Heart On Review

artist: Eagles of Death Metal date: 12/10/2008 category: compact discs
Eagles of Death Metal: Heart On
Released: Oct 28, 2008
Genre: Garage Rock Revival, Hard Rock
Label: Downtown Recordings
Number Of Tracks: 13
This album could be in the corner to contend for one of most rustic and raw rock albums of the year without any opponents.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 8.7
Heart On Reviewed by: Son_of_Kyuss, on december 10, 2008
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Sound: Can you hear it? More importantly, can you feel it? It's the Eagles of Death Metal bringing the rhythm and blues back from the sixties with enough guts and gusto you would swear you were back in the sixties. Eagles of Death Metal have recharged their batteries after recording their new album Heart On in Hollywood and have burst back into the spotlight with more energy than ever. EoDM have made slick singles and grinding, groovy riffs their signature sound since 2004 with the release of Peace, Love & Death Metal. With the release of Heart On, Jesse Boots Electric Hughes rolls back into the hearts and minds of rock fans everywhere with enough strut and swagger you would think Mick Jagger had died and gone to heaven. Boots Electric and the rest of the gang got a handle on their most potent batch of tunes yet that are ready to turn anything into a sonic orgy that's as hard and heavy as it is sexy and fun. If you thought that rugged riffs and great grooves were on their way out of style, listen to this gang of hooligans keep your fingers right on the pulse. Josh Homme may have been their to help every step of the way, but this is the album where Jessie takes the reins and moves up from a cohort of Queens of the Stone Age to King of Kicking Ass on his own watch. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are everything you would want from this gang of bandits, and it's hearing them spins their sexy tales of luscious ladies, rolling down the highway untilt the break of dawn and living like a king in Los Angeles. Hearing someone howl "I don't want to do what I'm supposed to/I just want someone to get close to" makes the title "(I Used to Dance) Tight Pants" more than a snug fit. "She's a sweet transistor/You know I kissed her" just makes the electric eroticism of the song "High Voltage" strike like a lightning bolt from the fingertips of a superhero hung up on someone to sexy to be left between the pages of a comic. The pinnancle of Hughes' ability to pen lyrics is demonstrated all too clearly in the title track describing love and loss when he says "Falling in love is a losing/It's fun to play but it's all the same/Nobody knows because nobody sees/You tell them all it's make-believe". // 8

Overall Impression: This album could be in the corner to contend for one of most rustic and raw rock albums of the year without any opponents. These cats bust back out with nothing but bad intentions of taking over firing an album out every two years like bullets out of a gun. Eagles of Death Metal are one of the only bands still around today with enough balls to make an album that rocks as hard as rolls while keeping it's fingers on the pulse of their audience and is sure to turn hearts on during their upcoming world tour. // 9

