Desensitized review by Drowning Pool

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  • Released: Apr 20, 2004
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (13 votes)
Drowning Pool: Desensitized

Sound — 7
Powerfull Riffs to shake your fancies. Unique styles from each instrument that come together to bring out their true potential. As in Sinner, Dave Williams vocals is, or was, I should say, (bless his soul), able to yell. However with his passing due to heart disease, Jones delivers more a rugged tone. He has a way with scream, and sooth. Sounds like a smoker, but I digress. Love and War, ballad-ish. Gives even the most hardcore metal lover something to think (or cry) about. One of the magic elements about the album, is that no song has a repeated sound. Each song has it's own form of adrenaline and/or goosebump-like touch.

Lyrics — 8
Now, Drowning Pool's strong point has been with the lyrics they put into their song making. Bodies is probably the song that put them at the top of the pile, showing up in the Rambo soundtrack, and many others. The Game, has some impressive words that fit perfectly with out flaw in their verses. In this album, phrases are repeated, though not unappealing. They are repeated in many places like "Forget", "Hate" "Think" but that just adds to the intensive pound they deliver. Jones, rather than coninue Dave's route of darkness and murder, puts more of a vanity and current events emotion into it. (Album cover, showing sex appeal). Jones probably knew that these thoughts would arise about this new style, but took a chance, and so far, no one has looked down upon it.

Overall Impression — 9
Comparison: Drowning Pool has their own sound, so it's hard to compare. They have those high searing beaming guitar riffs, ("Numb") and low chilling power riffs. The guitar style they chose for this album was a plus. The drumming, fits like the first tetris piece. It's not offbeat, it's perfect, you can't mess it up, because, well, it's drowning pool. Most Impressive songs: Well, this is the opinion section. Ballad Wise, Love and War wins the gold. Adrenaline wise, Hate gives you that "punch in the face" feeling. Good song to work out to, like it pushes you to beat the body builder across the gym. Love: Intros and Outros. Either ear piercing and sudden halt, or melodic begining and fade to awesome. This album has been out for a few years, so, if you haven't listened to it, and saw the album cover at the nearby cd store, and wanted to know more about it, buy it. Hate: There isn't much to hate about it. Maybe that the songs could be a little longer? I mean 3 minutes is about an average song, but an Epic, 7 minute would leave me happy. Re-buy: If the album, AND my ipod were stolen, I would hop on iTunes, and probably only buy a few songs, not saying the others are bad, but only a few gave me the chill that only those can give me over and over. Talking about buying something else is a whole different question. If you want to buy Drowning Pool, then you better buy Drowning Pool because your not going to find something like it that will fill that crater in your heart that holds the DP.

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