Daylight review by Duncan Sheik

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  • Released: Aug 27, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 10 (3 votes)
Duncan Sheik: Daylight

Sound — 10
Duncan Sheik is most notably known for his pop hit "Barely Breathing" which was featured on his debut '96 self-titled album. While his success after that became very miniscule, he also released two albums before releasing the album in judgment here, "Daylight", and just recently releasing "White Limousine". Duncan Sheik is not a conventional musician despite what "Barely Breathing" is known for, having gone to Brown, and also being a conductor for several plays and their musical scores, Duncan Sheik is familiar with theory, and it makes his music very unique considering his genre is mainly alternative mixed in with acoustic driven tracks, and alot of experimental melodies. His style in many ways is one in itself and if you are a fan of different styles you will learn to love his. Self-titled had many of the same themes here, however, this album is much more seasoned and just sounds great in its entirety.

Lyrics — 10
Duncan Sheik is a masterful songwriter and has beautifully crafted lyrics. To observe the lyrics in themself, there is absolutely no problem here. The only off-part is Duncan Sheik's ever-changing message, with completely polarized lyrics with songs such as "On A High", which is self-explanitory, and then as opposed to a song like "Good Morning!", which points to his feelings at the time and characterizes Duncan as a misanthrope, the word he in fact uses within the last verse. Again, someone who enjoys all sorts of different themes might enjoy this idea, but for others, this might be a weak point. Duncan Sheik as a vocalist is somewhat of a par concept. Much of his vocal technique is very similar to that of his speech and so we don't see much versatility in it. He uses falsettos frequently (at least twice in almost every song) and that's the only real diffentiation of his vocal style. He's able to discern the key he should sing in however when he moves there with his songs, displayed greatly in "Such Reveries," and this is a redeeming factor. There aren't any problems with the vocals but also not many feats about them as well.

Overall Impression — 10
As aforementioned, the album takes a very similar approach to his self-titled effort, with songs like "On A High" taking the place of the pop songs such as "Barely Breathing", and songs such as "Half-Life" taking the place of "Home". Despite this factor Duncan Sheik has indeed grown as a musician with this album and it was a great effort which shows he cares about the fans and his prerogative rather than commerciality, as his popularity is near none. I have no problems with any songs on the album, and to pick certain ones of them is very hard, but my personal favorite would have to be "Good Morning!" as I relate greatly to it, for most it would probably characterize Duncan as a villain or something of that sort but I think it's the cynicism that actually seems to humanize him, as many musicians are afraid to be cynical within their own music but are overly cynical when it comes to interviews or any other sort of press. I've already mentioned everything I love about the album, and the one or two things I disliked. I can honestly say there was nothing on this album I hated. Lastly, I would get this album ASAP if I found out I lost it or it was stolen, it is one of the most brilliant pieces of semi-pop music I have ever listened to and I think anyone who listens to this album (fully) can gain a greater perspective on life.

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