Long Road Out Of Eden review by Eagles

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  • Released: Oct 30, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (59 votes)
Eagles: Long Road Out Of Eden

Sound — 10
No matter what anyone else says, you can't fault the greatest American rock band for sound. It can't be done. As soon as the first track of the album kicks in ('No More Walks In The Wood'), you are overcome by how un-Eagles it is. The only thing playing in this track is a Mandolin, the rest is just the famous harmonies of every member of the band. If that isn't enough to take your breath away, then just wait for the rest of the album to unfold. The second and third song ('How Long' and 'Busy Being Fabulous') are laden with that classic Eagles sound that stole the hearts of a generation over 30 years ago. 'How Long' holds the key to everything that gets your foot tapping; with the boogie-shuffle and catchy lyrics, you're trapped from start to finish. 'Busy Being Fabulous' continues the Eagles' style but uses a lot of the other 'Eagles' charms that have been honed over the years. So, the album starts with a Mandolin based track, moves on to a real rocker, then an almost-ballad, what could be next? An 80's style power-ballad, perhaps? Got it in one, 'What Do I Do With My Heart' sounds so "80's rock" that it's hard to believe that any band can get away with having it side by side with a classic, rock n' roll style track. Only the Eagles. That sums up how the album goes. Impossible combinations, most styles covered, amazing guitar playing, catchy piano/keyboard playing, tightest drum playing you can find. Again, it can only be the Eagles. What's that? You want a summery of the tracks? I'm nice enough for that, I think: Disc 1: 01. No More Walks In The Wood - mandolin based track. A purely amazing opening to a purely amazing album. 02. How Long - classic style rocker, boogie-shuffle, what more could you ask for? 03. Busy Being Fabulous - breath-taking ballad. Beautiful. 04. What Do I Do With My Heart - '80s style ballad. Again, beautiful. 05. Guilty Of The Crime - another rocker; True Eagles class. 06. I Don't Want To Hear Anymore - cover of a classic Paul Carrack song. The Eagles definitely make it their own, as ever. 07. Waiting In The Weeds - nice little acoustic/piano based song. Well, I say "little", it's actually 7:47 long, so "little" is the wrong word. Still, amazingly breathtaking. I wish I knew how they did it. 08. No More Cloudy Days - classic country-ish tune. Typical Eagles style. Love it. 09. Fast Company - extremely funky. Totally not-Eagles. Totally amazing. Could probably dance to this at a disco if I could dance. 10. Do Something - more acoustics from the guys. Very Desperado-ish, this one. Isn't it lovely? 11. You Are Not Alone - the last track is another acoustic song. Nice track to finish off the first CD with. Disc 2: 01. Long Road Out Of Eden - longest track on the album, and what a track it is. This has to be the modern "Hotel California" for sure. Combining acoustics, amazing guitar solos and some odd Arabian style music before and in the middle of the song, this track alone has the ability to knock you dead. 02. I Dreamed There Was No War - a short instrumental track. People who say that songs need lyrics to have an impact on you need shooting.. they need to listen to this track! 03. Somebody - this sounds like a song that I've heard before, but I'm not quite sure what. Still, I can't fault it. Very up-beat but still very country. 04. Frail Grasp On The Big Picture - another funky piece. Just wow! 05. Last Good Time In Town - I can't really place a genre on this song. Sounds very classic Eagles to me though. 06. I Love To Watch A Woman Dance - again, another acoustic/piano song. Very Country-Venetian; beautiful combination. 07. Business As Usual - generally rocky. Very nice chords in this one. Nice reverb on the voice too. Another great piece. 08. Center If The Universe - more acoustics. Not as good as the other acoustic songs, I don't think. Still, a good listen. 09. It's Your World Now - another venetian/spanish-country song. Just as beautiful as the last. 10. Hole In The World - the UK bonus track, nice piece. Very '80s, I think. It's a shame that the rest of the world don't get this track too.

Lyrics — 10
The harmonies on here are literally unbelievable. I have never come accross a band who were so accurate with vocal melodies/harmonies. I suppose it helps that every member of the band sings (even the drummer). There's a lot of lyrics on here that grab you by the balls straight from the off. Especially in 'Long Road Out Of Eden', 'I Love To Watch A Woman Dance' and 'Busy Being Fabulous'. Listen to this and tell me that those lyrics don't grab you by the privates! Anyway, truly brilliant, I've got to say. You don't find many bands who can produce lyrics and harmonies like these guys do (if anyone says FOB or Panic! At The Disco do, then I'm going to personally shoot them. Hate Panic!, like FOB, but they'll never even get close to what The Eagles have). Speaking of producing, the band produced the album too. Just a little fact for you.

Overall Impression — 10
Definitely one of the highlights of 2007 for me. What an ending to my musical year! I doubt anything good will turn up in December - nothing ever does. Anyway, the point is that there's something for everyone on here and the lyrics are perfected, down to the letter. You want to find something that will stay as a favourite for months and months and months to come? Buy this! If it was stolen? It's not going to get stolen! If it was, I'd definitely buy it again. Nice going, guys. Fantastic comeback!

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    This is a great review. Very funny and insightful. I bought the record and was very disappointed. This review really pointed out where the Eagles went wrong on their new album
    This is one awesome album. You guys are probably thinking that i'm one of those people who were around when the eagles were big, but nope. I'm a 13 year-old who somehow got into the eagles. My rating: ***** (5 star, not a bad word )
    I just want to add that I'd give this record a 5 rating overall. Not a great efort by these guys at all
    They've done so much reunion stuff, really bad one shot singles, and more greatest hits crap in the past 12 or 13 years i'm surprised anyone even cares about this album.
    man i bought this album the other day. was NOT dissapointed. I loved this album to bits, and im only 15 years old. Ive heard their old classics, hotel california, tequila sunrise, desperado, take it easy and many more. The Eagles rock! btw 1st woo lol
    Andy Jarvis
    Not their best work by a long way but very listenable, instrumentaly it's great but some of the lyrics suck
    I bought this album and I think that it is terrible. All the songs are one-dimensional and really predictable, and some of the cliches in the lyrics make me want to cry for mercy. When I listened to the album, I made it through the first 5 tracks of the first disc, had to stop and take a break, then listened to the rest of the first disc a week later. I listened to the second disc all in one sitting and regretted wasting so much of my time. I really dislike the album, some bands should just say farewell and actually mean it.
    Anyone else notice that in "I Don't Wanna Hear Anymore" Timothy B. Schmidt kinda sounds like Michael Jackson?
    mrrman wrote: album sucked...glad I didnt pay for it
    rofl i like your style