Rockferry review by Duffy

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  • Released: Mar 3, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 5.3 (41 votes)
Duffy: Rockferry

Sound — 7
Despite some beautiful string arrangements, the quality of musicianship on the band's part is rather lacking. There's no real 'feel' to the music although the standard of material is very high. I think someone somewhere made some very good decisions on what tracks should be released as singles as these songs are by far the best on this album. The overall sound of the release is very soulful yet has a very bluesy twang. Duffy's vocal performances are spot on every track and many (including myself) find her tone and phrasing rather 'soothing'.

Lyrics — 8
Although some vocal notes put your back up a bit, you really feel what Duffy is trying to put across. She isn't flat and certainly isn't sharp but certain interval clashes result in some tracks being deficient of 'listenability'. There is no doubt about Duffy's vocal talent, even her live performances are pitch perfect and I truly believe that she outshines a certain 'Winehouse' of whom she is criticised of 'ripping off'. The lyrics themselves are typical pop lyrics but are delivered in a way that only Duffy could. Who said that soul music was a thing of the past?

Overall Impression — 7
So she's no Aretha Franklin but Duffy has made a branch of soul all by herself. It's almost a different ball game. This album is far from a let down although the singles released led me to believe that the rest of the album is of such a high standard, it isn't but after all, that's what singles are for right? 01. Rockferry - a nice song but is certainly not one of the highlights. 02. Warwick Avenue - my personal favourite. One of the few tracks that has some musical feel to it. 03. Serious - more of a pop record than anything. Little bit 'Spice-girly'. 04. Stepping Stone - another good song with a really soulful vibe. 05. Syrup And Honey - probably the most soulful track on here. Nice lyrics and a twisted and altered twelve-bar. 06. Hanging On Too Long - nice string arrangement but I can't put my finger on what I don't like. 07. Mercy - the one everyone knows! Great tune, great lyrics and the vocal performance is out of this world. 08. Delayed Devotion - again, nice and soulful but just has a certain something missing. 09. I'm Scared - a rather nice tune, well written with nice lyrics and chords following the melody, or is that the other way around? 10. Distant Dreamer - what appears to be a bit of an anti-climax at first turns into a wonderful song wrapping up the album nicely. I got this for her voice and I was not disappointed it's beautiful, so I'm happy but as good as the songs themselves are, none of them really hit he on a personal level like a soul record should. Remember that the album was promoted well with most of the best tracks becoming available on single release but if you enjoyed them I would suggest you give the whole thing a go. If you didn't, don't touch this with a barge pole. I think people are cut down the middle on Duffy. Love her or hate her you can't fault her voice. I do find that certain tracks grow on you somewhat until you love the whole album! Lets hope this potential talent doesn't get a case of the dreaded 'second album curse'. But for some reason I don't think she will. I think we haven't heard the last of Duffy for a very, very long time.

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    Andy Jarvis
    Duffy is a refreshing change to the pop scene of today, I personally don't think she's copying Amy Winhouse, she reminds me of the british Soul and R and B stuff of the 60's, I think there is certainly a little bit of Lulu in her voice, especialy in 'Mercy'. Of coarse a lot of members of this site will not like her because she's not 'Metal' but good music is good music whatever genre' as far as I'm concirned.
    thank God she isnt coping Winehouse. sure there are simiarities, but Duffy's better overall. And at least she doesn't sing at concerts with a bottle of Jack Daniels in her hand. Or had one before, like a certain Winehouse
    Starchild_ex4 wrote: I hate duffy. Lizzie McGuire sux.
    Hahahahahahaha! Fail.
    Starchild_ex4 wrote: I hate duffy. Lizzie McGuire sux.
    what the? Its not Hillary Duff tard
    I don't mind, I love the way Duffy sounds she has that oldie feel to it...
    this album is boring. mercy was a charming song, but nothing else on this cd catches my attention whatsoever. i gave it a 4 on the sole strength of mercy.
    I don't know how you can compare this to Winehouse. And Dusty Springfield's dead, so does that mean there must be nothing else remotely similar ever again?
    TJ1991 her voice is nothing different. It's basically the same as Dusty Springfield's. I'm sick of these talentless "artists" raping old jazz, soul and blues. First it was Winehouse, now this. When will it end?
    i love duffy's voice, its something different. almost as if she cant quite sing, but she still completely belts them! love this album, its nothing spectacularly amazing but its a nice listen. and the good songs really are brilliant. 7/10
    She has an amazing voice, absolutely stunning!! better role model for younger people too (not naming names) ; she aint done anything stuppid as yet. And best of all she's a welsh, and can actually speak welsh too!! Good album, obviously dont expect any shredding solo's though!
    She can write a better melody in 3 minutes than most of the rock/metal musicians in the world/on this site can in their entire careers, not to mention their metalhead fans who think they're musicians too. I for one am glad she's around, to pull the standard of (at least) mainstream music up some way close to where it should be.