The Dead And Dreaming review by Dry Kill Logic

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  • Released: Oct 5, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (5 votes)
Dry Kill Logic: The Dead And Dreaming

Sound — 9
Dry Kill Logic isn't just your ordinary metal band. They blend their instruments together awesomely (I couldn't think of another word besides awesomely). The guitar riffs in every song kick lots of umm that one body part, you know the one, the toe. Yeah. Anyway, before I ramble on, as if I'm not already, the drumming, the bass lines, and the great guitar riffs, blend together incredibly to create great metal music.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics aren't really anything special, just the typical metal lyrics. I especially like the the song Lost, I like how he builds up in yelling. The lyrics aren't that great, but the way he sings makes it sound really good. He's got a good metal voice. He can have the normal metal voice to yell with, or he can go with his soft singing voice like on the song Goodnight, which is on the album The Darker Side Of Nonsense. I love the yelling, and then theres that background voice that does some singing. Overall the singing/yelling fits the music perfectly and sounds great.

Overall Impression — 9
To get a good feel for this album, some songs you may want to listen to are Lost, Paper Tiger, Buckles, or 200 Years. It's up to you to find where to illegally download the songs you thief. Anyway, Dry Kill Logic is sort of similar to bands like Hatebreed or Damage Plan, besides the fact that Damage Plan had one of the greatest guitarists ever, Dimebag Darrell. I love the guitar in this album. I love how in almost every song theres those fast, heart pounding, guitar riffs. I love the intros to Paper Tiger and 200 Years, and you will too. If I lost this or it was stolen then, I would probably go get it again. Theres really nothing to hate about this album. I dislike the beginning of As Thick As Thieves though, but other than that it's overall pretty damn good. Buy it/download it/ whatever you want to do, just listen to it!

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