Tinnitus Sanctus review by Edguy

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  • Released: Jan 26, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (26 votes)
Edguy: Tinnitus Sanctus

Sound — 9
With their latest album Tinnitus Sanctus, Edguy are following the road of Rocket Ride: more hard rock and less power metal. This album, however, is way more powerful and mature than the previous one... even a little bit darker. The work of the legendary producer Sascha Paeth is great as always: the sound is perfect. Guitars are great as alyays, and this time we can even hear some solos by the rhythm guitarist Dirk Sauer. Bass is simply amazing: forget the bass that follow the root note of the chords, or that you can't even hear... the work of the bassist Tobias Exxel is awesome in all songs. Drums are great too (the sound is similar to Rocket Ride) and keyboard is not used too much.

Lyrics — 10
Tinnitus Sanctus songs have great, typical Edguy lyrics: funny (The Pride Of Creation), sad (Thorn Without A Rose), serious (Ministry Of Saints) and metaphoric (Speedhoven). Tobias Sammet voice is amazing, he becomes better year after year. Forget the typical "high" power metal singing, now Tobias is a "darker" rock singer and he puts more emotions while singing (for example in the slow part of Speedhoven).

Overall Impression — 9
This is indeed the best Edguy album so far. Powerful, mature, with great lyrics, great riffs and great singing. All tracks are simply great and there are no bad songs. My least favorite is Sex Fire Religion, but it's still a nice rock song. The best tracks, in my opinion, are the epic Speedhoven, the strange Dragonfly and the ballad Thorn Without a Rose. I would immediately buy again the album if stolen or lost.

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    Melodic_Rocker wrote: I saw them when they were supporting Kamelot, lets just say Kamelot taught them what real music was. Plus the singer really knows how to overuse that vibrato :|
    Actually Edguy are NOT influenced by Kamelot... Roy Khan is just a friend of Tobias Sammet, that's why they have toured together. I agree that Sammet used to overuse vibrato, but not in Tinnitus Sanctus. His voice is now darker and awesome, no more high power metal screaming. Listen to the slow part of Speedhoven, you can hear his true talent. Also I have to mention that Sammet is a great keyboardist and bassist, not only singer.
    I can't say it's the best album but it's worth listening and is much more better than the previous one - more metal after some kind of commercialization.