The Hinderers review by Dååth

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  • Released: Mar 20, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (32 votes)
Dååth: The Hinderers

Sound — 10
Daath has a nice new sound, guitars come out clean, drums sound good and pound hard, the vocals come out nice and crisp, this is a very nice album as far as sound production goes. Whoever they got to produce it did one hell of a job with it. Great production equals great experence while playing it, everything comes out clean and fresh through your speakers. It makes one hope they sound this good live.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are interesting, Daath is apparently exploring the "tree of life concept", or was it "tree of death"? maybe one of each, with their music. Now granted, their lyrics are good and will make you think at times. Their work being influenced by the mystical topics such Da'at and Kabbalah, give a good reason to listen. Their vocalist growls some good points that will make you want to take another listen.

Overall Impression — 10
Daath / The Hinderers Overall, this is a very good album, produced clean with blistering riffs and a vocalist that sounds like a combination of Randall Blythe and Tim Lambesis leaves the listiner wanting more. 01. Subterfuge-Not a bad song, but not great. It just seems forced to me, like they were pressed to write one quickly to round off the album. Usually skip this one. 3/5 02. From The Blind-Much better song then the first one, delivered nicely with some good stuff in it. Usually just let it play through it. 4/5 03. Cosmic Forge-This song has a cool intro but goes down hill from there, once again it feels like it was forced. 3/5 04. Sightless-Good song with some good riffs and good vocals. 4/5 05. Under A Somber Sign-I don't know why but I hate this song, it just doesn't feel right to me, i personally think they should have left this one off. 2/5 06. Ovum-Great song, blistering riffs punding drums, this is what it's all about baby. 5/5 07. Festival Mass Soulform-This is another great song delivered superbly with great clean production. 5/5 08. Above Lucium-One of my favorites, this is an amazing song, with shredding riffs and pounding drums and vocals to make you want to crawl under your bed and call for your mommy. The lyrics are also awesome and will make pump your fist and sing along. In a word, Superb. 6/5 09. Who Will Take The Blame?-Another Great song, well delivered and well conceived. 5/5 10. War Born(Tri-Adverserenade)-Another Great Song Will probably cause some major mosh pits in a crowd. 5/5 11. Dead On The Dance Floor-Great song to play at a party as techno, then watch the faces of your friends as it slowly goes ultra heavy and the lead singer begins to "sceam-rap". 5/5 12. Blessed Through Misery-Another great song, one to get your horns up. 5/5 13. The Hinderers-This song is probaly my favorite from the album, a great song to end it off with. 6/5 This is a very solid release, a great debut album with a solid release and sure to gather a great following. I can't wait to see these guys live, it ought to be a great experence. If they keep putting out great albums like this they're sure to be around quite a while.

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    Excellent album, cant agree on the review of subterfuge though, thats one of my favourites and the guitar solo is awsome.
    They sound NOTHING like DevilDriver, especially not DD's new CD. (which is amazing btw) Guitar work is COMPLETELY differant, vocal style is nothing alike and even drumming styles are differant.
    Daath are great, i love there style, i dont sense any Devildriver in them at all. But to each his own
    barn burner5
    Nhex (PT) wrote: trash metal please come and save the world again xD with no ofense i listen to a lot of death metal but i kinda waiting for a band who revives trash at its best
    don't you mean thrash metal?
    _3Lm0_ wrote: Randall Blythe? you mean Randy Blythe? Good album, would be awesome live.
    isnt that the same thing? lol stupid head!
    Daath are hella good, but Lamb Of God have nothing to worry about. If any of you think DevilDriver are generic then listen to their latest album. It blows the other two outta the water. Dez Fafara is brutal. And talking of reviving thrash, WHERE are Thine Eyes Bleed on UG? These guys are amazing, they opened up for Slayer at the European leg of Unholy Alliance last year and they are 5HIT HOT! I'd write a review of their album myself but they're not even on the list of artists!! Outrage. And yea Randy & Randall are the same people. His proper name is actually David. David Randall Blythe. (:
    ooder the cow
    well used to like em loads, but went off em fast... all too samey really. however i did work out the subterfuge solo, but went off em before i learned to actually play it.
    Nhex (PT)
    trash metal please come and save the world again xD with no ofense i listen to a lot of death metal but i kinda waiting for a band who revives trash at its best
    I saw them at the Summer Slaughter tour with Beneath the Massacre, Ion Dissonance, The Faceless, As Blood Runs Black, Cattle Decapitation, Arsis, Cephalic Carnage, and Decapitated. And let me tell ya...I think everyone there agreed that Daath stole the show.
    Lamb of God better watch out
    the only thing lamb of god have to watch out for is satan himself coming to claim their souls for being too kick ass . daath are awesome live though !
    I actually saw this band live at a small venue and let me say: OH MY GOD! These guys have such a stage presence and alot of potential.The played about a 9 song set & the funny thing was as soon as Sean (the vocalist) got off stage, he acted like it was nothing and just kind of sat there while I still had my blood pouring out my ears from the blistering metal storm that Daath had jsut put out. Lamb of God better watch out
    x Misanthropy x
    ahh i luv this industrial parts dey put in it....the vocalist actually reminds me of dez ferrera...only cause they use the same vocal technique!
    Randall Blythe? you mean Randy Blythe? Good album, would be awesome live.
    Don't get me wrong though, Daath is frickin sweet. I get to see them in 9 days, I'm so pumped!
    I can't wait to see them at ozzfest, which is by the way really heavy this year. Gonna be awesome!
    Pretty amazing. I saw them with JFAC and Unearth and Despised Icon. Better than D.I, about the same as JFAC. Fantastic album and showmanship, they got everyone going. They are fantastic, especially their choice to play clean, very origional.
    bite_the_bullet wrote: honestly, they got shown up in a big way by jfac and the accacia strain when i saw them...
    If I saw all of them together, Daath would definitely show them up just for having the balls to do something that's their own and original. I'm looking forward to listening to what I haven't heard from this.
    Wow, they sound exactly like Devildriver. And I can't handle more than one band that sounds like Devildriver. Too generic.