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overall: 7.7
Heart On Reviewed by: rocknrollstar, on january 21, 2009
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Sound: The Eagles Of Death Metal are back once again to rock our little words with sleazy rock and roll, dripping with ass shaking riffs, stripper drum beats and vocal performances to shake your very core. A big description for a larger than life band. Comprising of Jesse "The Devil" Hughes and QOTSA front man Josh Homme, were given another record we can put up their with their previous efforts. Here is a track by track description 01."Anything 'Cept the Truth": handclaps and then BOOM. Straight into the signature EODM swagger riff and drum beat. A great opening track that lets you in for the rest of the journey, this track was previously leaked as "Ask Me Why" awhile ago, but now we hear the final version. Harmony vocals, a pounding beat and Jesse singing "I'll tell you anything baby 'cept the truth". what's not to like? 02."Wannabe in L.A.": the first single from the album, complete with dog like pants, pan pipe sounding noises then slowly going into a bluesy rock n roll riff. "I came to L.A to make rock and roll/But on my way I had to sell my soul". Also included are a chant breakdown with crazy feedback guitar (typical Josh I'd say) and backing from Homme. The song basically is Jesse telling his rock and roll story. 03."(I Used to Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants": wow. My favourite track on the album. You're proberly wondering why. it's the drum beat. it's funky, complete with a syncopated riff and lyrics telling the story of a man who "used to couldn't dance" bad grammar? yes, bad song? definetly not. This song is mega, you'll be crotch thrusting like no ones business.Especially during the breakdown. 04."High Voltage": "It opens right on time" BANG. Swinging rhythm, this is definetly a stripper song, I just picture screwing to a lot of these songs, it's the rhythm. Telling the story of a sexy girl who loves rock and roll. Awesome riff, solid pounding on the kit and some crazy synth noises just to mix it up, this was a contender for best track of the album. 05."Secret Plans": starting off with the drum beat and into a Stones-esque riff. Again some weird guitar plays a strum every now and again, Jesse coming in telling it how it is. Crazy backing vocals at the chorus. there's not much to write here, it's just a good rockin riff to get lost in, good song. 06."Now I'm a Fool" reverb on the kit, coming in with the guitar line, quite a deep song, the ballad of the album for sure. Singing about Hollywood and perhaps the fake-ness of it all.there's also the possibilty of this being a love song aswell.Proberly the most serious your gonna hear EODM. Very nice and relaxing. 07."Heart On": another Stones influenced song most definetly. The title of the track album "Shoot to thrill aim to please". To me this is the mission statement of this album. The rock n roll riff, soaring backing vocals, the stripper beat and the odd unexplainable noise to set you off. Again your just gonna want to dance to this."Love is a losing game/Its fun to play but it ends the same" is also a pretty good lyric, Jesse again proving the point every good story usually involves a woman. 08."Cheap Thrills": another contender for best track. "Cant afford no (Cheap Thrills)" what a great line, a girl sings the ( ) section. I'm not 100% sure but it could be Brody Dalle on backing here. Josh on lead for the most part here, it's heavy, dirty, very eupohric. I love this song. 09."How Can a Man With So Many Friends Feel So Alone?": just another riff song, telling the story of being alone. Pretty groovy song, some nice percussion and handclaps jazz it up for me, nice and loose feeling. EODM standard with some funky rhythm. 10."Solo Flights": first off, yes. This song is about masturbation. Jesse describes his erm... ritual of pleasuring himself. Quite a heavy song from the guitar, quite creepy. The song makes me feel like I'm spinning around really really fast, the decsending riff is very hypnotising. "A one man operation" says it all. 11."Prissy Prancin'": groovy. All about shakin ass on the dance floor. This is what EODM are all about, drinkin beer, dancing and havin a good time. Jesse telling the tale of getting jiggy with some girl. it's complete of course with the stripper beat which we all know and love. The acoustic guitar is an odd touch though making it a tad different, but no less of a song, great track. 12."I'm Your Torpedo": wait for it. Hear that beat? that's the EODM signal for you to shake it one last time. Pounding beat from the kit which seems to have a large amount of reverb on it to give it that floating sound. "Shake to the left, shake it to the right". That sums it up. Bark like a dog and scratch like a bitch, the words of Jesse ladys and gentlemen. Proberly one of the longer songs on the album, it may seem sometimes to drag on, but since you know the end is nigh, the only thing to do is shake more. As we all no the Eagles Of Death Metal aren't the most serious band in the word. They keep it simple and make fun rock n roll music, whilst this isn't for everyone I love it. it's a good, light hearted album that'll have you singin along. If your wanting that will challenge your thoughts and feelings, keep movin, this album is for people who want to drink beer and take it to the dance floor. // 8

Lyrics: Lyrically the EODM aren't pioneers. Usually telling the tales of debauchery, drinking, partying, typical rock and roll. They fit perfectly with the music and that's the main thing about EODM. Both Jesse and Josh have very signature sounds. Jesse has the typical rock and roll voice with the high notes that just reek of good old 70s rock and roll. Josh on the other hand can go quite high but usually keeps it in the middle, providing some soothing lower tones just to tease you. // 7

Overall Impression: This is definetly up there with previous EODM. The percussion and drumming has really came on with this album, every song WILL have your thrusting in someones face. There is no "bad" songs here, just ones (in my opinion) that are better than the others. "(I Used To Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants", "Cheap Thrills" and "High Voltage" are the top 3 that stick in my mind. These are essential for EODM fans. "I'm Your Torpedo" doesn't really do much for me, it's there but for some reason compared to the rest of the album it just seems a tad... lackluster. That being said it still has the swagger of EODM about it so it's not all bad. I'd change this track or leave it off though if I were involved in the album. If I lost it I would definetly buy it again, only the Eagles Of Death Metal can have me shaking ass to such an extreme. // 8

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