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artist: Dying Fetus date: 08/06/2013 category: compact discs
Dying Fetus: Reign Supreme
Released: June 19, 2012
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Label: Relapse
Number Of Tracks: 9
"Reign Supreme" is the seventh studio album by Dying Fetus. In this new album, Dying Fetus might try to explain the beginning of a new era for Dying Fetus.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Reign Supreme Reviewed by: pollopitres, on june 20, 2012
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Sound: Dying Fetus is a death metal band formed in 1991 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. "Reign Supreme" is the seventh studio album by Dying Fetus. Dying Fetus started as a death metal band but has been changed. The latest album by Dying Fetus, "Descend Into Depravaty" was a mix of Technical Death Metal and Grindcore. "Reign Supreme" is probably the best album by Dying Fetus. In this new album, Dying Fetus might try to explain the beginning of a new era for Dying Fetus. The sound quality is absolutely amazing. Each song is different from above. If one had a breakdown, the other end with an amazing guitar solo. What makes it a masterpiece is the great use of guitar riffs. John Gallagher's voice is amazing, Trey Williams does not skimp on battery use. Now, Sean Beasley is more predominate in the use of secondary voice, which practically become primaries. "Revisionist Past" and "The Blood Of Power" are the only songs that have a real guitar solo. Epic is the word to represent these guitar solos. "Invert The Idols", the intro of the album, tells us how amazing it will be the disc. And what about songs like "Subjected Into Beating", "Second Skin" or "From Womb To Waste"... The riff of "In The Trenches", the end of "Devout Atrocity"... Personally, I must say it's the best album of Dying Fetus. The only drawback I've found in this section is that the album does not innovate much. // 9

Lyrics: War is the main theme of the lyrics. Songs like "From Womb To Waste" deal with other issues like drugs and their effects. The composition is very good and it shows that Dying Fetus want to try to express clearly what each song means. You can not fault the voice of John Gallagher, except that it is difficult to understand. As with Sean Beasley. With few exceptions, almost perfect. // 9

Overall Impression: Dying Fetus wants to become the best death metal band. And if he continues down this path, will get it easily. It is very difficult to choose which is the best song on the album. All are amazing. I can say that the least I heard was "From Womb To Waste". The best of this album is the sound quality. It's perfect, as their production. Dying Fetus has done an excellent job. Is there something wrong with the album? Practically nothing. If I lose, I go back to buy it without thinking. In short, a masterpiece of supreme quality. For me, the best album by Dying Fetus. Dying Fetus is already one of the best Death Metal bands. P.S. Sorry for my grammatical errors, I'm from Spain. // 10

