Resilience review by Drowning Pool

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  • Released: Apr 9, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.7 (35 votes)
Drowning Pool: Resilience

Sound — 8
Drowning Pool are a renowned heavy metal band who first formed back in 1996, and soon followed grabbed the ears of metalheads worldwide with their captivating 2001 debut album, "Sinner", which showcased the band's signature take on the genre, mixed with dominative nu metal and alternative influences. Throughout the bands four studio albums, Drowning Pool would go on to forge a multitude of heavy hitting metal anthems, such as "Step Up" and "Love And War". Now, they make their return to the music scene with their first new album in over three years, titled "Resilience". The album is kicked off with "Anytime Anyplace", which proudly showcases a racing guitar riff, angst-soaked vocals and thunderous percussion work, which remains consistent to the band's earlier efforts. The song is filled to such traditionally angry lyrics as "Hey you/ you're dying every day/ you're looking for some pain? / Well it's on the way!", which helps provide the new track with a comfortably nostalgic feel and vibe that should appeal to most established fans of Drowning Pool. Immediately it's looking like a standout return-to-form for these Texan riff rockers, than leaves little room for improvement.

Lyrics — 9
Recently appointed lead vocalist Jason Moreno gives a consistently noteworthy performance throughout "Resilience". Just as Drowning Pool is beloved for their ever increasing catalogue of raging metal classics, they are well known for their long line of people manning the microphone. Soon following the release of their debut album, the band would unfortunately go on to lose original lead singer Dave Williams to heart disease. Afterwards, the band would go on to recruit Jason "Gong" Jones for their second studio album, Desensitized, only to be replaced with Ryan McCombs of SOiL fame; who would maintain the position within the band only until recently. A lead vocalist is literally the voice of the band, so this entire album, in my opinion, was resting on Jason's shoulders, and he completely knocked it out of the park. He has the ability to add uneasing levels of hate, anger, and depression to his singing style, which completely transforms the overall mood of each song. This helps drive each song forward into the next, and leads to an enjoyable listening experience.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, Drowning Pool give a dynamite performance with "Resilience", which showcase the band's signature pick-grinding guitar riffs and primal screams throughout all 15 new compositions. It comes highly recommended to any established fan of the band, as well as any alternative metal fan looking for a consistently thrilling metal album to crank to full volume.

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    Sounds like yer average radio rock stuff, not sure why its so highly rated, you'd think anyone listening to a similar album would have chronic memory loss when they start calling this 'good'.
    Silver Blues
    Well, it's not SUPER good but it's not bad... very listenable... better than a lot of the other shit you hear on the radio most of the time...
    I really liked their first and their third record when they came out. Sure, I was in my teens then so that might be part of why, but I still like a couple of songs from Sinner and a few from Full Circle. These last two records have gone into even more radio friendly territory though, and I don't have a lot of positive things to say for them.
    I think it's a brilliant album. And before anyone starts, I've been a fan of Drowning Pool from the start.
    Only a few of Drowning Pool's songs have ever caught my ear. The rest have been boring. Boring. Boring. Get it yet?
    It sounds very generic....nothing special about it at all. Rock bands are very disappointing these days..its like they are running out of ideas..
    Generic mainstream rocks bands are disappointing. There's a lot of decent bands out there that aren't generic though.
    Ryan McCombs is back in Soil, that's all that matters, I'll gladly trade that for Drowning Pool's demise as they've gradually gotten worse with each successive album anyway.
    Ryan McCombs was the only reason I think drowning pool was good and I loved the two albums he was on
    Well from what I hear, Drowning Pool sounds nothing like Drowning Pool anymore. Also, IMHO, from what I've heard of Disarm the Decent, Killswitch is still Killswitch and has their former vocalist back. It sounds great to me.
    Oh, the band who made "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" is back... *rolls eyes* Ten years have passed and they still sound generic as ****.
    The 2 songs from youtube are F@cking garbage. i liked the 1st album, but this is s h i t? wtf happened to them who's the lame ass singer? and the lyrics are so lame and corny. shocker
    I cant belive this is what DP have become!! a shit radio rock band.. Dave Williams ( DP's first singer ) would roll in his grave!! There not even heavy anymore
    Why don't the rest of the band just form another band with them all in it? Cause the on going vocalist changes are making this band a joke.