Enjoy The Time You Waste review by Drugdealer Cheerleader

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  • Released: Sep 24, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (3 votes)
Drugdealer Cheerleader: Enjoy The Time You Waste

Sound — 8
Having eagerly awaited DDCL's first album, it was a joy to finally find, and indeed, listen to. The bulk of the album (Fireworks, LMFAO, Britain's Great, Ms LaPish, XE Cute my X, Ugly Inside, Gimme some love and It's happening now) are f--king fantastic songs which superbly capture the energy and character that the band pour out live, which is a testament to the producer and recording engineer(s). Three of the songs, however ("The Guv'nor," "Take It To The Edge" and "Loser") lack the hooks and brilliance of the other material, which somewhat tarnish and endanger the overall album. It's a bit of a shame, as many top DDCL tunes haven't been featured: Playing with a Razor (part of which apparently recycled into take it to the edge); Don't show me you love me; "Maximum Power," a staple set opener penned by drummer ringo, and the band's first single I don't wanna go to school would all have been warmly welcome. Summertime is good, yet at the same time problematic. A nod to the cleaner GnR's classics, the album's lone acoustic track comes across like the token black kid on the box of Bizzy Buzzy Bumbles. While it's nice to break up a continuity of expertly crafted hard rock songs, it does not fit the album and halts the momentum and tension that the rest of Enjoy the time you waste builds up. Still, it shows versatility and is at root a perfectly good song. While the whole band is on form and kicking proverbial, the mixing and mastering processes have in part ruined the great performance and energy: Hilda's dynamic voice is lacking in compression, and while louder, more aggressive passages cut through the mix as they should, some quieter parts remain obscured, and in a few cases, inaudible. The album is generally muddy, conglomerating in the 150-250Hz region, resulting to the listener being forced to severely tweak the EQ of their sound system to get a listenable sound. Worst of all, Jay's fantastic lead guitar parts, despite fine execution, don't stick out as they should. I'd like to get my hands on the engineer responsible, not to mention the masters!

Lyrics — 10
The highlight of the album is the song LMFAO, a much needed stab at shallow indie semesters and emo kids (I'm image over content) which has the same feeling of rock n' roll unity against the bland crap that Rock around the clock first instilled some 50 years prior. Gimme Some Love is an ode to the rock and roll classics, which amusingly namedrops influential bands in the verses (My girlfriend's called Sheena, she's a punk rocker), as well as adding a subtle f--k you to Sandi Thom (She got no flowers in the hair! ) As expected, this is followed by a treat of a chorus (Gimme some love / Gimme some rock and roll). When I saw that Britain's Great was on the tracklist, I was worried that the original chorus (Come on in and take our money) might be omitted as it could offend. I am pleased to see that this was not the case.

Overall Impression — 9
Drugdealer Cheerleader deserve a lot of respect for their integrity. They've refuse to change a tasteless and unmarketable name, that's pretty rock and roll. Despite a few technical problems, Enjoy the time you waste is a brilliant record. Go out and buy a copy.

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    gonna check it out. the name is quite....i dont know....poor, like they named dealer to rime chearleader lol but i like the name of the album.
    good review. i have yet to pick up a copy of this but we are playing with DDCL for the second time this saturday so if i have money and they are selling copies i may pick it up.i was gutted to see i dont want to go to school is not on the track list, ive got the single but lost it and this would of topped the album off perfectly. ive always noticed that the songs are amazing but parts dot stand out like they should i.e vocals on chorus' and solos etc im guessing this is down to the engineer because live they just blow you away. maybe a re mastered versions in years to come overall i like all tracks ive heard. my fave bein fireworks, i have the singles and LMFAO on ipod so this will be a great addition once i get the money to pick it up. since we are doing our second show with these guys you may be interested in listening to our demos www.myspace.com/silentoblivion1