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overall: 10
Reign Supreme Reviewed by: machineheadmf, on august 06, 2013
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Sound: Dying Fetus are band that entered the Death Metal scene back in 1991, when bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Suffocation were on the rise. Being one of the main pioneers of Death Metal amongst the as fore-mentioned bands above and the Godfathers of Death Metal, Death, they garnered a lot of attention and gained a bad reputation in the eyes of the public by the time they released their first full-length LP is 1996. After recording 2 demos ("Bathe in Entrails," 1993, and "Infatuation with Malevolence" a 1994 compilation demo), Dying Fetus released their first LP entitled "Purification Through Violence" in 1996. Praised by the underground Death Metal/Grindcore scene and hated by mainstream media, it established the band as future stars of the underground. They carried on gaining a following with solid releases 1998's "Killing on Adrenaline," the highly praised 2000 released "Kill the Opposition," 2003's "Stop at Nothing" and 2007's "War of Attrition." They had also released 2 E.P's (2000's "Grotesque Impalement" and a 2001 split with Deep Red) during this time. So by the time Dying Fetus came about to release their sixth studio album, they had been able to garner high praise by artists and reviews and had gained a huge following within the Death Metal scene. In 2009, Dying Fetus released "Descend Into Depravity." The album was mostly loved by their fans but was slightly bashed by the media and a few fans felt a little disappointed. Some people believed Dying Fetus were going on the road to fading out of the scene. But, three years later, Dying Fetus returned with stunning force and released this epic masterpiece. "Reign Supreme" is a return to top form for Dying Fetus, making their ever-faithful fans go crazy and the critics completely loose it. Opening on the very technical but very brutal opener, "Invert the Idols," the listener already gets greeted with a taster of what this whole album is about. Blisteringly fast, it sets the tone of the whole record. Sean Beasley provides some fantastic bass work, Gallagher some epic guitar with vocals so brutal that you wonder if everything he ever does seems brutal and metal as hell and Mr. Trey Williams providing the excellent, ever-present, ever-blistering and ever-beautiful drumming. The intro glides into "Subjected To a Beating" with great ease. Fast, brutal and powerful, the intensity of this album is truly felt here. Swiftly blitzing into "Second Skin," the album seems to keep building in intensity, power and ferociousness. With excellent vocals, bass, guitar and drumming, by the time you reach track four, the beautifully heavy "From Womb To Waste," you begin to wonder if the album will ever slow down. You have a feeling that the album will soon loose momentum. At blistering speed, Gallagher, Beasley and Williams prove their worth and show us that they know exactly what they are capable of. As you find yourself head-banging your way into Dissidence, you have an urge to suddenly just break everything within sight. It is quite clear that this album still has a whole lot of juice left and that Gallagher and Co. still have a lot to say. Furious, ferocious and crazy fast, In the Trenches seems like a song that is barely two minutes, let alone its total time of three minutes-forty four seconds. When going into track number 7, you still can't seem to believe that the album has kept its momentum, speed, anger, heaviness and perfect technicality so well. "Devout Atrocity" feels like something that only those built to make Death Metal can produce. "Running into Revisionist Past" at some lightning speed, you can't believe that the album is nearly over. Another great and heavy track, Dying Fetus are still proving their worth. "The Blood Of Power" is the longest song on the album but is still an absolute bombshell of a track. A beautiful, brutal masterpiece of a song, you now really don't want the album to end. Ever. The final track, "Dead Whores Love to F--k" is like a small portion of brutal Grindcore. Even with it only lasting fifty short seconds, you still get an infectious riff, great vocals, amazing technicality and sheer damn speed! Overall, this is an album that is brutal, fast, furious, heavy and just truly mind-bowing. This is something that is enough to make old fans and the new ones loose their minds and is also enough to shut up anybody who has ever doubted them. Having to put up with the release of other Death Metal legends, Cannibal Corpse's "Torture," "Reign Supreme" had some serious competition. Did it come out on top? That is for you to decide. But is it one of the best damn Death Metal albums in recent years? Yes. Yes it is. Gallagher proves he can provide brutal as hell lows whilst casually playing heavy riffs and stupidly technical guitar, Beasley proves to us that he can provide serious mid-low growls (that are ever-prominently featured on this record) whilst playing blisteringly fast riffs and stupidly insane bass and also Williams shows to us that he can blast beat the hell out of any drummer out there and still create some heavy and technical drumming. This is a definite triumph for the bands. The future is still bright for these Death Metal legends. // 10

Lyrics: The vocal performances by both John Gallagher and Sean Beasley are things of Death Metal beauty. Beasley helps provide the mid-low growls that are very prominent in this album. Gallagher is the one whom is responsible for the insanely brutal lows. These lows are so low that it is something that is as terrifying as it is astonishing. When these vocals both collide however, is when the vocals are truly terrifying. A great contrast erupts and your head literally feels like exploding. The lyrical themes for this album are the same as all the other Dying Fetus songs. Dealing with the abuse of power, abuse of people, death and murder, drug abuse and un-necessary and malevolent violence, it is standard Death Metal stuff. However, the lyrical writing is by Dying Fetus so expect shocking, powerful, hard-hitting stuff. The vocals and lyrics contrast their music perfectly and you still can't believe your ears after the album is over. This is a definite must for any and all Death Metal fans. Perfection personified in music. // 10

Overall Impression: "Reign Supreme" was released the same year the giants of Death Metal, Cannibal Corpse, release their new album "Torture." This means that they would have stiff competition but yet they were still able to release a solid and heavy album that is enough to satisfy even the most picky and hardcore of Metal/Death Metal fans. This is an album that creates moshpits within your head. With every blistering, brutal and diverse song on the album, you can't help but wanting to growl along whilst headbanging like an absolute maniac. This isn't the best Death Metal album of all time. But it is however, one of them. If I had lost this somewhere, I would immediately have to re-buy it purely based on its replay factor and its immense, tense and jaw-dropping heaviness. There are no best songs on this album. But songs that are definitely worth their mention include "In The Trenches," "Second Skin," "Dissidence," "Invert the Idols" and "The Blood of Power." This is an album that doesn't feel like its actual length and one that you will remember. A must purchase for any Metal fan or anyone intrigued by the Metal genre. A huge accomplishment for the band and a hugely entertaining pleasure for their fans, Gallagher, Beasley, Williams: I salute you. Perfection, brutalized.

// 10

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