10

Lyrics: Wonderful lyrics, the music is good ol' Murphys, but this time around, it felt different. Everything matched up well, singing skills of the group have grown a lot. The lyrics just felt more grown up, more mature. They took a few tracks off to be themselves, but the album is still more serious than compared to others. Still, it's utter perfection. // 10

Overall Impression: Rated against every other album of theirs, I rank it second, after Blackout, and before Sing Loud, Sing Proud. Several songs are very memorable: Green Fields Of France has the same emotional impact as that old country song Private Malone, and The Warrior's Code title track is singlehandedly motivational enough to get a fat guy away from a free buffet. Other songs are remakes of old classics; new riffs and music, but the same melody. Captain Kelly's Kitchen took me back to the Clancy Brothers, and The Auld Triangle (traditionally sung a capella) is in my opinion the greatest remake of an old song I have ever heard. For those who missed the LP 'Tessie' The same song has been put on this cd, in celebration of the Boston Red Sox World Series victory. I love every aspect of this album, and I have no disliking of it at all. In fact, its in my stereo as I type this. If it were lost, I would surely buy it again, but in the meantime, I would listen to: Drunken Lullabies and Within a Mile of Home, by Flogging Molly. Blackout, Sing Loud Sing Proud, by the Dropkick Murphys. Anything by the Dubliners, Clancy Brothers, Irish Rovers, and the Irish Pub Singers. // 10

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